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St. Patrick's day celebrated around the world in 20 photos

  • St. Patrick's day celebrated around the world in 20 photos
    1/ Markmcloughz // Wikimedia Commons

    St. Patrick's day celebrated around the world in 20 photos

    St. Patrick’s Day is not just for the Irish-born or the Guinness fanatics of the world. In fact, the day dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, March 17th - and in some places the week or two leading up to it – is a time of parades, revelry, and green galore for people of many different backgrounds across the globe. 

    From Moscow to Boston, parade goers flock to the streets to march, drink, sing and dance in honor of Saint Patrick. In some cities, mysterious Leprechauns even turn buildings, monuments, and bodies of water green as a nod to the Irish saint. 

    Explore the different cultural expressions of St. Paddy's Day in 20 photos, and no matter where you are this St. Patrick’s Day – be Irish for the day! 

  • England: Manchester

    England: Manchester

    Manchester celebrates St. Patrick's day for two weeks, with the big day, Parade Day, falling on Sunday the 11th this year. 

  • Russia: Moscow
    3/ Special Char // Wikimedia Commons

    Russia: Moscow

    In Russia, the day is called Apostle of the Irish and includes a wonderful parade with extravagant costumes. 

  • Scotland: Coatbridge
    4/ Jayhoolihan // Wikimedia Commons

    Scotland: Coatbridge

    Coatbridge is one of the many places in the UK that celebrates the day over a span of many days, with several events leading up to a grand parade. 

  • Japan: Motomachi, Yokohama
    5/ Kounosu // Wikimedia Commons

    Japan: Motomachi, Yokohama

    Japan celebrates St. Patrick's day with a large parade on Yokohama's famous Shopping Street

  • Korea: Seoul
    6/ Chung Sung-Jun // Getty

    Korea: Seoul

    Both native Koreans and ex-pats can be seen celebrating the big day in Seoul. The big parade includes face painting, dancing and even demonstrations of Irish sport by Seoul’s very own Gaelic Athletic Association.

  • Germany: Munich
    7/ Kirill Livshitskiy // Shutterstock

    Germany: Munich

    Munich may be known for Oktoberfest, but the German city streets are filled with beer drinking yet again on St. Patrick's Day. 

  • Australia: Sydney
    8/ SAEED KHAN / Staff // Getty

    Australia: Sydney

    The Sydney Opera House turns green as Australians honor St. Patrick. 

  • Canada: Montreal
    9/ jpmpinmontreal // Wikimedia Commons

    Canada: Montreal

    The St. Patrick's day parade is one of Montreal's most anticipated Spring events. 

  • United States: New York
    10/ tsaiproject // Flickr

    United States: New York

    The Empire State Building in New York City turns green on the big day. 

  • United States: Boston
    11/ U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Dave Kaylor // Wikimedia Commons

    United States: Boston

    Bostonians take to the streets and celebrate in style with a massive parade. This year will be South Boston's 117th St. Patrick's Day parade. 

  • United States: Albany
    12/ Dennis W Donohue // Shutterstock

    United States: Albany

    Albany, the most Irish city in America, is not shy with their Irish pride on St. Patrick's day. 

  • United States: Chicago
    13/ Max Talbot-Minkin // Wikimedia Commons

    United States: Chicago

    An iconic image of St. Patrick's day, 45 pounds of vegetable dye are used to color the Chicago river green each year. 

  • Brazil: Rio De Janeiro
    14/ Northern Ireland Executive // Flickr

    Brazil: Rio De Janeiro

    Christ the Redeemer in Brazil takes a cue from other famous monuments and transforms green for Saint Patrick. 

  • Ireland: Dublin
    15/ Aitormmfoto // Shutterstock

    Ireland: Dublin

    Dublin may be the first place that comes to mind for Americans dreaming of a Saint Patrick's Day parade, for good reason. Tourists and locals alike flock to the capital streets in green on March 17th. 

  • Ireland: Shannon
    16/ Peter O'Toole // Shutterstock

    Ireland: Shannon

    The Irish of Shannon go big with a parade that rivals the best of the St. Patrick's Day parades across the globe. 

  • Ireland: Downpatrick, Belfast
    17/ Charles McQuillan / Stringer // Getty

    Ireland: Downpatrick, Belfast

    The parade in Downpatrick is as fun as the rest, but begins with a service of remembrance held at the grave of St. Patrick.

  • Ireland: Donegall Square, Belfast
    18/ Markmcloughz // Wikimedia Commons

    Ireland: Donegall Square, Belfast

    Belfast City Hall is another iconic building transforming green. 

  • Hungary: Budapest
    19/ Attila JANDI // Shutterstock

    Hungary: Budapest

    In Budapest, the big St. Patrick's day parade is organized by the Irish Hungarian Business Circle.

  • Italy: Rome
    20/ FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / Staff / Getty

    Italy: Rome

    The Colosseum also gets a green makeover on March 17th in Rome, Italy. 

  • Indonesia: Surabaya
    21/ Robertus Pudyanto / Stringer / Getty

    Indonesia: Surabaya

    Green beers can be seen flowing at the Sheraton in Surabaya, Indonesia.  

  • International Space Station
    22/ NASA/Chris Hadfield // Wikimedia Commons

    International Space Station

    Even the astronauts can be found celebrating St. Patrick's day, beaming their St. Paddy's greeting down from Space. 

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