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Origin stories behind 30 holidays

This slideshow covers the origin stories behind 30 holidays across the world. These holidays have diverse beginnings, with some stemming from ancient religious legends to others from direct action by modern activist groups.

States with the fastest growing rent

Across America, rent has increased exponentially over the years. Stacker has compiled and ranked how much median rent and median household income has increased between 2000 and 2017 across the 50 states and District of Columbia.

U.S. cities with the dirtiest air

Stacker researched and ranked the 50 American cities in 2018 with the worst quality of air based on the amount of particulate matter contained in the air. These cities are based in states such as California and Arizona, Wyoming, New Mexico, and more.


Iconic American companies started the year you were born

Stacker looks at some of the most popular and iconic American companies created in the last 90 years, and explores what has contributed to their lasting power and their success.

U.S. Army by the numbers

The United States Army turned 244 on June 14. Here are some historical, interesting, and fun facts about arguably the most powerful fighting force ever to march across the planet

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