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States with the best and worst animal protection laws

Stacker examines animal rights law and its enforcement across all 50 states, ranking each state according to data from an advocacy organization.

Best private high school in every state

For their reputations as academically rigorous and established educational institutions, private schools are often seen as the best route for one’s secondary education.

What American education was like 100 years ago

Stacker looks at U.S. trends in education over the last century from 1919 to 2019. Considering factors like race, gender, age, geography, enrollment rates, and curricular requirements, Stacker examines educational attainment levels for various groups within the U.S.

What the 50 biggest cities in America looked like 50 years ago

Follow population trends in 50 major cities in the U.S. over the past 50 years (1970–2019). The article considers major events in the cities’ history that have led to population growth or decline, whether cultural, weather-related, or otherwise.

States with the best public colleges

Stacker sums up the 2019 Niche rankings of public universities in the U.S. by ranking every state based on the quality of their public school offerings.

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