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New normal: Dining out in the age of COVID-19

  • Dining out in the age of COVID-19

    From masks and gloves to plastic partitions and sanitized menus, dining out looks remarkably different in the age of COVID-19 than it did just a few months ago.

    Around the world, restaurants—many of which transitioned to take-out only or closed entirely during shutdowns—have begun the process of reopening their doors. Nearly all dining establishments are doing so with the aid of new precautions ranging from modified table layouts to temperature checks of patrons at the entrance. In the forthcoming gallery, we look at restaurants spanning the globe and what this "new normal" looks like for diners and business owners alike.

    Keep reading to see images from around the world curated by Stacker depicting how dining out is changing in the wake of COVID-19.

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  • Roman restrictions on espresso to go

    Gloves and masks are a part of the new uniform at restaurants around the world. In Rome, a bartender hands a customer espresso to go early in reopening efforts.

  • Sanitizing a sidewalk cafe in Berlin

    Thorough and frequent cleanings are part of essential guidelines. An empty table is made ready in a newly reopened restaurant at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski next to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

  • Making plans in Mykonos

    At restaurants around the world, owners and staff pull together to adjust to new rules and regulations for phased-in rollouts. In Mykonos, Greece, employees at the restaurant I Frati make final preparations before reopening for the start of the delayed tourist season on May 24.

  • Gourmet baskets to go in Paris

    Patience and pivoting are key in the new normal. In Paris, customers on April 29 wait to be served by French Chef Amandine Chaignot as she transformed her restaurant Pouliche into a mini-market to sell gourmet baskets made with products from local producers.

  • The public slowly returns in Prague

    Slow starts and careful consideration to meet changing regional requirements are a part of the picture. At a cafe in Prague, patrons on May 25 share a quiet meal as restaurants begin to reopen.

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  • Santized and stickered in Texas

    New protocols are established to manage changed routines and assure safe dining. An employee on May 22 puts a "sanitized" sticker on a patio table indicating the time of the cleaning at a restaurant in Houston.

  • Sanitary greetings in Japan

    In the new normal, what might have seen unusual six months ago is welcomed as a sensible precaution. At a restaurant in Yokohama, a server offers hand sanitizer to customers as they enter a restaurant for lunch.

  • Evaluation upon entrance in Italy

    In some cities, additional precautions are taken with a temperature check. At the entrance to the historic Gambrinus Bar in Naples, a waiter takes a temperature reading before seating patrons.

  • Changing tables in Thailand

    Restaurant layouts and tabletops have modified to offer safe distancing. At a hotpot restaurant in Bangkok, plastic partitions have been added to promote personal safety.

  • Pandas prevent crowding in Thailand

    At this restaurant in Thailand, stuffed toy panda placeholders keep patrons safely distanced.

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