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30 Best Tech Gadgets for the New Year and the New You

  • The 30 Best Tech Gadgets for the New Year and the New You

    To think, there was once a time when kids went over the moon after receiving a calculator for Christmas. Nowadays, such a gift wouldn’t even make for a good stocking stuffer. It’s 2017, not 1972, and tech is everywhere. You can play music videos on your refrigerator and have your car parallel park itself, but more importantly, you can gift your loved ones all sorts of cool gadgets for the holidays to make their life easier, or at least a whole lot more fun.

    Given tech’s ubiquity in the modern world, you might end up asking yourself: what’s the right new gadget for that person? Fret not, Stacker has you covered. We scoured the Internet and crunched the data, and compiled a list of the 30 Best Tech Gadgets for the New Year. To be clear, we’re not saying there’s something wrong with the old you. Rather, that with new tech and a new year comes new opportunities. Read on to see what new inventions might get your 2018 off to a fun start!

  • #30. Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset Binaural Recording Headphones

    Retail Price: $299.95

    Far more than just a pair of headphones, the AMBEO Smart Headset from Sennheiser captures the world in stunning 3D sound. To do its thing, the headset utilizes built-in omnidirectional microphones and other advanced technology resulting in authentic, binaural audio that will downright spoil your ears. What’s best is that users are able to relay that same 3D audio onto any pair of alternative headphones, making this the ideal headset for vloggers and videographers alike.

  • #29. Samsung Galaxy S8

    Retail Price: $724.99

    In 2016, Samsung’s benchmark mobile device blew up in all the wrong ways. In 2017, it blew up in all the right ones. Between the epic Infinity Display, optimised camera, VR capability and bevy of other features, the Galaxy S8 is one truly sleek operator. In other words, this baby’s on fire! Metaphorically speaking, that is. Seriously, they fixed all those battery issues.

  • #28. Amazon Echo Spot

    Retail Price: $129.99

    With Amazon Echo Spot (and Alexa) at your disposal, gaining access to your home’s many wondrous features has never been easier. Feel like listening to music? Turning on the sprinklers? Turning off the lights? It’s all just a voice command away.

  • #27. Razer Phone

    Retail Price: $699.99

    Calling all gamers! Calling all gamers! Legendary tech brand Razer made a smartphone just for you. Accordingly, the Razer Phone delivers top-shelf Quad HD graphics and zero lag thanks to UltraMotion Technology. Throw in a supremely long-lasting battery and Dolby Atmos audio, and your mobile gaming experience will never be the same.

  • #26. Microsoft Surface Book 2

    Retail Price: $1,499 and up

    With the latest quad-core Intel processors under its hood, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is the brand’s most powerful Surface yet. Also featured is a premium lightweight design and the ability to switch between four modes of use: Laptop, Tablet, Studio and View. All the gamers out there should take note as well - the Surface Book 2 is strong enough to run PC games, and also compatible with the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

  • #25. iPhone X

    Retail Price: $999 and up

    Apple more or less invented the modern smartphone, and the iPhone X is thus far their crowning achievement. Among its symphony of features is a huge, virtually edgeless screen, a dual 12MP camera setup, and a Super Retina HD display. Of course, that’s just a mere sampling of what the iPhone X has in store. This is a gadget to behold.

  • #24. Google Pixel Buds

    Retail Price: $159

    Annoying cords are so last century. Get with the times by picking up a pair of Google Pixel Buds. In addition to offering prime audio and untangled usability, the wireless earbuds come with Google Translate already installed. That means you have real-time access to over 100 languages at the touch of a button.

  • #23. Google Home

    Retail Price: $79

    Let’s stay on that Google train for one more stop. Introducing Google Home, the tech brand’s foray into the smart speaker market. To which Amazon replies, “Took you long enough!” All jokes aside, Google Home is one efficient and superb hands-free device. Summon Google Assistant at your will and have it do whatever it is you desire. Within reason, of course.

  • #22. Ubtech Alpha 1Pro Humanoid Robot

    Retail Price: $519.64

    Good for music, dancing, fighting, and just good old companionship, is the Alpha 1Pro Humanoid Robot from Ubtech. He stands at an impressive 16” tall and can be controlled via app on your mobile device. Is this nifty gizmo really going to change your life? Of course not. But the kids will love it.

  • #21. Halo Sport Headphones

    Retail Price: $599

    A talking robot toy won’t change your life, but these headphones from Halo Neuroscience just very well might. That’s because they come equipped with proprietary (and comfortable) foam nibs that enhance the connection between your brain and muscles. The process is called neuropriming and it results in a more effective workout. Go, science!

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