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50 best space movies of all time

Space: the final frontier. Stacker explores the vast emptiness of the universe outside our atmosphere with this round-up of the best space movies of all time. See which animated film takes the top spot, and where fan favorites “Star Wars” and “E.T.” land. 

15 charities where you can see your direct impact

Stacker looks at 15 charities where your impact is tangible. Research shows these charities are effective ways to spend your money to help the most people with the least.

50 biggest retailers in America

Stacker breaks down the 50 largest retailers in the country by revenue, and discusses where those businesses are headed. Read on to find out which companies are successfully adapting to the new retail landscape.

Most Emmy wins of all time

Stacker ranks the top 25 television shows with the most Emmy wins of all time. Read on to find out which spinoff bested the original show, and which sketch comedy took the top slot. 

Most popular grad school majors in America

Stacker breaks down the most popular majors for graduate students in America who’ve chosen a field for advanced study and explains what those fields are and which ones are growing. 

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