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Best-run cities in America

Stacker analyzed data from WalletHub to present the top 50 best-run U.S. cities in terms of overall quality of city services.

Worst-run cities in America

These are the worst-run cities across the United States that rank lowest in overall quality of city services. Data were collected by WalletHub and based on a variety of factors, such as education, economy, and health. 

Dangerous jobs from throughout human history

There have always been dangerous jobs throughout human history, from being a Spartan soldier to working as a tree logger. Changes in workforce regulations and the jobs available or needed have affected fatality rates over the years.

Fastest growing occupations that earn over $75,000 per year

Stacker compiled a list of occupations projected to grow rapidly from 2016 to 2026. Occupations vary in terms of education level, median annual wage (all at least $75,000), and number of jobs.

Best pitching staffs in the MLB since 1980

Pitching staff in the MLB from 1980 to today. ERA, WHIP, and team records were analyzed to determine which pitching staffs were the best.

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