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Do you know the face mask rules in your state?

  • New Mexico

    A May 15 public health order in New Mexico requires face masks or cloth coverings in all public settings unless instructed otherwise by a health care provider. The Santa Fe New Mexican reported June 22 that despite the state having stricter mask policies than elsewhere in the U.S., visitors to Santa Fe—many of whom come from states with increasing COVID-19 case counts—are not abiding by the rules.

  • New York

    New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order on April 15 that made face masks in public mandatory wherever social distancing isn't possible. Originally the governor said that the order would be enforced, with the threat of a fine for failure to observe. On May 15, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio said that he would no longer require the NYPD to enforce the order.

  • North Carolina

    The state of North Carolina does not have mandatory requirements for face masks in public. However, the Durham City and County governments do require people to wear a face covering anytime they are in contact with other people who are not household members, both in public or private spaces.

  • North Dakota

    North Dakota’s government recommends masks in public, saying employees and the general public should wear face coverings. Employers are also encouraged to have face masks in the workplace. There is no mandate, however.

  • Ohio

    Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio stated on April 27 during a press conference that the people of Ohio would be required to wear face masks when shopping at retail stores. The people of Ohio were none too thrilled and the governor immediately made amendments. On April 28, he revised his statement saying employees of businesses are required to wear face masks, and they can ask customers to wear them but there is no requirement, reports the Marion Star.

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  • Oklahoma

    As of May 20, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt left the decision of whether to wear masks in public places up to individuals in that state, saying it's a personal choice. There is no state mandate.

  • Oregon

    As of June 25, residents and visitors were required to wear face masks at indoor public spaces in seven Oregon counties: Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Hood River, Polk, Marion, and Lincoln. The mandate came as Oregon saw a spike in COVID-19 cases, Williamette Week reported.

  • Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania's Department of Health on April 19 issued an order requiring essential business employees and customers to wear masks, and that those businesses provide masks to employees.

  • Rhode Island

    On May 8, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo made face masks mandatory for all residents while in public settings. This applies to both indoor or outdoor areas.

  • South Carolina

    There is no statewide mandate requiring South Carolinians to wear masks in public. That said, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control encourages face coverings in public. But towns like Greenville and Myrtle Beach are taking matters into their own hands, with the proposition for an emergency ordinance requiring residents to wear masks in public.

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