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What 50 American cities looked like 100 years ago

  • What 50 American cities looked like 100 years ago

    American cities are in constant flux. Buildings go up as others are demolished, new businesses open and close, and roads, sidewalks, bridges, and tunnels receive regular upgrades. Meanwhile, advancements in technology can be seen all over cityscapes—from LED bulletin boards and solar-powered street lights to sleek public transit systems.

    To take a look at just how much has changed in U.S. cities in the last century, Stacker found 50 images of metropolitan centers around the country from 100 years ago. From popular beaches to New York City’s Times Square, scroll through the gallery to see just how drastically your favorite city has changed.

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  • Atlanta, Georgia

    Automobile and pedestrian traffic at Five Points intersection in Atlanta. The famous intersection serves as the exact center of town for the locals and was the starting point when the city began mapping street addresses.

  • Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Three people pose for a beachside photo in Atlantic City in 1920.

  • Baltimore, Maryland

    An aerial view of the post office and City Hall in downtown Baltimore circa 1910.

  • Boston, Massachusetts

    A view of Milk Street in Boston circa 1915.

  • Buffalo, New York

    An aerial view of Buffalo’s Shelton Square with St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral and the Prudential Building in 1915.

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  • Camden, New Jersey

    Cars cross the Delaware River (Ben Franklin) Bridge into Philadelphia from Camden in 1926.

  • Cheyenne, Wyoming

    A western parade scene in Cheyenne dated 1910.

  • Chicago, Illinois

    A view looking north along Chicago’s Michigan Avenue shows the Wrigley Building (left) and the Tribune Tower (right) in 1925.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio

    The Cincinnati chapter of the League of Women Voters stands in front of a board showing voter registration.

  • Cleveland, Ohio

    A view of the shopping arcade in Cleveland circa 1915.

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