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Most anticipated TV premieres coming this fall

  • Most anticipated TV premieres coming this fall
    1/ NBC Universal Media

    Most anticipated TV premieres coming this fall

    On the surface TV may seem like just another form of entertainment, news, or even education—but it can also serve a variety of other purposes for viewers. For one person it could provide a chance to unwind or decompress; for another it may offer an opportunity to bond with friends and family. For many others there is something oddly satisfying about marathon-watching their way through a show. With autumn comes a sizeable cornucopia of series premieres, which pairs well with shorter days and chillier weather: It's the perfect time to cuddle up and become overly invested in a new storyline. 

    Choosing a series to watch isn't always as easy as it sounds as decision paralysis plagues even the best of television fans. Stacker is here to help with an aggregation of the 50 most anticipated TV premieres coming this fall. Whether you’re into drama, comedy, something spooky, or anything in between, Stacker’s list will have you primed to pick out new shows to dive into this season.

    Read on to find out why “Sons of Anarchy” fans should get excited and discover which George R.R. Martin novella has taken on the form of a 10-episode science fiction series.

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  • #50. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj
    2/ Hasan Minhaj appeared on a 2018 episode of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." / Dimitrios Kambouris // Getty Images

    #50. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

    Premiere date: Oct. 28, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Genre(s): Variety show

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 9,392

    Hasan Minhaj, who made waves as a correspondent for “The Daily Show,” is set to debut his weekly comedy show on Netflix Oct. 28. “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” isn’t the first project the comedian has worked on with Netflix—“Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King” received critical acclaim and a Peabody Award after the one-hour comedy special hit the streaming site in 2017. Minhaj’s unique, storytelling style of comedy aims to take an insightful look at the fragmented world.

  • #49. Dancing with the Stars: Juniors
    3/ BBC Studios

    #49. Dancing with the Stars: Juniors

    Premiere date: Oct. 7, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Genre(s): Reality competition

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 10,058

    “Dancing With the Stars” is back for its 27th season this fall, but a new version of the popular reality show and dance competition hybrid will be making its debut on ABC Oct. 7. “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors “will pair professional dancers with child celebrities—former contestants Jordan Fisher and Frankie Muniz will host the new series. Fans worried about the new spinoff need not fret; the original show format isn’t going anywhere.

  • #48. Model Squad
    4/ Lionsgate Productions

    #48. Model Squad

    Premiere date: Sep. 4, 2018

    Network: E!

    Genre(s): Docuseries

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 12,255

    Model Squad,” which premiered on Sept. 4 on E!, follows some of today’s most sought-after and high-profile models and influencers in the fashion industry. The eight-episode docuseries will explore the lives of nine women as they take on New York City, as well as the ebbs and flows that come with a high-fashion lifestyle.

  • #47. Fast Layne
    5/ Sophie Pollono plays Layne in Disney Channel's upcoming "Fast Layne."

    #47. Fast Layne

    Premiere date: Fall

    Network: Disney Channel

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 16,276

    Fast Layne,” premiering this fall on the Disney Channel, stars “The Young and the Restless” actress Sophie Pollono as Layne, a 12 year old whose life is flipped upside down when she discovers a talking car. Layne sets out with her neighbor to help find the origin of the talking car, V.I.N., and encounters crazy surprises along the way.  

  • #46. Hilda
    6/ Silvergate Media

    #46. Hilda

    Premiere date: Sep. 21, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Genre(s): Fantasy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 19,653

    Based on the popular comic book series, “Hilda” will make its series debut on Sept. 21, exclusively on Netflix. The animated show follows the adventures of the fearless Hilda as she traverses the fictional world of Trollberg while fending off monsters.

  • #45. Into the Dark
    7/ Hulu

    #45. Into the Dark

    Premiere date: Oct. 5, 2018

    Network: Hulu

    Genre(s): Horror, anthology

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 20,901

    “Into the Dark,” a Hulu original horror series, debuts on Oct. 5—just in time for the Halloween season. The highly anticipated show comes from the producers of “The Purge” and “Paranormal Activity”—each feature-length episode is its own standalone, and Hulu will release one show per month all year round. Each spooky thriller will revolve around a holiday in the month it is released.

  • #44. Let's Go Luna!
    8/ 9 Story Media Group

    #44. Let's Go Luna!

    Premiere date: Nov. 21, 2018

    Network: PBS Kids

    Genre(s): Children's television series

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 21,189

    The new PBS Kids seriesLet’s Go Luna!” will make its series premiere on Nov. 21. The show’s aim is introduce children to cultural diversity, integrating concepts like ecology, anthropology, sociology, and other important topics in an exciting and hilarious fashion.

  • #43. GMA Day
    9/ Executive Producer Kevin Wildes

    #43. GMA Day

    Premiere date: Sep. 10, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Genre(s): Talk show

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 21,757

    The inaugural season of “GMA Day” kicked off on Sept. 10. Michael Strahan and Sara Haines team up in the new third hour of “Good Morning America.” This one-hour expansion will feature even more news, pop culture, captivating interviews, and live performances. “Good Morning America” has been the most-watched morning newscast for six consecutive years.

  • #42. Light as a Feather
    10/ Grammnet Productions

    #42. Light as a Feather

    Premiere date: Oct. 12, 2018

    Network: Hulu

    Genre(s): Supernatural thriller

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 36,026

    Light as a Feather” is a supernatural thriller set to premiere Oct. 10 on Hulu. The show’s premise revolves around five teenage girls and the bizarre happenings that take place after what they thought was a harmless game of “light as a feather, stiff as a board.” The first season will consist of 10 episodes, and is based on the short story “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” by Zoe Aarsen.

  • #41. Norm Macdonald Has a Show
    11/ Lionsgate Television

    #41. Norm Macdonald Has a Show

    Premiere date: Sep. 14, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Genre(s): Talk show

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 42,912

    Norm Macdonald Has a Show” is a talk show hosted and co-executive produced by Macdonald. It premiered Sept. 14 on Netflix, and features a star-studded guest list including Drew Barrymore, David Letterman, and Lorne Michaels. Each of the 10 episodes features a different celebrity, and all episodes in the first season are available to binge right now. The show has been receiving additional press amid Mcdonald's recent comments regarding Louis C.K. and Roseanne Barr.

  • #40. Pete the Cat
    12/ Alcon Television Group

    #40. Pete the Cat

    Premiere date: Sep. 21, 2018

    Network: Amazon Video

    Genre(s): Animation

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 45,300

    Based on the New York Times #1 best-selling children’s book, Pete the Cat picks up with its first season on Sept. 21 after the show debuted a pilot episode last December. The musically driven series follows a curious and adventurous Pete as he explores, pushes boundaries, and uses his wit and to overcome day-to-day challenges.

  • #39. Sorry for Your Loss
    13/ Big Beach TV

    #39. Sorry for Your Loss

    Premiere date: Sep. 18, 2018

    Network: Facebook Watch

    Genre(s): Dark comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 53,366

    Sorry For Your Loss” is a beautifully tragic examination of protagonist Leigh Shaw (played by Elizabeth Olsen) after the sudden loss of her husband. This dark comedy, which premiered on Facebook Watch on Sept. 18, follows Shaw as every relationship in her life is transformed, and also forces her to confront things she never knew about her late partner.

  • #38. Wanderlust
    14/ British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

    #38. Wanderlust

    Premiere date: Oct. 19, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Genre(s): Drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 53,436

    This six-episode dramedy will premier Oct. 19 on Netflix; it’s also co-commissioned by BBC One. It takes an in-depth look at lifelong monogamy after a cycling accident forces Joy Richards, played by Toni Collette, to reconsider the relationship with her husband. Collette, who plays the role of a therapist in "Wanderlust," famously starred in “The Sixth Sense” and was nominated for an Academy Award.  

  • #37. Camping
    15/ A Casual Romance Productions

    #37. Camping

    Premiere date: Oct. 14, 2018

    Network: HBO

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 55,360

    Camping” is a new HBO original comedy, premiering Oct. 14, that focuses on an incredibly involved camping trip. An unhappy couple, Kathryn (Jennifer Garner) and Walt (David Tennant), look to escape reality, finding they cannot breakaway from each other. The camping excursion is upended by uninvited guests and forces of nature. The first season will feature eight 30-minute episodes.

  • #36. The Good Cop
    16/ Netflix

    #36. The Good Cop

    Premiere date: Sep. 21, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Genre(s): Comedy, police procedural

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 56,032

    The new Netflix show, starring Josh Groban and Tony Danza, is based on the Israeli show of the same name. “The Good Cop” will consist of 10 episodes—its premise revolves around a disgraced former NYPD officer (Danza) living with his earnest, overly honest, by-the-book son (Groban). 

  • #35. The Dragon Prince
    17/ Bardel Entertainment

    #35. The Dragon Prince

    Premiere date: Sep. 14, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Genre(s): Fantasy, action, adventure

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 58,408

    The animated Netflix original, “The Dragon Prince,” made its debut on Sept. 14, and all nine episodes of the first season can be streamed right now. The show’s premise centers around an unlikely bond forged between two human princes, and the elfin assassin sent to murder them. The series follows the incredible quest the three embark upon in order to bring about peace.

  • #34. The Kids Are Alright
    18/ ABC

    #34. The Kids Are Alright

    Premiere date: Oct. 16, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 61,183

    The Kids Are Alright” is an ABC comedy based in the '70s focusing on the struggles of a working class, Irish-Catholic wife and husband raising eight children. The family’s crowded home contains 10 people, three bedrooms, and one bathroom. The show is set to premiere on Oct. 16, and is written and produced by Tim Doyle.

  • #33. The Kominsky Method
    19/ Chuck Lorre Productions

    #33. The Kominsky Method

    Premiere date: Nov. 16, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 61,874

    The Kominsky Method” is a new raunchy comedy set to premiere on Nov. 16. This Netflix original stars two-time Academy Award winner Michael Douglas, an acting coach who experienced only brief success as an actor himself in Hollywood. The web television series also stars Alan Arkin, and was created by Chuck Lorre, who co-created shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men.”

  • #32. The Haunting of Hill House
    20/ Paramount Television

    #32. The Haunting of Hill House

    Premiere date: Oct. 12, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Genre(s): Supernatural, horror

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 69,071

    An adaptation of the the 1959 Shirley Jackson novel “The Haunting of Hill House” is a modern reimagining made for Netflix, and will debut on Oct. 12. This eerie horror story is being written and directed by Mike Flanagan, and chronicles a family drama where a group of adult siblings are forced to face ghosts of their past in the wake of a family tragedy. Season one will feature 10 episodes.

  • #31. The Conners
    21/ Warner Brothers Burbank Studios

    #31. The Conners

    Premiere date: Oct. 16, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Genre(s): Sitcom

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 80,034

    The Conners is a follow-up to the popular show “Roseanne” focused on life after the sudden death the family matriarch. “Roseanne” was canceled and this spinoff was created amid controversial comments made by Roseanne Barr. The reboot will debut on Oct. 16.

  • #30. The Cool Kids
    22/ 20th Century Fox Studios

    #30. The Cool Kids

    Premiere date: Sep. 28, 2018

    Network: Fox

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 80,651

    The Cool Kids” follows three men who rule the roost at a retirement community. That is until the newest member, a woman ready to challenge their supremacy, shakes things up. This high school-for-seniors plot is a Fox original and is set premiere on Sept. 28.  

  • #29. I Feel Bad
    23/ 3 Arts Entertainment

    #29. I Feel Bad

    Premiere date: Sep. 19, 2018

    Network: NBC

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 82,806

    Based on the novel by Orli Auslander, this television comedy series premiered on Sept. 19 on NBC. “I Feel Bad” is packed with talented producers including none other than Amy Poehler, and follows Emet (Sarayu Blue) as she tries to be a good wife and mother, but frequently feels bad when she deviates from what she considers to be appropriate behavior.

  • #28. The Neighborhood
    24/ CBS Studios

    #28. The Neighborhood

    Premiere date: Oct. 1, 2018

    Network: CBS

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 84,591

    Following Dave (Max Greenfield), a nice Midwesterner from Michigan who migrates to a not-so-nice area of Los Angeles, “The Neighborhood” depicts what it’s like when not everyone shares your neighborliness or values. Cedric the Entertainer plays the role of Dave’s neighbor, Calvin. This CBS show, which will premiere on Oct. 1, will have an “Odd Couple” feel, but also aims to address race relations in the United States.

  • #27. Rel
    25/ 20th Century Fox Television

    #27. Rel

    Premiere date: Sep. 9, 2018

    Network: Fox

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 88,162

    Starring Lil Rel Howery, the new Fox series aptly named “Rel” follows the protagonist, an eternal optimist who believes good things happen to good people. That is until his theory is tested after he discovers his wife’s affair with his barber. Rel is forced to pick up the pieces in his quest to find new happiness. The show, which debuted on Sept. 9, is inspired by Howery’s actual life.

  • #26. All American
    26/ Warner Bros.

    #26. All American

    Premiere date: Oct. 10, 2018

    Network: The CW

    Genre(s): Drama, sports drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 89,821

    This CW drama centers around a high school football player from South Central. After being recruited to play football in Beverly Hills, Spencer is forced to deal with the collision of his old and new life. “All American” is inspired by the life of Miami Dolphin Spencer Paysinger, and stars Daniel Ezra as Spencer James in the show.

  • #25. Tell Me a Story
    27/ Kapital Entertainment

    #25. Tell Me a Story

    Premiere date: Oct. 31, 2018

    Network: CBS All Access

    Genre(s): Psychological thriller

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 90,368

    Some of the most loved and adored fairytales are featured in “Tell Me a Story,” but reimagined in a dark and twisted way. The psychological thriller, set in modern day New York City, is loosely based on the Mexican television series “Erase una vez.” The show will premiere on CBS All Access on Halloween—its first season explores a fantastic take on "Hansel and Gretel," "Little Red Riding Hood," and "The Three Little Pigs."

  • #24. Single Parents
    28/ 20th Century Fox Television

    #24. Single Parents

    Premiere date: Sep. 26, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 93,140

    Single Parents” is already garnering critical acclaim and it hasn't even broadcasted its series premiere. The new ABC comedy features Taran Killam, who rose to fame on “Saturday Night Live.” Killam plays single father Will Cooper, but the show is truly a comedy ensemble of hilarious actors. Liz Meriwether, the creator of “New Girl,” teamed up with J.J. Philbin to create the highly anticipated series.

  • #23. My Brilliant Friend
    29/ Wildside

    #23. My Brilliant Friend

    Premiere date: Nov. 18, 2018

    Network: HBO

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 100,886

    My Brilliant Friend,” which Variety calls, “A translation of novel to screen that preserves certain of its literary qualities while transmuting others into moving and effective TV,” makes its debut Nov. 18. The HBO show is based on the first of four books written by Elena Ferrante. The show tells the story of meaningful friendship that forever alters the lives of two young women.

  • #22. The Romanoffs
    30/ Amazon Studios

    #22. The Romanoffs

    Premiere date: Oct. 12, 2018

    Network: Amazon Video

    Genre(s): Anthology, drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 102,845

    The Romanoffs,” premiering on Oct. 12, is an Amazon Video series set in various places around the globe—each of the eight episodes is a separate story revolving around people who believe they are descendants of the Russian royal family. The show was created, written, and directed by former “Mad Men” showrunner Matthew Weiner.

  • #21. Transformers: Cyberverse
    31/ Boulder Media

    #21. Transformers: Cyberverse

    Premiere date: Sep. 1, 2018

    Network: Cartoon Network

    Genre(s): Animation

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 111,084

    This Cartoon Network computer-animated series is one of many versions of the popular franchise that began in 1984, and it made its television debut earlier this September. “Transformers: Cyberverse,” revolves around the adventures of Bumblebee and his best friend Windblade.

  • #20. Homecoming
    32/ Anonymous Content

    #20. Homecoming

    Premiere date: Nov. 2, 2018

    Network: Amazon Video

    Genre(s): Psychological thriller

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 116,296

    A psychological thriller that is sure to keep you guessing, “Homecoming” focuses on a caseworker, Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts), who is tasked with treating soldiers after they return home from war. “Mr. Robot” showrunner Sam Esmail developed “Homecoming,” and will also direct and produce. Stephan James co-stars as Walter Cruz, a veteran hoping to assimilate back into civilian life.

  • #19. Nightflyers
    33/ Netflix

    #19. Nightflyers

    Premiere date: Fall

    Network: Syfy

    Genre(s): Science fiction, horror

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 120,405

    Nightflyers” is a 10-episode science fiction series that follows a crew of space explorers on their mission to find a mysterious spacecraft. The show will make its debut sometime this fall on Syfy, and is based on the 1987 film adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s novella of the same name. Netflix is also involved in co-production.     

  • #18. The First
    34/ Westward Productions

    #18. The First

    Premiere date: Sep. 14, 2018

    Network: Hulu

    Genre(s): Drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 126,915

    This new American-British drama stars Sean Penn and an ensemble cast as a group of astronauts who attempt to become the first humans on Mars. “The First” is a tale of a mission riddled with danger and sacrifice in an effort to forever change the course of history. All eight episodes of the first season are currently available to stream on Hulu.

  • #17. Happy Together
    35/ 3 Arts Entertainment

    #17. Happy Together

    Premiere date: Oct. 1, 2018

    Network: CBS

    Genre(s): Comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 129,817

    When a young pop star unexpectedly moves in with a suburban married couple in their 30s, the pair begins to reconnect with their younger and less complacent selfs. The show stars Damon Wayans Jr. as Jake, a run-of-the-mill accountant. “Happy Togetherpremieres Oct. 1 on CBS.

  • #16. FBI
    36/ CBS Television Studios

    #16. FBI

    Premiere date: Sep. 25, 2018

    Network: CBS

    Genre(s): Drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 145,376

    Emmy Award-winner Dick Wolf is producing another law enforcement-driven show, “FBI”, set to premiere on Sept. 25. Wolf, famous for the many iterations of Law & Order, originally wanted to the show as a spinoff to “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” but after the project didn’t move forward with NBC, Wolf and CBS agreed on a 13-episode first season.

  • #15. God Friended Me
    37/ Warner Bros. Television

    #15. God Friended Me

    Premiere date: Sep. 30, 2018

    Network: CBS

    Genre(s): Comedy, drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 152,092

    God Friended Me” is a new CBS drama that explores faith, science, and existence altogether. In a bizarre happening, main character Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall), who is an outspoken atheist, receives a friend request from none other than God. The series examines how Miles feels differently about faith after his divine social media encounter.  

  • #14. Star Wars Resistance
    38/ Disney XD

    #14. Star Wars Resistance

    Premiere date: Oct. 7, 2018

    Network: Disney Channel/Disney XD

    Genre(s): Action, science fiction

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 179,404

    Star Wars Resistance” is an animated series set to premiere Oct. 7 and inspired by Japanese anime. This Disney Channel show takes place just prior to the events of the popular Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens.

  • #13. Total DramaRama
    39/ Fresh TV

    #13. Total DramaRama

    Premiere date: Sep. 1, 2018

    Network: Cartoon Network

    Genre(s): Animation, comedy, action, surreal comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 196,664

    A spinoff of the 2007 Canadian series “Total Drama,” “Total DramaRama” features some familiar characters, but takes place in an alternate universe where they are aged down to toddlers. The show also introduces characters from another Canadian animated series, “6Teen.” “Total DramaRama” premiered on Cartoon Network in early September.  

  • #12. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
    40/ Warner Bros. Television

    #12. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    Premiere date: Oct. 26, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Genre(s): Drama, mystery, supernatural

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 246,853

    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” based on the 2014 Archie comic book of the same name, is a supernatural Netflix series premiering just before Halloween. Half-witch, half-mortal Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) must navigate her precarious situation while fighting off the evil forces that threaten her and her family.  

  • #11. The Rookie
    41/ The Mark Gordon Company

    #11. The Rookie

    Premiere date: Oct. 16, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Genre(s): Crime drama, comedy-drama, police procedural

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 251,148

    After a life-altering incident, John Nolan (played by Nathan Fillion), opts to pursue his dream of joining the Los Angeles Police Department. The issue: Nolan is older than the other rookies—much older. “The Rookie” is an ABC dramedy centered around the protagonist’s journey to overcoming the physical limitations of aging.

  • #10. You
    42/ A+E Studios

    #10. You

    Premiere date: Sep. 9, 2018

    Network: Lifetime

    Genre(s): Crime drama, psychological thriller

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 253,066

    Starring Penn Badgley, “You” is a modern-day thriller focusing on the budding romance between a bookstore manager and an aspiring writer. The narrative focuses on crossing boundaries in the name of love, when what starts as an innocent crush becomes an obsession. Based on the Caroline Kepnes novel of the same name, this Lifetime series looks at the perils of dating in the age of social media.

  • #9. Kidding
    43/ Aggregate Films

    #9. Kidding

    Premiere date: Sep. 9, 2018

    Network: Showtime

    Genre(s): Comedy-drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 267,375

    Kidding” takes place in Columbus, Ohio, and follows the life of popular children’s television personality Mr. Pickles, aka Jeff Piccirillo (Jim Carrey). Through grief and troubles, Piccirillo tries to stay positive in order to maintain his professional image. Carrey and executive producer Michel Gondry also collaborated on the 2004 film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” The new series debuted on Sept. 9.

  • #8. New Amsterdam
    44/ Universal Television

    #8. New Amsterdam

    Premiere date: Sep. 25, 2018

    Network: NBC

    Genre(s): Medical drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 267,394

    New Amsterdam’s” lead character, Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold), is set on reforming the antiquated ways of one of United States’ oldest hospitals after being promoted to medical director, focusing on patient care rather than dated bureaucracy. The NBC medical drama is one of the most highly anticipated of the fall, and will premiere on Sept. 25.   

  • #7. The Purge
    45/ Blumhouse Productions

    #7. The Purge

    Premiere date: Sep. 4, 2018

    Network: USA Network

    Genre(s): Horror

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 291,218

    Based on the extremely popular American horror franchise, which includes four films, “The Purge” television series premiered on Sept. 4 on USA Network. In a world where a 12-hour window exists where all crime is legal, various seemingly unconnected characters are forced to decide what they’re willing to do to survive. This first season contains 10 episodes.

  • #6. Maniac
    46/ Paramount Television

    #6. Maniac

    Premiere date: Sep. 21, 2018

    Network: Netflix

    Genre(s): Dark comedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 304,818

    Maniac,” starring megastars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, is a Netflix limited series where two strangers meet in the midst of a bizarre pharmaceutical trial. Annie Landsberg (Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Hill) seek to resolve what has come of their lives, which haven’t turned out the way they hoped. The show is based on a Norwegian television series of the same name.    

  • #5. A Million Little Things
    47/ Kapital Entertainment

    #5. A Million Little Things

    Premiere date: Sep. 26, 2018

    Network: ABC

    Genre(s): Family drama, serial drama, dramedy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 312,593

    The new ABC dramaA Million Little Things” features a large ensemble cast including Ron Livingston and Romany Malco and premieres Sept. 26 on ABC. A group of friends realize, after one of them suddenly passes away, that they need to live life to the fullest potential. The show was created by DJ Nash, who also serves as one of four executive producers.

  • #4. Legacies
    48/ CBS Television Studios

    #4. Legacies

    Premiere date: Oct. 25, 2018

    Network: The CW

    Genre(s): Drama, supernatural, horror, fantasy

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 491,603

    Legacies” chronicles the life of a 17-year-old tribrid girl as she finds her way in the world. Hope, who descends from some of the most powerful werewolf, vampire, and witch bloodlines, attends a specialized school where kids like her can learn to control impulses. The CW show is a spinoff of the popular series “The Originals,” and debuts on Oct. 25.

  • #3. Manifest
    49/ NBC Universal Media

    #3. Manifest

    Premiere date: Sep. 24, 2018

    Network: NBC

    Genre(s): Drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 595,434

    A somewhat turbulent, but otherwise eventless flight leaves its 191 passengers thinking it was nothing more than a routine trip—while the rest of the world presumes them missing, and likely dead, for more than five years. The show follows the passengers of Montegro Air Flight 828 try to assimilate back into regular life and process if this strange phenomenon means something more. "Manifest" premiered Sept. 24 on NBC.  

  • #2. Mayans M.C.
    50/ FX Productions

    #2. Mayans M.C.

    Premiere date: Sep. 4, 2018

    Network: FX

    Genre(s): Crime drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 639,106

    “Sons of Anarchy” fans, rejoice! The next chapter of the saga, “Mayans M.C.,” premiered earlier this September on FX. The Kurt Sutter creation exists in the same world where “Sons of Anarchy” took place, but follows the Mayans motorcycle club and Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (J.D. Pardo). It goes without saying that this spinoff is a must-watch for SAMCRO fans.    

  • #1. Titans
    51/ Warner Bros. Television

    #1. Titans

    Premiere date: Oct. 12, 2018

    Network: DC Universe

    Genre(s): Action, adventure, science fiction, superhero, drama

    Six-month Wikipedia pageviews: 1,163,488

    Titansis an upcoming web series set to premiere on DC Universe, and tops Stacker's list as the most anticipated TV premiere of the fall. After a failed attempt to bring a similar show to TNT, DC decided to move forward with redeveloping DC’s new direct-to-consumer service. The 12-episode series showcases a team of young superheroes looking to combat evil and features the young adult characters DC fans have grown to love and appreciate. The show premieres on Oct. 12 but will be screened at New York Comic Con on Oct. 3.

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