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30 best Netflix shows for binge watching over the holidays

The unprecedented density of the catalog of films and television shows on Netflix provides plenty of content for families to binge-watch during this holiday season. See what Stacker has to say about the top 30 ranked television shows you can stream online.

Most liberal public colleges in America

As high school students across the United States prepare to enter college to continue their education, political voices in those campuses are louder now more than ever. Stacker has compiled a list of public colleges in America with the most liberal students.

Presidential candidates raising the most for their campaigns

The 2020 presidential race has reached a point where fundraising is paramount over everything else. Stacker has the latest on how much each candidate has raised and where their money is coming from.

How every NFL owner made their fortunes

NFL franchise owners are amongst the richest people in the nation. Learn how they found financial success in this Stacker list.

Can you answer these real 'Jeopardy!' questions about space?

In celebration of NASA’s birthday, Stacker has compiled a number of Jeopardy questions relating to space and space travel. How many can you answer?

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