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From Barnum & Bailey to Annie Oakley: History of traveling entertainment in America

From Barnum & Bailey to Annie Oakley, here’s how traveling entertainment in America has evolved over the years.

American winners of the year from the International Photography Awards

Stacker worked with the International Photography Awards to compile a list of photos by American photographers that were awarded 1st or 2nd place prizes in 2019.

25 ways dating has changed in the last 50 years

Stacker examined news reports, research journals, and data from dating sites to compile a list of 25 key milestones and trends that shaped the dating landscape as we know it today.

50 Latin roots that will help you understand the English language

The English language contains over one million words, most of which the average speaker will never even know. Stacker identified the 50 most important Latin roots to help English speakers better comprehend the extensive English lexicon.

Most popular saints' names for babies

Stacker cross-referenced data from the Social Security Administration and the name database Behind the Name to compile a list of the top 100 baby names inspired by Christian saints. 

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