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Spoilers to know before watching this fall's returning shows

  • Black-ish

    Air date: Oct. 16

    Where to watch: ABC

    The popular politically and socially charged sitcom is coming back for a fifth season, not long after getting a spinoff called “Grown-ish.” The fourth season ended with parents Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) having been separated, but the two reconcile and resume their marriage. During the fourth season, ABC canceled the airing of an episode that criticized President Donald Trump.

  • Splitting Up Together

    Air date: Oct. 16

    Where to watch: ABC

    The set-up of “Splitting Up Together” finds a family in a peculiar and specific arrangement after the parents' divorce. The mother (Jenna Fischer) and father (Oliver Hudson) alternate between being the primary parent and living life as a single adult. The first season ends with the parents, Lena and Martin, potentially reconciling their love.

  • Supernatural

    Air date: Oct. 18

    Where to watch: CW

    The longest-running fantasy series “Supernatural” will return to the CW for a 20-episode 14th season. The 13th season ends with long-time character Lucifer defeated by Dean (Jensen Ackles) with the help of archangel Michael (also played by Ackles)—Michael then double crosses and takes control of Dean. Presumably, co-protagonist Sam (Jared Padalecki) will deal with this development.

  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    Air date: Oct. 22

    Where to watch: CW

    A motley crew of characters from all over the Arrowverse unites in a series of crazy time-travel adventures. Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), the time-traveler who brought these characters from “The Flash” and “Arrow” together, sacrifices his life for the team, who triumph over main villain Mallus. At the end of season three, their vacation is interrupted by John Constantine (Matt Ryan), who will join the cast for the fourth season.

  • Midnight, Texas

    Air date: Oct. 26

    Where to watch: NBC

    A supernatural story, “Midnight, Texas” is based off a series of books from the same author of the book series that became “True Blood.” The show focuses on a group of mythical characters, including a witch, a demon, and a vampire, amongst others. By the end of the first season, psychic Manny (François Arnaud) is saved from demonic possession, but is plagued by spirits soon afterward.

  • Ray Donovan

    Air date: Oct. 28

    Where to watch: Showtime

    “Ray Donovan” stars Liev Schreiber as the titular character, a fixer involved with a law firm that represents rich and powerful clients. The show is returning for a sixth season and will move its location to New York. At this point in the story, Ray has transitioned more into a hitman than a fixer, and his wife Abby (Paula Malcomson) has committed suicide rather than continuing cancer treatment.

  • House of Cards

    Air date: Nov. 2

    Where to watch: Netflix

    The sixth and final season of Netflix’s flagship show “House of Cards” is finally arriving after some real-life controversy delayed production. Former star and producer Kevin Spacey played President Frank Underwood, who resigned his position, leaving his wife and Vice President Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) as his successor. After Spacey was fired from the show following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, Wright finds herself as the lead of the show—with Frank Underwood apparently killed off in-between seasons.

  • Oultander

    Air date: Nov. 4

    Where to watch: Starz

    Adapted from the book series of the same name, “Outlander” combines elements of science fiction, fantasy, history, and romance into one television show. The show tells the story of a World War II nurse Claire (Caitriona Balfe) who is transported back in time to 1743, encountering Highland warrior Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). At the end of the third season, Claire and Jamie make a grand escape on a ship, eventually surviving a shipwreck. The show is not only due to air its fourth season, but eventual fifth and sixth seasons are planned as well.

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