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COVID-19 is the latest example of zoonosis—here are 30 other diseases animals transmit to humans

COVID-19 is an example of zoonosis: a disease or infection that is transmitted to humans from animals.

From single cells to fully grown adults: human development in 20 steps

To explain the stages of human development, Stacker consulted the “Human Growth and Development” chapter of Wakim & Grewal’s “Human Biology” textbook.

20 states had record rainfall in 2019—see what this intense year means for you

Stacker consulted the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information Statewide Time Series to rank 49 states according to how much their 2019 precipitat

Newly discovered species caught on camera in 2019

Stacker highlights 30 out of 71 newly discovered species from 2019, based on research from the California Academy of Sciences. 


Quiz: Do you know your state insect?

Stacker has used a variety of sources to compile a list of the official state insect(s) of each U.S. state, as well as their unique characteristics. Read on to see if you can guess which insect(s) represent your state. 

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