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States with the most endangered species

To determine the states with the most endangered species, Stacker

50 fascinating facts about dogs

Stacker presents 50 fascinating facts about dogs, including their behavior, intelligence, evolution, and more, from expert sources and scientific articles.

From poison dart frogs to hagfish slime: 20 animal defenses

Stacker compiled a list of 20 examples of animal defenses, including different types of mimicry, unusual physical and chemical counterattacks, and behavioral strategies sourced from scientific studies and natural-history literature.<

Do you know your state mammal?

Stacker compiled a list of official mammals based on the Wikipedia list of state mammals and researched one official mammal from each for questions.

Countries exporting the most endangered species to America

This slideshow lists the 50 countries that export the most products of endangered species to the U.S. Covering the years 2008–2018, entries list the total number of specimens and top three species exported from each country.

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