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Most popular and newsworthy dogs you should know about

  • Most popular and newsworthy dogs you should know about
    1/ @hermessv

    Most popular and newsworthy dogs you should know about

    Celebrities and social media have changed the way we process so many things in the world of 2018: politics, friendships, the news, and of course, dogs. We are faced with so much overwhelming information every time we log in to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it’s a relief to block out the bad stuff and just curl up with some pictures of adorable dogs.

    But these canine stars aren’t just cute pets. They are bonafide media influencers. Nine dogs on this list have more than one million followers, and even #33 has a whopping 11+ thousand.* They've made the news for saving lives and starting trends. You’ll notice these pooches’ humans have secured endorsements from lots of major brands. It’s heartening to see that some of these world-famous hounds use their powers for good, raising money and awareness for rescue organizations.

    Prepare for a cuteness overload. From pups that could fit in a teacup to giant Direwolves, this list has something for every dog lover out there. Read on to find your new favorite furry follow!

    *Number of Followers as of 1/26/2018

  • #43. Bo and Sunny Obama
    2/ Obama White House // Flickr

    #43. Bo and Sunny Obama

    Instagram followers: N/A 

    Likely the most famous Portuguese water dogs in recent history, Bo and Sunny Obama belong to the former First Family of the United States. Bo is 9 years old,  and is black with white “socks.” Sunny, 5, is all black. Sunny was known for once biting a guest and pooping in the White House. Bo, the Obamas’ first dog, had his image replicated in a children’s book and toys when he first joined the high-profile family.

  •  #42. Nugget (Katy Perry’s dog)
    3/ Jared eberhardt // Flickr

    #42. Nugget (Katy Perry’s dog)

    Instagram followers: N/A

    Singer Katy Perry’s micro teacup poodle, Nugget, has been gaining fame thanks to her pop star mom and her cute, tiny stature under a bush of russet curls. Last year, she made her acting debut alongside Katy Perry in a Citi credit card commercial, and was nominated for an iHeartRadio Music award this year for cutest celebrity pet.

  • #41. Toulouse - Ariana Grande’s dog
    4/ @arianagrande

    #41. Toulouse - Ariana Grande’s dog

    Instagram followers: N/A 

    The winner for cutest celebrity pet in the iHeartRadio Music Awards, singer Ariana Grande’s pup Toulouse has been gaining more and more fame over the past few years. She adopted the beagle-chihuahua mix in 2013, and since has brought him on tour, had him featured in a Coach campaign and showed off his signature “wink.”

  • #40.  Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog
    5/ lora_313 // Flickr

    #40. Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog

    Instagram followers: N/A 

    Despite his passing in 2015, you can’t talk about newsworthy dogs without mentioning Tillman, the 10-year-old bulldog who was known for his incredible skateboarding and surfing abilities. After a video of him skateboarding went viral in 2007, he ended up in an iPhone commerical, and broke a Guinness World Record for fastest 100 meters on a skateboard by a dog.

  • #39. Freddie
    6/ Bullenwächter // Wikimedia Commons

    #39. Freddie

    Instagram followers: N/A 

    When the ice-cold Storm Emma hit Newbridge-on-Wye, Powys, a man named Pip Samuel found a freezing newborn lamb in a box, thinking it was dead. His dog Freddie, however, insisted on licking this small animal until it finally perked up — and is now happily alive and thriving. It was named Frieda, after Freddie the terrier who saved her.

  • #38. Shadow
    7/ Pexels

    #38. Shadow

    Instagram followers: N/A 

    Shadow made the news recently due to his heroic efforts. When a house fire threatened the life of Adrian Woodley in North Carolina, his dog Shadow, only a few months old, jumped out of bed and barked to wake him. Woodley and Shadow escape the mobile home, which was completely ravaged by the fire.

  • #37. Norman & Bambi Jenner
    8/ @normanandbambijenner

    #37. Norman & Bambi Jenner

    Instagram followers: 424K 

    The Kardashian-Jenners are known for their many pets, but Insta-famous Norman and Bambi Jenner, owned by Kylie Jenner, are the most famous greyhounds in the household. The pair recently had pups, making Jenner officially a grandmother to a rambunctious family.

  • #36. Miss Asia Kinney
    9/ @missasiaxo

    #36. Miss Asia Kinney

    Instagram followers: 247K

    Lady Gaga’s Frenchie Asia was shared by Gaga and her ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney, but it seems that the singer how has full custody. This little frenchie is endlessly doted on by her mom, and loves to pose in fun hats and outfits for her Instagram following. She even has starred in a Coach campaign.

  • #35. Bebe Rexha’s dog Bear
    10/ @beberexha

    #35. Bebe Rexha’s dog Bear

    Instagram followers: N/A

    Bebe Rexha’s dog Bear is only in her first year or so of life, but this little toy puppy is her travel companion and “soothes” the singer after her shows. Bear was one of the dogs in competition for the iHeartRadio Music Award for cutest musician’s pet, which is decided by social voting.

  • #34. Harry Styles’ Mystery Companion
    11/ @gucci

    #34. Harry Styles’ Mystery Companion

    Instagram followers: N/A

    Though we don’t know his name yet, his breed or to whom he belongs, this dog is currently one of the most buzzed about pooches in the business. This lovable dog is featured in singer and former One Direction member Harry Styles’ newest teaser for his Gucci tailoring campaign, which is due to launch in the near future. In the campaign photos, Styles is pictured giving a nice scratch to the dog, making the Twittersphere and beyond swoon.

  • #33 - @thingsonpumba
    12/ @thingsonpumba

    #33 - @thingsonpumba

    Number of followers: 11.3K

    Pumpa is a Chow Chow who is pretty much hooked on playing dress-up. He’s been on Instagram since 2014, but really blew up after this Buzzfeed post put him on the map for dog-crazed Instagrammers. No word on whether he’s named after “The Lion King’s” delightfully jolly warthog, but safe to say he’s already stolen thousands of internet hearts.

  • #32 - @burrito_the_corgi
    13/ @burrito_the_corgi

    #32 - @burrito_the_corgi

    Number of followers: 12.7K

    Burrito is pound-for-pound one of the cutest animals on on the planet — he’s basically a teddy bear come to life. Corgis have long been famous as the favorite pooches of Queen Elizabeth II, but Burrito is introducing the Instagram generation to this adorable breed.

  • #31 - @dagger
    14/ @dagger

    #31 - @dagger

    Number of followers: 15.3K

    Here’s a dog with perhaps the single greatest name on our list: Dagger Cannonball Thunderfang. He’s one of several Pomeranians we’ll be showing you, a breed that’s precious and prance-y. If you’re lucky, you might run into Dagger strutting around southern California.

  • #30 - @lil_rufio
    15/ @lil_rufio

    #30 - @lil_rufio

    Number of followers: 15.5K

    What happens when you cross a Pomeranian with a Husky? Why, a Pomsky, of course! With all the handsomeness of a stately sled-dog packed into a pint-sized frame, Rufio has got swagger to burn. This lil’ cutie is a serious world traveler who you can see posted up from Arizona mountaintops to the Bahamas.

  • #29 - @hermessv
    16/ @hermessv

    #29 - @hermessv

    Number of followers: 17.9K 

    Hermes is a striking long-haired Chihuahua who benefits from some seriously gorgeous photography. Dog mom Isabella Willmann shares some beautiful shots of her prized pup, and even stars alongside Hermes in many shots.

  • #28 - @lillyandthehairless
    17/ @lillyandthehairless

    #28 - @lillyandthehairless

    Number of followers: 19.9K 

    With this account you get not one, but two adorable pups, with a hairless cat thrown in for good measure. The leader of the pack is Lilly, a 13-year-old Pekingese-terrier mix with an incredibly expressive face. The motley crew is a goofy-looking bunch, but they sure do have some chemistry.

  • #27 - @lucyfarted
    18/ @lucyfarted

    #27 - @lucyfarted

    Number of followers: 20.6K

    A punny name and a gloriously wrinkly mug? Sold. Lucielle Bull is a pooch with more than enough personality to rock the bulldog underbite. She a big fan of headwear, especially party hats.

  • #26 - @baby.beckham
    19/ @baby.beckham

    #26 - @baby.beckham

    Number of followers: 34.4K 

    Will Baby Beckham graduate to simply Beckham when she grows up a bit, like a rapper dropping the “Lil’”? That remains to be seen. This smiley, white fluffball is a Samoyed, a breed of large herding dog that was used as a sled-dog in Siberia for many years. This particular Samoyed doesn’t need to work that hard though — just look pretty and pair with funny captions.

  • #25 - @_wand_wand
    20/ @_wand_wand

    #25 - @_wand_wand

    Number of followers: 37.5K

    And now for something completely different. These two strikingly handsome dogs are named Yōji Miyagi and Viktor, and they are all-white Whippets. Photographed on white backgrounds or in beautiful landscapes, these two lookers make for a great follow.

  • #24 - @dognamedstella
    21/ @dognamedstella

    #24 - @dognamedstella

    Number of followers: 72.3K

    Stella is an English Lab with a big personality. She’s a big fan of eating apples, and isn’t afraid to get rowdy in the snow. Luckily she is based in Maine, so she has a lot of access to wintery precipitation. Maybe her most adorable moments come when she’s at play with her human siblings. It’s pure joy to watch.

  • #23 - @sometimescarl
    22/ @sometimescarl

    #23 - @sometimescarl

    Number of followers: 77.8K

    Our first pitbull on the list is Chase, who apparently goes by Carl when he’s acting particularly weird. It’s great that a pit is getting Insta-love, because the breed is totally misunderstood. Pits are incredibly sweet, they are calm dogs that sometimes get a bad reputation. We encourage you to adopt a pit and help change their perception!

  • #22 - @brussels.sprout
    23/ @brussels.sprout

    #22 - @brussels.sprout

    Number of followers: 86.4K 

    Brussels Sprout is a fitting name for this adorable lil’ pupper. He’s got a perpetually grumpy face, which really only makes him cuter. No stranger to sweaters, turtlenecks, bowties, and denim jackets, Sprout is also an entrepreneur who’s selling a 2018 calendar to benefit rescue dogs.

  • #21 - @corgnelius
    24/ @corgnelius

    #21 - @corgnelius

    Number of followers: 94.9K 

    Few pups are more cuddly than this pair of Corgis, Corgnelius and Stumphrey. They look so much alike, it’s almost impossible for anyone but their puppy parents to tell them apart. The comparisons made between Corgis and loaves of bread are pretty hilarious, and there are certainly times that these two look like a Celiac’s nightmare

  • #20 - @poochofnyc
    25/ @poochofnyc

    #20 - @poochofnyc

    Number of followers: 114K

    The “Bob Ross of dogs” has to be seen to be believed. David Starsky might feel insecure looking at Agador’s ‘fro. Not to mention sponsorships from brands like Starbucks can lead to a pretty penny for this pooch.

  • #19 - @samsonthedood
    26/ @samsonthedood

    #19 - @samsonthedood

    Number of followers: 192K

    Samson has more than doubled his Instagram followers since earning a feature in Town & Country Magazine back in 2015. This Goldendoodle is no stranger to playing dress-up, but he’s at his cutest when his pink tongue is hanging out. Eminently follow-able, he’s a master of the meme

  • #18 - @trotterpup
    27/ @trotterpup

    #18 - @trotterpup

    Number of followers: 196K

    Trotter’s humans Sonya and Zack aren’t afraid to dress her up in whatever thematic outfit comes to mind. She’s particularly loveable when she’s starring alongside her human sibling, Evelyn.

  • #17 - @deanthebasset
    28/ @deanthebasset

    #17 - @deanthebasset

    Number of followers: 222K

    I’ve always had mad love for Basset Hounds because of my deep affection for Toby, the loyal steed of Basil of Baker Street, from the Disney masterpiece, The Great Mouse Detective. Well, I might have a new favorite Basset in Dean, one of Toronto’s foremost pups. Tongue out, ears a-flopping, this guy is as cute as they come.

  • #16 - @mensweardog
    29/ @mensweardog

    #16 - @mensweardog

    Number of followers: 328K

    Dogs dressing up is a big theme of this list.  Shiba Inus takes his costume game to the next level, and more than 300,000 followers can’t get enough. You can catch this pooch rocking hipster shades or a denim jacket — you’ll just rarely catch him looking like, well, a dog.

  • #15 - @toastmeetsworld
    30/ @toastmeetsworld

    #15 - @toastmeetsworld

    Number of followers: 377K 

    Toast’s doing important work raising awareness about puppy mills. She’s freakin’ adorable, with a long tongue perpetually protruding from the right side of her mouth.

  • #14 - @bearcoat_tonkey
    31/ @bearcoat_tonkey

    #14 - @bearcoat_tonkey

    Number of followers: 379K

    Tonkey and Max are a sweet couple partners in crime, but it’s Tonkey who steals the show here. For those who haven’t heard of a bear-coat Shar Pei, we encourage you to investigate. It’s possibly the most precious breed around.

  • #13 - @barkleysircharles
    32/ @barkleysircharles

    #13 - @barkleysircharles

    Number of followers: 479K 

    If you’re in Seattle, keep an eye out for this handsome French Bulldog. It’s unclear if Barkley’s humans are fans of the Round Mound of Rebound, or were simply keen on a name that contained the work “bark”, but the moniker is quite fitting.

  • #12 - @mommasgonecity
    33/ @mommasgonecity

    #12 - @mommasgonecity

    Number of followers: 495K

    At nearly half a million followers, Jessica Shyba is quite a popular Insta presence. Given the “aww”-inducing photos of her five kids and many rescue dogs, that popularity is unsurprising. There’s nothing cuter than shots of babies and dogs snuggling. Seriously.

  • #11 - @andrewknapp
    34/ @andrewknapp

    #11 - @andrewknapp

    Number of followers: 620K

    Photographer Andrew Knapp travels the world with his furry friend, Momo, and chronicles their adventures at this account. You can see Andrew and Momo everywhere from Madrid to Vancouver. The best pics are the #findmomo ones, where you locate the sweet pup hidden in landscapes.

  • #10 - @lokistagram
    35/ @lokistagram

    #10 - @lokistagram

    Number of followers: 710K

    You get three dogs for the price of one with this excellent account. Loki, Bear, and Momo (another Momo!), have some seriously photogenic chemistry. Superfans of this account can buy 2018 calendars featuring the furry trio.

  • #9 - @manny_the_frenchie
    36/ @manny_the_frenchie

    #9 - @manny_the_frenchie

    Number of followers: 1.1m

    We’re now into the 1 million followers and up section of our list. It’s an exclusive club. Little Manny is all smiles, and the dark spot over his eye only enhances the cute factor. Despite their difficulty breathing, French Bulldogs are one of social media’s most beloved breeds.

  • #8 - @thiswildidea
    37/ @thiswildidea

    #8 - @thiswildidea

    Number of followers: 1.2m 

    Head over to this account for some professional shots of a gorgeous dog named Maddie and her humans. From Yosemite to the mountains of Colorado, this pup is an adventuresome spirit. Tune in for unique perspectives and lots of lake shots

  • #7 - @harlowandsage
    38/ @harlowandsage

    #7 - @harlowandsage

    Number of followers: 1.6m 

    Harlow and sage has turned into Harlow, Sage, Indiana, and Reese. Harlow is a beautiful silver Weimaraner with wide, inquisitive eyes. She’s the big dog in this crew, often filling the role of pillow or big spoon for her little siblings.

  • #6 - @loki_the_wolfdog
    39/ @loki_the_wolfdog

    #6 - @loki_the_wolfdog

    Number of followers: 1.7m

    This regal animal is a husky-wolf-malamute blend. Our list of most popular dogs is dominated by pooches you could hold in one hand, but not Loki. This dog is a beast. Actually, strike that. Loki is a Direwolf.

  • #5 - @tunameltsmyheart
    40/ @tunameltsmyheart

    #5 - @tunameltsmyheart

    Number of followers: 1.9m

    This little dude is not short on personality. His face evokes Scrat from Ice Age, complete with one of the biggest overbites of all time. Tuna is a Chiweenie, a Chihuahua-Dachshund blend, a breed we haven’t seen yet on our list. Check out this account to seriously brighten your day.

  • #4 - @marniethedog
    41/ @marniethedog

    #4 - @marniethedog

    Number of followers: 2.1m

    At 16 years old, Marnie is one of the most senior dogs you’ll see here, but she’s got all the spunk in the world. Her tongue is perpetually out, which only adds to the cute factor. She’s a scruffy lil’ Shih Tzu who occasionally gets photos with celebs like Demi Moore and Bob Saget.

  • #3 - @marutaro
    42/ @marutaro

    #3 - @marutaro

    Number of followers: 2.6m

    Maru the Shiba Inu is famous on both sides of the Pacific. Based out of the Bunkyō suburb of Tokyo, Maru is famous for his perpetual smiles and interspecies friendships. It’s no surprise this breed is gaining in popularity.

  • #2 - @itsdougthepug
    43/ @itsdougthepug

    #2 - @itsdougthepug

    Number of followers: 3.2m

    3+ million followers for this Pug! Doug is a willing subject, rocking hats, jackets, and even tiaras for the right photo op. It’s not just the photos that make a good Instagram account, but the captions that go along with them. Every caption of Doug is a pitch-perfect commentary that captures his chill view of the world.

  • #1 - @jiffpom
    44/ @jiffpom

    #1 - @jiffpom

    Number of followers: 7.8m

    Jiffpom is the undisputed king of the internet. He has more than twice as many IG followers as Tom Brady, and an unparalleled fashion sense. He really enjoys being photographed with Youtube celebrities, but they all just exist in his shadow.

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