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Most popular house-friendly dogs

  • #3. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

    - 2018 AKC popularity rank: #18
    - Full-grown height: 12–13 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 13–18 pounds
    - Traits: Affectionate, gentle

    The trainable, affectionate Cavalier King Charles spaniel cracks the top three; it is a favorite among U.K. families, as they are good with children and other pets. They enjoy a good walk, but need little exercise beyond that.

  • #2. Bulldog

    - 2018 AKC popularity rank: #5
    - Full-grown height: 14–15 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 50 pounds (male), 40 pounds (female)
    - Traits: Calm, courageous, friendly, dignified

    Though bulldogs are bigger and stockier than conventional lap dogs, they aspire to be curled up with you nonetheless. These runner-ups on our “house-friendly” list are undoubtedly a popular breed among those looking for an indoor pet, as they require little exercise, are low-maintenance, and carry a gentle disposition.

  • #1. French bulldog

    - 2018 AKC popularity rank: #4
    - Full-grown height: 11–13 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 20–28 pounds (male), 16–24 pounds (female)
    - Traits: Playful, smart

    Topping the list, these fun-loving dogs are not particularly athletic, so a short walk will keep them healthy and happy. Frenchies are low-maintenance and loyal. Some are stubborn during training, but eventually just want to please their owners. 

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