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Best county to raise a family in every state

  • Hawaii: Honolulu County

    - Population: 987,638
    - Median household income: $82,906

    Named as the #1 healthiest county in Hawaii, Honolulu County’s moderate climate makes it possible to soak up Vitamin D and enjoy outdoor activities like surfing and boating all year long. Known for the many open markets where local farmers and fishermen sell produce and seafood, as well as the community gardens, the county offers a healthy, family-friendly way of life.

  • Idaho: Ada County

    - Population: 446,052
    - Median household income: $63,137

    With an average commute time of around 20 minutes, Ada County, Idaho, is not only a convenient place to work, but one that allows for ample family time. Featuring fantastic schools, a river to float on, and walkable outdoor spaces and recreation areas, including an area with access to the Oregon Trail ruts left by early American pioneers, Ada County is a safe and family-friendly place to call home.

  • Illinois: DuPage County

    - Population: 931,743
    - Median household income: $88,711

    Known for its safe suburban neighborhoods, charming downtown areas, and a wonderful public school system, DuPage County is an ideal place to raise a family. It is also filled with urban parks, an arboretum, and a children’s museum. The DuPage Forest Preserve offers families 26,000 acres, 145 miles of trails, and 60 preserves for hiking, camping, and biking.

  • Indiana: Hamilton County

    - Population: 316,095
    - Median household income: $94,644

    Offering a friendly Midwestern vibe and a small-town feel, Hamilton County, Indiana, is well-loved by local residents. A community calendar packed with family-friendly events like a fall festival, summer concerts, and a monarch butterfly migration celebration make Hamilton County a wonderful place for kids and parents alike.

  • Iowa: Dallas County

    - Population: 84,002
    - Median household income: $84,790

    Dallas County, Iowa, has low crime rates and affordable homes. Excellent schools help 98.4% of students graduate from high school. A perfect blend of history, including two old train depots, and outdoor opportunities, featuring several wildlife areas, make Dallas County a great place for families to find adventure.

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  • Kansas: Johnson County

    - Population: 585,502
    - Median household income: $84,915

    Both family-friendly and affordable, Johnson County, Kansas, is truly a nice place to live. An active parks and recreation department provides a robust schedule of activities and educational opportunities for kids and families.

  • Kentucky: Oldham County

    - Population: 65,374
    - Median household income: $97,597

    Just 20 miles northeast of Louisville, Oldham County is a safe, affordable, and welcoming place for families. The school district is made up of a preschool, nine elementary schools, four middle schools, three high schools, and an alternative school, as well as centers for careers, the arts, and community education. With a high graduation rate and top scores for proficiency and academics, Oldham County offers top-notch educational options.

  • Louisiana: Ascension Parish

    - Population: 121,176
    - Median household income: $76,589

    80% of residents in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, own their homes. Its diversity and rich history make it not only a wonderful place to raise a family but an interesting and eclectic one. A waterpark, community theater, and an African American museum round out an extensive, fun, and educational list of things for families to do together in Ascension Parish.

  • Maine: Cumberland County

    - Population: 290,944
    - Median household income: $69,708

    Not only was Cumberland County voted the best county to raise a family in the state of Maine, it was also voted the best county for outdoor activities in the state, with both winter and summer opportunities that include ski resorts, beaches, and lakes. As the largest of Maine’s 16 counties, it boasts some of the top-rated schools in the state. In fact, four of the top 10 high schools in Maine are located in Cumberland County.

  • Maryland: Howard County

    - Population: 315,327
    - Median household income: $117,730

    Steeped in a history that predates the arrival of British settlers, Howard County, Maryland, also offers an excellent public school system and safe neighborhoods. Not only does it hold the distinction of being the best county to raise a family in the state, but it is also the state’s best county to buy a house and the best county to live in.

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