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Best county to raise a family in every state

  • New Mexico: Los Alamos County

    - Population: 18,356
    - Median household income: $115,248

    Rated the healthiest community in the United States, 67.7% of Los Alamos County’s residents live within half a mile of a walkable destination, and 74% own their homes. Excellent schools and low crime rates are two other benefits of living in the county. Los Alamos County offers a skatepark, aquatic center, ice rink, and many family-friendly outdoor activities, while leaving plenty of time to do them thanks to a mean travel-to-work time of 16.2 minutes.

  • New York: Westchester County

    - Population: 968,815
    - Median household income: $92,758

    Set in scenic Hudson Valley, while still offering an easy commute to New York City’s employment and cultural opportunities, Westchester County is an appealing area for families. The county also boasts a median household income well above the national average, a high per-pupil expenditure, and safe neighborhoods.

  • North Carolina: Wake County

    - Population: 1.0 million
    - Median household income: $76,956

    Wake County, North Carolina, offers families things to do both inside, with museums of science and art plus several just for kids, and outside, thanks to county parks, a river trail, and an arboretum. With a low unemployment rate and many high-tech and biotechnology companies, the county is not only a great place to raise a family but a wonderful place to work as well.

  • North Dakota: Cass County

    - Population: 174,202
    - Median household income: $62,031

    Affordable homes, low unemployment rates, and wonderful public schools make Cass County, North Dakota, a solid place for families to live. A mean travel-to-work time of 16 minutes allows families to spend more time together. Whether meeting exotic animals at the zoo or playing at one of the local parks, Cass County is a fun place for families.

  • Ohio: Delaware County

    - Population: 197,008
    - Median household income: $104,322

    Delaware County, Ohio, has a tight-knit feel and offers many local community activities, including an annual county fair. It also has a high community health ranking, safe streets, and amazing schools. With a zoo, caverns and a state park, there is always something to keep families entertained in Delaware County.

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  • Oklahoma: Tulsa County

    - Population: 642,781
    - Median household income: $53,902

    Tulsa County, Oklahoma, is an extremely-affordable place for families to lay down roots. Home to several parks as well as community and recreation centers, it is unsurprisingly the best county for outdoor activities in the state. The city of Tulsa’s bustling downtown also helps to make this a wonderful community to call home.

  • Oregon: Benton County

    - Population: 89,780
    - Median household income: $58,655

    The local event center and fairground lends Benton County, Oregon, a small-town, community feel that offers many family-friendly activities, including an annual county fair and rodeo. A fantastic public school system and short commute times make Benton County a great place for families.

  • Pennsylvania: Montgomery County

    - Population: 821,301
    - Median household income: $88,166

    Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, boasts both a healthy economy and population. Its 6,000 acres of public open space help to make this the healthiest county in Pennsylvania. Whether it’s walking on one of the regional trails, playing in one of the nine parks, or learning about the history of this wonderful place, everyone in the family will find something of interest.

  • Rhode Island: Bristol County

    - Population: 48,900
    - Median household income: $75,578

    With an annual Fourth of July celebration that dates back to 1785, Bristol County, Rhode Island, offers families a historic, quintessential New England home. Oceanfront parks and scenic bike paths, coupled with safe neighborhoods and great schools, make Bristol County the best in the state to raise a family.

  • South Carolina: Greenville County

    - Population: 498,402
    - Median household income: $56,789

    Home to a bustling city with a packed events calendar as well as quiet suburban neighborhoods with affordable homes, Greenville County, South Carolina, offers families so much. Good schools, friendly people, and low crime rates round out the many reasons families live and work in Greenville County.

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