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100 best John Wayne movies

Over a 50-year career at the peak of Hollywood's Western craze, John Wayne amassed a body of work rivaled by few other movie stars. His 170-plus films drew the second-largest box office of all time, behind only Clark Gable. Stacker explores the 100 best John Wayne movies.

Most fun cities in America

From Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee to the historic monuments in Washington D.C., Stacker shows you the most fun cities in America. 

Sequels that outperformed the original at the box office

If modern cinema is a testament to one thing alone, it’s that a smash hit will inevitably spawn a sequel. On occasion, that sequel will outperform its predecessor. Here are 50 times it happened.

Critics' Choice Best Picture winners from worst to first

Presenting every winner of the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Picture, from worst to first. Data was sourced from the Critics’ Choice Awards website and each title was ranked according to its Letterboxd score.

Mistakes from the 50 best movies of all time

Stacker is embracing imperfections by listing mistakes from the 50 best movies of all time. Rankings are based on a score Stacker derived from equally weighted IMDb ratings and Metacritic scores. 

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