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Most anticipated TV events through the rest of 2018

  • Most anticipated TV events through the rest of 2018
    1/ DC Entertainment

    Most anticipated TV events through the rest of 2018

    For TV lovers, there’s no season more exciting than the fall. After all, it’s during the autumn months that the majority of networks and services drop their most hotly anticipated programs. Between exclusive events, the return of old favorites, and the debut of new shows, viewers have a slew of reasons to hunker down in front of the television. And in the age of peak TV, there have never been more outstanding options to choose from. In other words, if someone can’t find something to relish, he or she just isn’t looking hard enough.

    But which TV events are viewers anticipating the most for the remainder of 2018? To find out, Stacker turned to Wikipedia pageviews to get a sense of what people are interested in watching this year. Once there, Stacker collected the page view data for TV program events in fall, including exclusive events, TV films and specials, premieres of new shows, finales, and landmark episodes. The reviewed data was collected by over a six-month period, from March 11, 2018, to September 11, 2018, and the 50 programs with the most page views were gathered for this list. Counting down from #50, here are the most anticipated television events through the rest of 2018.

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  • #50. The Good Cop Premiere
    2/ 3 Arts Entertainment

    #50. The Good Cop Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 21, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 56,032

    From the creator of “Monk” comes this equally quirky police show, in which a disgraced former NYPD officer lives under the same roof as his son, a thoroughly honest detective. Adapted from an Israeli series of the same name, the show stars TV legend Tony Danza as the former cop, and Josh Groban as his son. Being that “The Good Cop” airs on Netflix, all 10 episodes will drop at once. In other words: prepare to binge.  

  • #49. The Dragon Prince Premiere
    3/ Bardel Entertainment

    #49. The Dragon Prince Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 14, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 58,408

    Seasoned writer Aaron Ehasz teamed up with video game director Justin Richmond to create this animated series for Netflix, about two princes and the elfin assassin sent to kill them, who team up to transport a mystical dragon egg across a perilous landscape. On the visual front, the series employs both anime-style and 3D animation, while the story blends elements from popular franchises like “Game of Thrones,” “Lord of the Rings,” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

  • #48. The Kids Are Alright Premiere
    4/ ABC Studios

    #48. The Kids Are Alright Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 16, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 61,183

    Bearing no affiliation with the hit 2010 indie movie of the same name, this ABC ensemble comedy takes place in the 1970s and follows two Irish Catholic working-class parents as they raise a family of eight children. Funnily enough, “The Kids are Alright”—which is the name of a popular song by The Who—was previously a working title for “That 70s Show”. This is the second recent attempt by ABC to air a show about a family of Irish Catholics. The earlier attempt, a single-camera comedy called “The Real O’Neals,” ran for two seasons before being canceled.

  • #47. The Kominsky Method Premiere
    5/ Netflix

    #47. The Kominsky Method Premiere

    Date airing: Nov. 16, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 61,874

    Sitcom prodigy Chuck Lorre created this upcoming Netflix series, which chronicles the exploits of a once-famous actor named Sandy Kominsky (played by Michael Douglas). With his glory days long behind him, Kominsky makes a living as an acting coach, imparting his revered method upon a range of young and beautiful talent. Alan Arkin, Sarah Baker, and Lisa Edelstein co-star.  

  • #46. The Haunting of Hill House Premiere
    6/ Paramount Television

    #46. The Haunting of Hill House Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 12, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 69,071

    Like a number of movies before it, this Netflix series adapts a famous horror novel by Shirley Jackson. Produced by Steven Spielberg and created by Mike Flanagan (of “Oculus” fame), the show centers on a group of siblings who grew up in the world’s most famous haunted house. Now adults, the siblings must return home to confront the deadly spirits of both past and present.  


  • #45. Life-Size 2
    7/ Eric Lee // Warner Bros. Television

    #45. Life-Size 2

    Date airing: December

    Network: Freeform

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 77,650

    A sequel to “Life-Size” from 2000, this Disney TV movie sees Tyra Banks reprising her role as Eve, a magic doll with the ability to spring to life. While Lindsay Lohan tackled the lead in the original, she won’t be playing a prominent role in this 2018 follow-up, presuming she appears at all. Instead, the story centers on a woman named Grace (Francia Raisa), CEO of the toy company that manufactures Eve dolls, who finds herself facing a series of crises in both her personal and professional life.

  • #44. The Conners Premiere
    8/ Carsey-Werner Company

    #44. The Conners Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 16, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 80,034

    Anyone with Internet access in 2018 knows all about Roseanne Barr and her unceremonious firing by ABC. In the wake of her departure, the show will go on. Specifically, ABC will premiere “The Conners” this October, in which Roseanne’s character is rumoured to have died from a drug overdose.

  • #43. The Cool Kids Premiere
    9/ 20th Century Fox

    #43. The Cool Kids Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 28, 2018

    Network: Fox

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 80,651

    Co-created by Charlie Day of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” this Fox sitcom takes place in a cozy retirement center, where three close friends are the most popular kids in school, proverbially speaking. However, that all changes with the arrival of a rebellious elderly woman, who’s duly prepared to challenge the throne.

  • #42. I Feel Bad Premiere
    10/ 3 Arts Entertainment

    #42. I Feel Bad Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 19, 2018

    Network: NBC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 82,806

    In this NBC sitcom, a woman named Emet (Sarayu Blue) juggles the respective roles of wife, mother, and video game designer, all while striving for absolute perfection. As the story progresses, Emet learns instead to embrace—rather than resolve—life’s imperfections. Anchored by the protagonist’s unique-but-relatable perspective, the show explores a range of modern themes through a distinctly comedic lens.  

  • #41. The Neighborhood Premiere
    11/ CBS

    #41. The Neighborhood Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 1, 2018

    Network: CBS

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 84,591

    In the vein of hit shows like “Black-ish,” this CBS sitcom follows an overly friendly white man (Max Greenfield) from the midwest as he moves his family to a tough Los Angeles neighborhood. Living right next door is Calvin Butler (Cedric the Entertainer), who doesn’t know what to make of his new, insufferably amicable neighbor. Jim Reynolds created the series and reportedly based it on his own personal experiences moving to Los Angeles.  

  • #40. People's Choice Awards
    12/ Gamble Entertainment Group

    #40. People's Choice Awards

    Date airing: Nov. 11, 2018

    Network: E!

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 86,281

    For the first time ever, E! Entertainment Network will air the People’s Choice Awards, a ceremony that provides a democratic alternative to other (some would say slightly elitist) awards shows. As always, a full spectrum of TV shows, movies, actors, actresses, and icons are up for consideration, with the viewers at home deciding the winners and losers. The host has yet to be announced.

  • #39. Rel Premiere
    13/ 20th Century Fox

    #39. Rel Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 9, 2018

    Network: Fox

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 88,162

    After turning heads with his performance as an overzealous TSA agent in 2017’s “Get Out,” comedian Lil Rel Howery will try his luck on the small screen, playing a fictionalized version of himself in this Fox sitcom. Co-created by Howery, the show finds him struggling to cope after he catches his wife cheating on him with his barber. For Rel, that’s a double-whammy, since it’s ridiculously hard to find a good barber these days. As he puts the pieces of his life back together in Chicago, Rel maintains a long-distance relationship with his children, who have moved to Cleveland with their mother.

  • #38. All American Premiere
    14/ Berlanti Productions

    #38. All American Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 10, 2018

    Network: The CW

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 89,821

    Based on the true story of NFL linebacker Spencer Paysinger, this CW drama presents a culture clash between two separate worlds, when South Central football star Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) gets recruited to play for ritzy Beverly Hills High. In addition to plucking elements from Paysinger’s own life, the show is also loosely inspired by “The O.C.,” a former hit drama that explored similar themes of economic disparity. Playing James’ football coach is actor Taye Diggs.  

  • #37. Tell Me a Story Premiere
    15/ IMDb

    #37. Tell Me a Story Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 31, 2018

    Network: CBS All Access

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 90,368

    “Tell Me A Story” is the latest series to air exclusively through CBS All Access, the network’s digital streaming service. Adapted from a popular Mexican TV series called “Érase una vez”, the show reimagines classic fairy tales as modern day psychological thrillers set in New York City. Viewers can expect twisted takes on childhood favorites like “Three Little Pigs,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Hansel and Gretel.” The show was created by Kevin Williamson, the same man behind the “Scream” movie franchise and “The Vampire Diaries” TV series.

  • #36. Single Parents Premiere
    16/ 20th Century Fox

    #36. Single Parents Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 26, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 93,140

    In this ensemble comedy, a group of single parents forms their own support network while grappling with a range of modern problems. Starring former gossip girl Leighton Meester and comedic actor Brad Garrett (among numerous others), the series puts forth the notion that one doesn’t have to sacrifice his or her personal life in the process of raising a child. In the pilot, the group rallies behind a single dad named Will Cooper (Taran Killam) and helps him get back into the dating game.

  • #35. Harvey Birdman, Attorney General
    17/ CBS // IMDb

    #35. Harvey Birdman, Attorney General

    Date airing: Fall

    Network: Adult Swim

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 95,533

    One of Adult Swim’s earliest breakout hits will return in the form of a half-hour special this fall. More than an attorney at law, Harvey Birdman (voiced by Gary Cole) is now the Attorney General, who must answer to megalomaniac President Phil Ken Sebben (voiced by Stephen Colbert). Rather than serve at the behest of his superior, Birdman plots President Sebben’s demise, but can he pull off his plan in a mere half-hour? Watch to find out.  

  • #34. TGIF (ABC)
    18/ Janicek Entertainment

    #34. TGIF (ABC)

    Date airing: Oct. 5, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 98,254

    Growing up from the late 1980s to the late 1990s meant tuning in to TGIF (aka “Thank Goodness It’s Friday”), a block of wholesome ABC sitcoms that could be enjoyed by the entire family. Now, the tradition is back, and with an ample selection of hit shows. Specifically, the new TGIF will consist of the shows “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Speechless,” and “Child Support.

  • #33. My Brilliant Friend Premiere
    19/ Wildside

    #33. My Brilliant Friend Premiere

    Date airing: November

    Network: HBO

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 100,886

    Adapted from the popular novels by pseudonymous Italian author Elena Ferrante, this limited TV series alternates between the present and past, as a woman recounts her primary school days in Naples during the early 1950s. There, she makes the acquaintance of a peculiar (and brilliant) girl, resulting in an unforgettable—and often strenuous—friendship. True to its source material, the show was shot entirely in Italian, thereby representing the first non-English series ever to premiere on HBO.

  • #32. The Romanoffs Premiere
    20/ Amazon Studios

    #32. The Romanoffs Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 12, 2018

    Network: Amazon Video

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 102,845

    Curious as to what “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner has been up to? The answer is this anthology drama series, which will air on Amazon Prime. Chronicled in the show are eight separate but related stories, about a group of people who believe themselves to be the respective descendants of a Russian royal family.

  • #31. Transformers: Cyberverse Premiere
    21/ Boulder Media

    #31. Transformers: Cyberverse Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 1, 2018

    Network: Cartoon Network

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 111,084

    As audiences wait for the “Bumblebee” movie to premiere in December, they can make due with this CGI animated series, which centers on the popular “Transformers” character. In the show, Bumblebee gets his memory chips damaged, and then embarks on a quest to remember his mission on Earth. Helping him along the way is a fellow Transformer named Windblade. Meanwhile, Megatron has sent a team of Decepticons to hunt down Bumblebee and all of his shape-shifting robot friends.  

  • #30. Homecoming Premiere
    22/ Jean Cummings // IMDb

    #30. Homecoming Premiere

    Date airing: Nov. 2, 2018

    Network: Amazon Video

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 116,296

    Adapted from a popular podcast, “Homecoming” takes place at a secret government facility, where a caseworker helps soldiers prepare for re-entry into the civilized world. Exploring elements of paranoia through a noirish aesthetic, this hotly anticipated thriller hosts a bevy of talent both in front of—and behind—the camera. Not only was the show developed by “Mr. Robot” creator Sam Esmail, but it stars Julia Roberts, Bobby Cannavale, Sidney Poitier, Stephen James, Dermot Mulroney, and Sissy Spacek, among others. Roberts and Esmail are also on board as executive producers.  

  • #29. Nightflyers Premiere
    23/ Jeff Lorch // IMDb

    #29. Nightflyers Premiere

    Date airing: Fall

    Network: Syfy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 120,405

    Based on original works by George R.R. Martin, as well as a poorly received 1987 adaptation, this thrilling sci-fi series takes place aboard the spaceship Nightflyer in the year 2093. As a crew of explorers hunts for lifeforms in the furthest corners of space, certain members begin to crack under the psychological pressure. As it turns out, the real threats aren’t out there in deep space, but lurking within the ship’s own walls.  

  • #28. The First Premiere
    24/ Westward Productions

    #28. The First Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 14, 2018

    Network: Hulu

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 126,915

    Sean Penn stars in this American-British drama series, which follows a team of astronauts as they prepare for the first manned mission to Mars. While the premise might sound like a space epic in the making, the show’s debut season distinguishes itself by focusing on the personal lives of its protagonists, emphasizing human drama over big-budget spectacle. It comes to viewers from creator Beau Willimon, who previously adapted “House of Cards” for American audiences.

  • #27. Happy Together Premiere
    25/ 3 Arts Entertainment

    #27. Happy Together Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 1, 2018

    Network: CBS

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 129,817

    This CBS comedy stars Damon Wayans Jr. and Amber Stevens West as Jake and Claire, a thirty-something married couple looking for a change in their mundane routine. Enter Cooper James (Felix Mallard), a breakout pop star who shows up at the couple’s doorstep, and injects himself into their life. Soon enough, Jake and Claire are being dragged into Cooper’s surreal world, prompting them to wonder if maybe they didn’t want change after all. Chris Parnell co-stars.  

  • #26. FBI Premiere
    26/ CBS Television Studios

    #26. FBI Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 25, 2018

    Network: CBS

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 145,376

    TV veteran Dick Wolf steps outside the “Law & Order” franchise to deliver this CBS procedural, which chronicles the inner workings of New York City’s FBI office. With brilliant minds and the latest technology at their disposal, investigators go about keeping America safe, one case at a time. The series—which was originally intended as a spin-off of “Law & Order: SVU”—represents the first time Dick Wolf has created a show for a network other than NBC. Does that mean there’s no hope for the occasional crossover? Time will tell.

  • #25. God Friended Me Premiere
    27/ Warner Bros. Television

    #25. God Friended Me Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 30, 2018

    Network: CBS

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 152,092

    Taking its name quite literally, this comedy-drama series centers on an outspoken atheist named Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall), whose life is turned upside down after he befriends God on Facebook. Soon, Miles is acting as an agent of change in the lives of others. As one might expect, the show will explore a range of spiritual themes from a palpably modern viewpoint.  

  • #24. Star Wars Resistance Premiere
    28/ Disney XD

    #24. Star Wars Resistance Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 7, 2018

    Network: Disney Channel/Disney XD

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 179,404

    Disney continues to milk the “Star Wars” franchise for all it’s worth (and then some), hence this anime-style series, which follows a group of Resistance pilots. At the heart of the show is a pilot named Kazuda Xiono, who goes undercover inside a rising threat known as the First Order. Set decades after “Return of the Jedi,” and six months before “The Force Awakens,” the show will include cameos from a range of familiar characters. To that end, Oscar Isaac has already signed on to voice his animated counterpart, Poe Dameron, and rumor has it that Adam Driver will do the same for Kylo Ren.

  • #23. Total DramaRama Premiere
    29/ Fresh TV

    #23. Total DramaRama Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 1, 2018

    Network: Cartoon Network

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 196,664

    This animated Canadian cartoon is a spin-off of “Total Drama” and “6Teen,” featuring characters from both shows as toddlers. If reviews and IMDb ratings are anything to go by, “Total DramaRama” lacks both the satirical bite and surrealist charm of its predecessors, but that doesn’t mean the series won’t find its stride somewhere down the road. It currently airs on Cartoon Network, and is also slated to premiere on Canada’s Teletoon in October.

  • #22. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Premiere
    30/ Warner Bros. Television

    #22. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 26, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 246,853

    The last in a long line of adaptations, this Netflix horror drama series stars former “Mad Men” actress Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina, a half-witch, half-mortal who’s torn between two worlds. Tonally, the series is inspired by classic horror films like “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Exorcist,” meaning some serious scares might be in store for viewers. Originally, “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” was being developed by The CW as a companion to “Riverdale,” before it eventually moved over to Netflix. In August, The CW claimed there will be no connection between the two shows.

  • #21. The Rookie Premiere
    31/ The Mark Gordon Company

    #21. The Rookie Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 16, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 251,148

    Inspired by a true story, this ABC drama stars Nathan Fillion (former star of “Firefly” and “Castle”) as John Nolan, a 40-year-old man who moves to Los Angeles and becomes the oldest rookie in LAPD history. Flanked by first-year officers half his age, Nolan must work extra hard to prove that he can get the job done. In the process, he hopes to get a second chance at life itself.

  • #20. You Premiere
    32/ A+E Studios

    #20. You Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 9, 2018

    Network: Lifetime

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 253,066

    From the best-selling novel by Caroline Kepnes comes this gripping Lifetime series, about a duplicitous bookstore manager named Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), who uses his savvy Internet skills to learn everything there is to know about Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). Equipped with this knowledge, Joe goes about trying to seduce Guinevere, while taking extreme measures to eliminate the competition. To call it a 21st-century love story gone awry would be quite the understatement.

  • #19. WWE SmackDown 1,000th episode
    33/ World Wrestling Entertainment

    #19. WWE SmackDown 1,000th episode

    Date airing: Oct. 16, 2018

    Network: USA Network

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 262,789

    Live from Capital Arena in Washington, D.C., it’s an epic battle between the world’s foremost wrestling stars, as SmackDown LIVE delivers its 1000th episode. Since 1999, the adrenaline-pumping series has been clobbering its way into the hearts of millions of fans across the country, and this special episode will crank that insanity dial all the way up. Naturally, audiences are begging to know: who will get in the ring, and who will make it out in one piece? Furthermore, will former legends like John Cena, The Undertaker, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson make guest appearances? For those who can’t be there in person, tune in to the USA Network on Tuesday, October 16, to find out. Woo hoo!

  • #18. Kidding Premiere
    34/ Aggregate Films

    #18. Kidding Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 9, 2018

    Network: Showtime

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 267,375

    Actor Jim Carrey exhibits his full range in this Showtime dramedy series about a children’s TV show host named Jeff, a.k.a. Mr. Pickles (Carrey), who struggles to maintain sanity as his life falls apart around him. The series finds Carrey and director Michel Gondry teaming up for the second time, having previously worked together on the hit movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Like that film, “Kidding” aims to be both weird and relatable, while simultaneously employing a range of tones, themes, and moods.

  • #17. New Amsterdam Premiere
    35/ Universal Television

    #17. New Amsterdam Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 25, 2018

    Network: NBC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 267,394

    A fresh pilot season almost always means the debut of at least one new medical drama. This year, that drama is “New Amsterdam” on NBC, in which the country’s oldest hospital gets shaken up and revitalized by a new medical director, Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold). Thanks to Dr. Goodwin’s unorthodox methods, the historic hospital just might return to the glory of its heyday.

  • #16. The Purge Premiere
    36/ Blumhouse Productions

    #16. The Purge Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 4, 2018

    Network: USA Network

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 291,218

    Bringing a popular film franchise to the small screen, this gripping series takes place in an alternate version of the United States, where a totalitarian party has enacted The Purge. And just what is The Purge, might ask the few out there who don’t already know? It’s an annual event during which all crime—including murder—is legal for 12 hours. As chaos reigns, a group of seemingly unrelated people must survive the night, by whatever means necessary.  

  • #15. Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors
    37/ Todd Williamson // Getty

    #15. Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

    Date airing: Sep. 30, 2018

    Network: Disney Channel/Disney XD

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 304,185

    Shining a light on the next wave of superheroes, this animated movie includes Marvel characters like Ghost-Spider, Squirrel Girl, Inferno, and others. When a grave threat looms over the planet, these untrained super-teens join forces to take down a common enemy. In anticipation of the movie, Disney has released a series of digital shorts.

  • #14. Maniac Premiere
    38/ Paramount Television

    #14. Maniac Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 21, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 304,818

    Based on a Norwegian TV show of the same name, this surreal Netflix mini-series reunites former “Superbad” co-stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. This time around, they play Owen and Annie, two troubled strangers who agree to partake in a mysterious pharmaceutical treatment. Not only are Owen and Annie told that the treatment will cure them of all their ills, but the overseeing doctor additionally promises no side effects. As one might expect, things do not go according to plan. In addition to playing the two leads, Hill and Stone are also on board as executive producers.

  • #13. A Million Little Things Premiere
    39/ Kapital Entertainment

    #13. A Million Little Things Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 26, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 312,593

    Featuring an ensemble cast, this ABC drama centers on a group of friends in Boston who must reevaluate life itself after one of their own commits suicide. Interweaving multiple storylines, the show uses true friendship as a foundation for fulfillment, no matter how successful or unsuccessful one might be in his or her career.

  • #12. Bunk'd Finale
    40/ It's a Laugh Productions

    #12. Bunk'd Finale

    Date airing: Sep. 21, 2018

    Network: Disney Channel

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 375,592

    After three seasons on the air, Disney’s “Bunk'd” bids adieu to its loyal fanbase. A spin-off of “Jessie,” the show follows a trio of friends to Camp Kikiwaka, where they embark on a range of misadventures. By the time the finale wraps, Disney will have set 156 episodes in the “Jessie + Bunk’d” universe, making this the third longest-running live action series in Disney Channel history (when grouped with its predecessor).

  • #11. 70th Primetime Emmy Awards
    41/ Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

    #11. 70th Primetime Emmy Awards

    Date airing: Sep. 17, 2018

    Network: NBC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 432,693

    It might have been the 11th most anticipated TV event of the fall season, but the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards nevertheless hit an all-time ratings low. Colin Jost and Michael Che co-hosted the event, which saw “Game of Thrones” winning Best Drama Series for the third time, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” winning for Best Comedy Series, and “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” winning for Best Limited Series. Representing a highlight of the evening, director Glenn Weiss proposed to his girlfriend on stage.

  • #10. Legacies Premiere
    42/ Alloy Entertainment

    #10. Legacies Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 25, 2018

    Network: The CW

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 491,603

    Expanding upon the world of “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals,” this spin-off stars Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson, a “tribrid” descendant of werewolves, vampires, and witches. While attending the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, Hope must learn to control powerful impulses of every variety. While some fans can’t wait for the show to air on The CW, others are still grieving about the fact that “Legacies” got picked up while “Supernatural” spin-off “The Wayward Sisters” didn’t.

  • #9. Manifest Premiere
    43/ Warner Bros. Television

    #9. Manifest Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 24, 2018

    Network: NBC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 595,434

    Hollywood legend Robert Zemeckis produced this cerebral mystery, about a plane that goes missing and suddenly turns up five years later. Meanwhile, every single passenger onboard hasn’t aged a day since he or she was last seen. Incorporating elements of shows like “Lost” and “This Is Us,” the NBC drama retains a humanist core as it navigates through an endless maze of twists and turns.

  • #8. Mayans MC Premiere
    44/ FX Productions

    #8. Mayans MC Premiere

    Date airing: Sep. 4, 2018

    Network: FX

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 639,106

    After the failure of 2015’s “The Bastard Executioner,” creator Kurt Sutter returned to the terrain for which he’s best known. The result is this gritty FX drama, which depicts the next chapter in the “Sons of Anarchy” saga, and centers on a gang of Latino bikers. Its pilot episode drew the highest ratings of any new cable series this year, meaning the story is only just beginning.

  • #7. Hawaii Five-0 200th episode
    45/ K/O Paper Products

    #7. Hawaii Five-0 200th episode

    Date airing: November

    Network: CBS

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 813,483

    Last year’s controversial exit of actress Grace Park wasn’t enough to slow down this popular CBS procedural, which airs its 200th episode in November. A rebooted version of a long-running TV classic, the show follows two detectives as they tackle crime in the Aloha State. Will the new “Hawaii Five-0” last a whopping 12 seasons just like the original did? At the rate it’s going, that’s a definite possibility.

  • #6. Shooter Finale
    46/ Closest to the Hole Productions

    #6. Shooter Finale

    Date airing: Sep. 13, 2018

    Network: USA Network

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 850,876

    After three seasons, USA Network canceled this TV adventure drama about a decorated sharpshooter (Ryan Phillippe) who comes out of retirement for a special job, only to get framed for murder. With a host of powerful figures hoping to eradicate him, the sharpshooter must stay alive, clear his name, and even the score. Bringing the narrative to a close was a gripping finale, which accordingly featured no shortage of explosive action.   

  • #5. Miss Universe 2018
    47/ Fox Network

    #5. Miss Universe 2018

    Date airing: Dec. 16, 2018

    Network: Fox

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 888,969

    The 67th edition of this iconic pageant will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, in mid-December. During the event, women from all over the world will compete in a range of categories for the title of Miss Universe. Comedian Steve Harvey hosts for the fourth time, with his infamous 2015 flub still fresh on everyone’s minds.

  • #4. House of Cards Finale
    48/ Media Rights Capital

    #4. House of Cards Finale

    Date airing: Nov. 2, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 1,049,926

    The series that put Netflix on the television map will air its sixth and final season in November. For obvious reasons, Kevin Spacey will not be reprising his role as U.S. Rep. Francis Underwood, though his presence will surely loom over the narrative. Meanwhile, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) will be back and badder than ever, taking center stage as the queen of Washington, D.C.

  • #3. Titans Premiere
    49/ DC Entertainment

    #3. Titans Premiere

    Date airing: Oct. 12, 2018

    Network: DC Universe

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 1,163,488

    Putting a gritty twist on the “Teen Titans” franchise, this dark adventure series will help get the DC Universe streaming service off the ground. In the show, Nightwing (formerly Batman’s sidekick Robin) and a team of young superheroes take on the forces of evil, thereby saving the planet from destruction. Hollywood veteran Akiva Goldsman co-created the show, perhaps in an attempt to make up for the 1997 fiasco “Batman & Robin,” which he wrote.   

  • #2. Criminal Minds 300th episode
    50/ Paramount Network Television

    #2. Criminal Minds 300th episode

    Date airing: Oct. 3, 2018

    Network: CBS

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 1,355,673

    This harrowing CBS procedural takes place within the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.), where profilers study the world’s most dangerous killers in hopes of predicting each suspect’s next move. The 14th season will kick off with the show’s 300th episode, picking up where last season’s cliffhanger left off. Meanwhile, some outlets are wondering if the 14th season will be the last. If so, it was one heck of a run.

  • #1. Timeless Finale
    51/ Davis Entertainment

    #1. Timeless Finale

    Date airing: Holiday

    Network: NBC

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 1,369,653

    The passionate (and outspoken) fans of this adventure series definitely don’t want to see it go, but at the very least they’ll get some closure in the wake of a season two cliffhanger. Specifically, NBC will air a special two-part finale, which aims to tie up all the loose ends. In the show, a trio travels through time to stop a mysterious organization from changing the outcomes of important historical events. As fans wait impatiently for the final chapter in this short-lived saga, they’re scouring the web for updates and teasers, making this the most anticipated TV event for the remainder of 2018.  

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