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Most successful company founded the year you were born

  • Most successful company founded the year you were born

    In our entrepreneurial economy, it can be challenging for new companies to stay relevant long enough to break even, let alone make a lasting impact. However, there are many that have succeeded with this challenge, and reached new heights in the present day, with business reigns that have ranged from several years to centuries.

    To help find the companies that have truly stood the test of time, Stacker analyzed Barchart public company financials and the Field-Ritter dataset of company founding dates to identify the largest companies today that were created each year from 1920 to 2017. Our analysis focused on public companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges, with market capitalization figures as of Feb. 7, 2018.

    Determining when a public company got is an inexact science. To identify each company’s founding date, Field-Ritter researched the earliest incorporation date of every company and took into consideration mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

    Read on to explore the most successful company founded the year you were born.

  • 1920 - Occidental Petroleum Corp

    Ticker: OXY (NYSE)

    Market capitalization: $54.50 billion

  • 1921 - Newmont Mining Corp

    Ticker: NEM (NYSE)

    Market capitalization: $20.07 billion

  • 1922 - Raytheon Company

    Ticker: RTN (NYSE)

    Market capitalization: $58.14 billion

  • 1923 - Walt Disney Company

    Ticker: DIS (NYSE)

    Market capitalization: $159.94 billion

  • 1924 - Totalfinaelf S.A. (Total S.A.)

    Ticker: TOT (NYSE)

    Market capitalization: $138.99 billion

  • 1925 - Caterpillar Inc

    Ticker: CAT (NYSE)

    Market capitalization: $93.05 billion

  • 1926 - Schlumberger N.V.

    Ticker: SLB (NYSE)

    Market capitalization: $98.31 billion

  • 1927 - Marriott

    Ticker: MAR (NASDAQ)

    Market capitalization: $51.05 billion

  • 1928 - General Mills

    Ticker: GIS (NYSE)

    Market capitalization: $31.74 billion

  • 1929 - Unilever

    Ticker: UN (NYSE)

    Market capitalization: $95.63 billion

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