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Best place to find a job in every state

  • Best place to find a job in every state

    There is a lot to be said about location, especially when seeking employment. Of course, living in a sunny state all year round would be great, but if that ideal city chosen has minimal employment then things really don’t look so bright. That is why Stacker looked to personal finance website WalletHub to determine the best place to find a job in every state. 

    On Jan. 3, 2019, WalletHub ranked 182 cities, including the 150 most populated in the U.S., plus at least two of the most populated in each state. Each city was evaluated on two aspects, with “job market” weighted four times more heavily than “socio-economics.” Thirty total subcategories, including factors like a city’s job opportunities, average annual income, cost of living, and average commute time were graded on a 100-point scale. Each city’s weighted average across these subcategories determined its final ranking. 

    WalletHub’s research only considers “cities proper” for grading and excludes surrounding metropolitan areas. Stacker found that often the best places to find a job in each state are in its capital or most populated city. Along with location, timing is everything and that time is now, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reported in April 2019 that unemployment rates nationwide were lower in 10 states while stable in 40 states. 

    Even the White House concurs, announcing that April 2019 was the 14th consecutive month the unemployment rate remained at or under 4%, and that “nominal average hourly earnings in April rose by 3.2% over the past 12 months, marking the 9th straight month that year-over-year wage gains were at or above 3%.”

    With unemployment at an all-time low and pay raises being recorded across many markets, finding employment with decent wages is looking good for Americans. If location and timing are everything, the following cities should be some of the first to consider if relocation is on the horizon anytime soon. 

    Read on to find out the best place to find a job in every state.

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  • Alaska: Juneau

    - Job market national rank: #144
    - Socio-economics national rank: #61

    Alaska's employment was up .09% from 2018, with more construction, health care, and oil and gas jobs accounting for the rise, according to a 2019 report from Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Nestled at the base of Mt. Juneau, Alaska's capital is popular among tourists and locals who keep business booming, which continues to create job growth in the Last Frontier State.

  • Alabama: Huntsville

    - Job market national rank: #64
    - Socio-economics national rank: #102

    A robust auto manufacturing industry makes this town the best place to find a job in Alabama. The Huntsville Mazda Toyota Manufacturing Plant is one of the most significant area employers, and with Y-tec Keylex Toyotetsu breaking ground on a new site this May, opportunities will continue to grow. The company, which will provide stamping, welding, and automobile assembly services, which Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle says is expected to create another 1,400 jobs in the area.

  • Arkansas: Little Rock

    - Job market national rank: #51
    - Socio-economics national rank: #154

    Bureau of Labor Statistics Programs Operations Manager Susan Price said the increase of nonfarm payroll jobs helped set a record high number of new positions in Arkansas. Since April of 2018, there have been 14,300 additional nonfarm payroll jobs in construction, trade, transportation, and utility services, many of which are in Little Rock.

  • Arizona: Scottsdale

    - Job market national rank: #2
    - Socio-economics national rank: #6

    Along with being the best place to find a job in the Grand Canyon State, Scottsdale is also the second-best U.S. city for finding a summer job, according to WalletHub. The New York Times once called the town the “desert version of Miami's South Beach,” which keeps plenty of residents fully employed in the famous clubs and hotels. Additionally, the city houses up to 20% of Arizona's corporate headquarters, which employ thousands of employees year round.

  • California: San Francisco

    - Job market national rank: #3
    - Socio-economics national rank: #25

    California's Employment Development Department reports “the Bay Area accounted for 29% of all the jobs added in California during April,” according to a state government report released in May 2019. The northern California cosmopolitan city created 9,600 jobs in January and February of 2019 and then added 12,500 more positions in March, with the San Francisco Business Times listing the three largest regional employers as software management company Salesforce with 8,000 employees, Wells Fargo & Co. with 13,483 workers, and health care system Kaiser Permanente with 58,269 employees.

  • Colorado: Colorado Springs

    - Job market national rank: #6
    - Socio-economics national rank: #42

    This city at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains is creating more jobs than its famed sister city Denver, according to a 2019 ManpowerGroup survey. Ryan Gedney, senior economist with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment said job growth in the area will continue with wage gains increasing specifically in food services, administrative and waste services, finance and insurance, management, professional and technical services, and real estate.

  • Connecticut: Bridgeport

    - Job market national rank: #164
    - Socio-economics national rank: #149

    In May 2019 the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that Bridgeport's average wage for all selected occupations was higher than the national average. Increased pay, the promise of expanding the local hospital, and building a $350 million resort casino in town help brand historic Bridgeport as the best place to find a job in the Constitution State.

  • Delaware: Dover

    - Job market national rank: #82
    - Socio-economics national rank: #98

    WalletHub ranks Dover as the fourth-best city in the nation when it comes to landing a summer job in 2019. Meanwhile the employment search giant is awash in open positions in the city; as of June 2019 more than 2,300 jobs were available on the site.

  • Florida: Orlando

    - Job market national rank: #1
    - Socio-economics national rank: #48

    If you live in Orlando, chances are you answer to Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney World has been Florida's foremost employer for years and hires more than 74,000 residents in Orlando annually, according to the Business Journal. AdventHealth and Universal Orlando Resort employ another 25,000 workers apiece. Other top area employers include Orange County Public Schools and the University of Central Florida.

  • Georgia: Atlanta

    - Job market national rank: #16
    - Socio-economics national rank: #49

    The home city of Home Depot, Chick-fil-A, and Cox Industries, Atlanta is the top spot for jobs in Georgia. The state capital also attracts seasonal employment. ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey found that up to 27% of area employers expect to hire more employees from July through September of 2019. More jobs are expected to open up in 13 industries, including transportation, construction, professional and business services, and hospitality.

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