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Most popular live music act in every state

  • Most popular live music act in every state
    1/ Debby Wong // Shutterstock

    Most popular live music act in every state

    From your first time attending a concert as a kid to the first time you saw your favorite band in person, live music contains an element of magic for many. There is nothing quite like seeing a master showman command a crowd. From Elvis and the Beatles, to KISS and Aerosmith, all the way up to modern arena-filling artists, every generation experienced the privilege to watch some of the most epic acts of their time rock the stage.

    But how do concert preferences change from across the nation? Which artists truly rise above the rest in a given state? To answer this question, Stacker analyzed ticket sales data provided by Vivid Seats to calculate the most popular live act in every state. The rankings are based on total ticket sales from 2014 to end of 2017 for concerts held within each state.

    So where does Queen Bey truly rule? And where does Garth Brooks still command the land?  Read on to see the most popular live music act in every state.

  • Alabama: Jimmy Buffett
    2/ Chief Mass Communication Specialist Michael W. Pendergrass // Wikicommons

    Alabama: Jimmy Buffett

    Runner-up: Florida Georgia Line

  • Alaska: Luke Bryan
    3/ Joe Bielawa // Flickr

    Alaska: Luke Bryan

    Runner-up: Zac Brown Band

  • Arizona: Adele
    4/ Egghead06 // Wikicommons

    Arizona: Adele

    Runner-up: Garth Brooks

  • Arkansas: Luke Bryan
    5/ Keith Hinkle // Wikicommons

    Arkansas: Luke Bryan

    Runner-up: Bruno Mars

  • California: Beyoncé
    6/ Wikipedia

    California: Beyoncé

    Runner-up: Justin Bieber

  • Colorado: Justin Bieber
    7/ Themeplus // Flickr

    Colorado: Justin Bieber

    Runner-up: Eric Church

  • Connecticut: Luke Bryan
    8/ Joe Bielawa // Flickr

    Connecticut: Luke Bryan

    Runner-up: Ed Sheeran

  • Delaware: Brantley Gilbert
    9/ Townsquare Media // Wikicommons

    Delaware: Brantley Gilbert

    Runner-up: Rascal Flatts

  • District of Columbia: Adele
    10/ Kristopher Harris // Wikicommons

    District of Columbia: Adele

    Runner-up: Taylor Swift

  • Florida: Justin Bieber
    11/ Wikipedia

    Florida: Justin Bieber

    Runner-up: Garth Brooks

  • Georgia: Beyoncé
    12/ Ana y María Quintana y González // Flickr

    Georgia: Beyoncé

    Runner-up: Taylor Swift

  • Hawaii: Bruno Mars
    13/ Brothers Le // Wikicommons

    Hawaii: Bruno Mars

    Runner-up: Janet Jackson

  • Idaho: Twenty One Pilots
    14/ Drew de F Fawkes // Wikicommons

    Idaho: Twenty One Pilots

    Runner-up: Maroon 5

  • Illinois: Beyoncé
    15/ Tony Duran // Wikicommons

    Illinois: Beyoncé

    Runner-up: U2

  • Indiana: Luke Bryan
    16/ slgc // Flickr

    Indiana: Luke Bryan

    Runner-up: Garth Brooks

  • Iowa: Garth Brooks
    17/ fatherspoon // Flickr

    Iowa: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Ed Sheeran

  • Kansas: Garth Brooks
    18/ fatherspoon // Flickr

    Kansas: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Luke Bryan

  • Kentucky: Garth Brooks
    19/ Disney | ABC Television Group // Flickr

    Kentucky: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Taylor Swift

  • Louisiana: Garth Brooks
    20/ The White House // Wikicommons

    Louisiana: Garth Brooks

    Runner up: Beyoncé

  • Maine: Elton John
    21/ Richard Mushet // Wikicommons

    Maine: Elton John

    Runner-up: Ed Sheeran

  • Maryland: Beyoncé
    22/ Rocbeyonce // Wikicommons

    Maryland: Beyoncé

    Runner-up: Garth Brooks

  • Massachusetts: Kenny Chesney
    23/ Nightshooter // Wikicommons

    Massachusetts: Kenny Chesney

    Runner-up: Taylor Swift

  • Michigan: Kid Rock
    24/ Emdee // Wikicommons

    Michigan: Kid Rock

    Runner-up: Eminem

  • Minnesota: Metallica
    25/ Wikipedia

    Minnesota: Metallica

    Runner-up: Luke Bryan

  • Mississippi: Chris Stapleton
    26/ CAWylie // Wikicommons

    Mississippi: Chris Stapleton

    Runner-up: Florida Georgia Line

  • Missouri: Garth Brooks
    27/ Sterling Munksgard // Shutterstock

    Missouri: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Taylor Swift

  • Montana: Garth Brooks
    28/ Sterling Munksgard // Shutterstock

    Montana: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Luke Bryan

  • Nebraska: Garth Brooks
    29/ Featureflash Photo Agency // Shutterstock

    Nebraska: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Taylor Swift

  • Nevada: George Strait
    30/ Craig ONeal // Wikicommons

    Nevada: George Strait

    Runner-up: Celine Dion

  • New Hampshire: Luke Bryan
    31/ Debby Wong // Shutterstock

    New Hampshire: Luke Bryan

    Runner-up: Florida Georgia Line

  • New Jersey: Coldplay
    32/ Wikipedia

    New Jersey: Coldplay

    Runner-up: Taylor Swift

  • New Mexico: Garth Brooks
    33/ Featureflash Photo Agency// Wikicommons

    New Mexico: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Luke Bryan

  • New York: Billy Joel
    34/ David Shankbone // Flickr

    New York: Billy Joel

    Runner-up: Adele

  • North Carolina: Luke Bryan
    35/ Debby Wong // Shutterstock

    North Carolina: Luke Bryan

    Runner-up: Taylor Swift

  • North Dakota: Justin Bieber
    36/ iloveJB123 // Flickr

    North Dakota: Justin Bieber

    Runner-up: Garth Brooks

  • Ohio: Luke Bryan
    37/ Debby Wong // Shutterstock

    Ohio: Luke Bryan

    Runner-up: Garth Brooks

  • Oklahoma: Garth Brooks
    38/ Sterling Munksgard // Shutterstock

    Oklahoma: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Luke Bryan

  • Oregon: Justin Bieber
    39/ Lou Stejskal // Flickr

    Oregon: Justin Bieber

    Runner-up: Garth Brooks

  • Pennsylvania: Beyoncé
    40/ Jennette F. Everett // Shutterstock

    Pennsylvania: Beyoncé

    Runner-up: Luke Bryan

  • Rhode Island: Luke Bryan
    41/ Debby Wong // Shutterstock

    Rhode Island: Luke Bryan

    Runner-up: Twenty One Pilots

  • South Carolina: Garth Brooks
    42/ Kathy Hutchins // Shutterstock

    South Carolina: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Hootie and The Blowfish

  • South Dakota: Garth Brooks
    43/ s_bukley // Shutterstock

    South Dakota: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Paul McCartney

  • Tennessee: Garth Brooks
    44/ Featureflash Photo Agency // Shutterstock

    Tennessee: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Adele

  • Texas: Beyoncé
    45/ JStone // Shutterstock

    Texas: Beyoncé

    Runner-up: George Strait

  • Utah: Justin Bieber
    46/ DFree // Shutterstock

    Utah: Justin Bieber

    Runner-up: Taylor Swift

  • Vermont: Pentatonix
    47/ Ralph Arvesen // Wikicommons

    Vermont: Pentatonix

    Runner-up: Neil Young

  • Virginia: Luke Bryan
    48/ Debby Wong // Shutterstock

    Virginia: Luke Bryan

    Runner-up: Florida Georgia Line

  • Washington: Garth Brooks
    49/ Featureflash Photo Agenc // Shutterstock

    Washington: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: U2

  • West Virginia: Garth Brooks
    50/ s_bukley // Shutterstock

    West Virginia: Garth Brooks

    Runner-up: Luke Bryan

  • Wisconsin: Rolling Stones
    51/ Riksarkivet // Flickr

    Wisconsin: Rolling Stones

    Runner-up: Kenny Chesney

  • Wyoming: Florida Georgia Line
    52/ Disney | ABC Television Group // Flickr

    Wyoming: Florida Georgia Line

    Runner-up: Kenny Chesney

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