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Best county to raise a family in every state

  • South Dakota: Lincoln County

    - Population: 54,914
    - Median household income: $81,422

    Lincoln County, South Dakota, is a healthy place to live, with a robust economy that features low unemployment rates and high home-ownership rates. The fastest-growing county in the state also offers families a safe place to live.

  • Tennessee: Williamson County

    - Population: 218,648
    - Median household income: $109,026

    Checking many boxes with a booming economy, low crime rates, and great schools, it’s no wonder that Williamson County is the #1 county to raise a family in Tennessee. Year-round family events, a wellness center, a performing arts center, and an indoor soccer field offer families many options for spending quality time together.

  • Texas: Collin County

    - Population: 944,350
    - Median household income: $94,192

    Diverse and affordable, Collin County also boasts a higher-than-average median household income and an excellent public school system. Whether it’s swimming at the local lake, playing at one of many town parks, or riding one of the bike trails, the warm Texas days afford many opportunities for families to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities.

  • Utah: Davis County

    - Population: 340,621
    - Median household income: $79,690

    Filled with wondrous beauty, Davis County, Utah, offers unique family-friendly activities like a buffalo sightseeing safari on Antelope Island and hikes in cavernous mountains. The county also has excellent schools, a homeownership rate of 78%, and a short mean travel-to-work time.

  • Vermont: Chittenden County

    - Population: 162,052
    - Median household income: $69,896

    Located between Lake Champlain and the scenic Green Mountains, Chittenden County is a beautiful and healthy place to raise a family. A sleepy, hometown feel makes this a magical place to enjoy the splendor of all four seasons.

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  • Virginia: Loudoun County

    - Population: 385,143
    - Median household income: $136,268

    The wealthiest county in the United States, Loudoun County, Virginia, is also a commutable distance to the nation’s capital. Families love it for the excellent schools and safe neighborhoods. The packed events calendar, including fairs, air shows, and parades, makes it an exciting place to live.

  • Washington: King County

    - Population: 2.2 million
    - Median household income: $89,418

    Almost half the population of King County, Washington, live within half a mile of a walkable destination. The county seat is the bustling city of Seattle, which features many family-friendly activities including a modern landmark with a view, a permanent farmers market on nine acres, and many parks and museums. It isn’t all about city life in King County, though—there is a diverse mix of urban and suburban neighborhoods. With an amazing public school system, the county offers families a great place to call home.

  • West Virginia: Monongalia County

    - Population: 105,252
    - Median household income: $49,926

    Filled with both lakes and mountains, Monongalia County, West Virginia, offers a diverse landscape for families. Created in 1776 as the country celebrated its independence, the county is a historic gem. Monongalia is also an affordable place to live, with friendly people, low crime rates, and a quality school system with a high school graduation rate higher than that of the national average.

  • Wisconsin: Waukesha County

    - Population: 398,879
    - Median household income: $84,331

    A healthy, economically-sound place for families, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, also features short commute times that allow families to spend more time together. Often referred to as Lake Country by local residents for the sheer number of lakes, four-season fun in the county consists of water activities including boating, skating, and fishing.

  • Wyoming: Teton County

    - Population: 23,059
    - Median household income: $83,831

    Families with a love for the great outdoors will find an ideal home in Teton County, Wyoming. Home to Jackson Hole and a big portion of Yellowstone National Park, Teton County also ranks as one of the healthiest counties in Wyoming. Thanks to a high per-pupil expenditure and high school graduation rate, families also love the public school system. Low crime rates and a bustling economy make Teton County a great place to raise a family.

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