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Best beers from every state


Best beers from every state

If beer is a universal language, Americans have spoken their own version of that language through the best brews in each of the 50 states. With spring approaching (and summer soon ahead), breaking down the best brews from across the country is vital for last-minute road trips in search of the perfect pint.

Traveling around the country to discover each state's top-rated drafts brings on a variety matched only by the diversity of the United States itself. Visitors can sip brews aged in bourbon barrels in Washington, or warm up in Alaska with “A Deal with the Devil.” Ordering Connecticut's top beer may cause giggles, and seeing double is a side effect in Idaho. There are heavy Russian influences in Nevada, Montana, and Arizona—and a great “Mexican Brunch” in New Jersey. If you're still hungry, try a “Kentucky Brunch” in Iowa or have “Dinner” in Maine. “Black Gold” can be found in the hills of Wisconsin, and travelers might get lost in “Bourbon Paradise” while trekking through Oklahoma.

The best beers in each state feature drinks that are rich in flavor, and some—like Indiana's “Marshmallow Handjee”—that are steep in price. Alcohol content ranges from 5.8% to a whopping 17.9% in Alaska.

To find out the best beers, Stacker looked to BeerAdvocate, a go-to resource for world-class beers in real time. By determining the top-rated beers in all 50 U.S. states and Washington D.C. through consumer ratings and applying a weighted rank, BeerAdvocate pinpoints the best brew in each state. The weighted rank pulls the beer toward the list's average based on the number of ratings it has and aims to allow lesser-known beers to increase in the rank. Stacker included only beers with at least 100 user rankings, and BeerAdvocate required a minimum of 10 rankings to be considered.

Read on to find out what the best beer is in all 50 states.


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wilkernet // Pixabay

Alabama: El Gordo

- Score: 4.48
- Ratings: 130
- Brewing company: Good People Brewing Company
- Style: Russian Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 13.9%

Since locals and Good People Brewing owners Jason Malone and Michael Sellers tapped their first keg in 2008 and began canning in 2011, the Birmingham duo created the state's best beer with El Gordo. Branded as a “muscular” 13.9% imperial stout, the beer birthed Día del Gordo, a.k.a. El Gordo Day, an annual release party every December that draws locals together for the cult beer, along with music and food.

Four Brewers // flickr

Alaska: A Deal With The Devil

- Score: 4.53
- Ratings: 1,078
- Brewing company: Anchorage Brewing Company
- Style: American Barleywine
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 17.3%

“A Deal with the Devil,” the 12-ounce bottle of the notoriously named ale, is manufactured by the Anchorage Brewing Company. When the six separate barley wine ale series was released in 2017 —causing an overnight tent party—a reporter suggested the company's owner must have sealed a deal with Satan in order to produce the pleasurably sinful pint. By the looks of the bottle label, a handshake between a demon and human, he just may have.

Carlos Gracia // flickr

Arizona: White Russian Imperial Stout

- Score: 4.36
- Ratings: 100
- Brewing company: Sun Up Brewing Co.
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 9.2%

The Phoenix SunUp Brewing Co. saw the light when it produced the 9.2% White Russian Imperial Stout, causing the country to take notice—and name it the best beer in the Grand Canyon State. The U.S. company reached back into European history to name the type of brew enjoyed by the Russian imperial court. Today, the beer sells out within days of being tapped.

Steven Depolo // flickr

Arkansas: BDCS

- Score: 4.51
- Ratings: 464
- Brewing company: Ozark Beer Co.
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 10.2%

A bottle of BDCS proves there is a lot of power in just four letters. Men's Journal boasts that the aged vanilla and charred-oak bourbon beer “is amongst the truest to its spirited roots,” which was proven true at the sold-out 2018 release party. Like the national magazine, the local paper the Fayetteville Flier calls the brew the most sought-after beer.

Four Brewers // flickr

California: Fundamental Observation

- Score: 4.7
- Ratings: 1,261
- Brewing company: Bottle Logic Brewing
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 14.3%

The Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer (FOBAB) branded Bottle Logic Brewing's Fundamental Observation the 2019 Best in Show. The imperial vanilla stout, which reportedly adds Madagascar vanilla beans into the barrel as it ages, scheduled an online release party in 2018. The brew was birthed in barrels that also produced famous bourbons, including Buffalo Trace and Four Roses.


Colorado: Leaner

- Score: 4.59
- Ratings: 155
- Brewing company: Casey Brewing & Blending
- Style: Belgian Saison
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8%

For those that say you can't mix fruit and beer, Leaner proves them wrong. The peach-flavored ale is aged in oak barrels—produced in collaboration with Side Project Brewing—alongside another beer, Jammy. Leaner is released once per year and is brewed with more than three pounds of Flamecrest peaches, which are reportedly so plump, one has to lean forward when taking a bite to avoid spraying juice.


Connecticut: Fuzzy Baby Ducks IPA

- Score: 4.48
- Ratings: 1,041
- Brewing company: New England Brewing Co.
- Style: New England IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.2%

It's all about branding for this #1 rated beer named after a band of yellow furry birds. Brewer and owner Robert Leonard decided the Citra hops, blended with mango and papaya, should have a silly moniker that would make men feel self-conscious when ordering it. "If [a name or design] makes us laugh, that's the common line," Leonard said of the naming process.

Bernt Rostad // flickr

Delaware: 90 Minute IPA

- Score: 4.27
- Ratings: 16,073
- Brewing company: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
- Style: American Imperial IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 9%

Named after Dogfish Head Road in Maine, the East Coast brewer cornered the market when it became the first to add hops throughout the entire fermenting process. To perfect the 90-minute boil by adding just the right amount of hops throughout, the brew crew used a vibrating tabletop football game duct-taped to a ladder above the cauldron. The game would drop pellets of hops into the beer intermittently over the course of the 90-minute boil, concocting a less bitter brew.


District of Columbia: On The Wings Of Armageddon

- Score: 4.32
- Ratings: 2,078
- Brewing company: DC Brau Brewing Co.
- Style: American Imperial IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 9.2%

As D.C.'s own ale, On the Wings of Armageddon was one of the first brewskis to be sent to furloughed workers in January. As a way to score “liquid therapy,” all federal employees had to do was show up at the brewery with identification and pick up any donated beer a friend or loved one may have left for them. Though the red copper-colored imperial lager is rated for its fine taste, being given one for free assuredly makes the malt taste that much better.


Florida: Hunahpu's Imperial Stout - Double Barrel Aged

- Score: 4.73
- Ratings: 1,598
- Brewing company: Cigar City Brewing
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 11%

Double rum barrel-aged beer from 50% rum and 50% apple brandy containers is the best way to describe Florida's spicy stout out of Tampa. To prove it's worth, tickets to taste the beer at Hunahpu's Day, Cigar City Brewing's annual craft release party each March can cost up to $370.

Yuan Lung Luo // flickr

Georgia: Tropicália

- Score: 4.38
- Ratings: 1,312
- Brewing company: Creature Comforts
- Style: New England IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.6%

Bragging about its balance of fruit and hops, Creature Comforts claims the perfect Peach State brew in Tropicália for good reason, as Atlanta Magazine notes. “Literally 15 people will come in every single day and ask for it,” Eddie Holley, beer boutique owner, said of the beer that accounts for 60% of the brewery's sales in its shiny blue and orange can.

Adam Barhan // flickr

Hawaii: Imperial Coconut Porter

- Score: 4.24
- Ratings: 236
- Brewing company: Maui Brewing Co.
- Style: American Imperial Porter
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 9.4%

Seven different malts make up Hawaii's #1 dark body and creamy head ale. The combination of raw and toasted coconut, along with dark chocolate malt, set the suds apart from all other island beers made by the Maui Brewing Co., Hawaii's largest craft beer distributor. The beer has been taking home awards since 2016, winning a gold medal at the 35th annual Great American Beer Festival.


Idaho: Double Vision Doppelbock

- Score: 4.17
- Ratings: 156
- Brewing company: Grand Teton Brewing Co.
- Style: German Doppelbock
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8%

As part of the 2016 Cellar Reserve series, Double Vision Doppelbock's “slightly burnt caramel flavor and malt sweetness” could very well double one's vision if not consumed responsibly. Add Reader's Digest #1 rank and opinion that the double-moose labeled lager is a “good any season beer,” to BeerAdvocate's rating of the Idaho lager—and it is pretty clear Grand Teton Brewing nailed it after 30 years in the business.

Four Brewers // flickr

Illinois: Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout

- Score: 4.67
- Ratings: 7,389
- Brewing company: Goose Island Beer Co.
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 12.9%

When a bartender boasts about the best brew to drink during the winter months, it must be good. In “UpRoxx: Bartenders Tell Us” series, midwest bartender Adam Peabody rates the coffee stout ideal for all seasons. He concludes suggesting “You can also cellar it for a few years if you have the willpower to do so (I personally do not).”

Bernt Rostad // flickr

Indiana: Marshmallow Handjee

- Score: 4.74
- Ratings: 1,650
- Brewing company: 3 Floyds Brewing Co.
- Style: Russian Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 15%

When Hoosiers imagine beer, they come up with marshmallows soaked in bourbon at 15% ABV. It is that thought that made the midwest locals malt—brewed in vanilla barrel-aged containers—one of the most coveted cocktails far beyond its state borders. The Marshmallow Handjee, a version of 3 Floyds Brewing Dark Lord beer can be bought on eBay for $450.


Iowa: Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout

- Score: 4.84
- Ratings: 738
- Brewing company: Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 12%

Branded “best beer” in the world by RateBeer in 2015, four years later and the Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout remains at the top of the best beer lists. But don't let the name fool you. The Iowa brewery named with Biblical connotations saw it's own battle with company owner Clark Lewey and brewmaster Mike Saboe, who alleges his former partner stole some of his craft beer formulas.

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Kansas: Old Backus Barleywine

- Score: 4.21
- Ratings: 256
- Brewing company: Free State Brewing Co.
- Style: American Barleywine
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 10.5%

When Men's Journal alleges “it wouldn't be a stretch to call the crew at Free State the godfathers of Kansas craft beer,” it would be wise to take notice. After all, the barleywine has been called the Al Pacino of Midwest.


Kentucky: 70K

 - Score: 4.32
- Ratings: 354
- Brewing company: Against The Grain Brewery & Smokehouse
- Style: English Sweet / Milk Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 13%

It's a whole lot of money and Kentucky's #1 beer. As the 2018 Great American Beer Festival Gold Winner, 70K is notably known for a “deep maltiness that leans into toast, raisins, dark fruits, and toffee.” The brewery is soon to be opening up a sister shop in Japan for its foreign fans. 


Louisiana: Ghost In The Machine - Double Dry-Hopped

- Score: 4.64
- Ratings: 199
- Brewing company: Parish Brewing Company
- Style: New England IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8%

Thrillist goes as far to say that Parish Brewing Company's Ghost in The Machine is one of the seven southern beers to try before you die. Between the strong mortal promotion and the slightly scary name, many travelers have found a reason to swing by the Louisiana liquor lounge.


Maine: Dinner

- Score: 4.64
- Ratings: 2,364
- Brewing company: Maine Beer Company
- Style: New England IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.2%

Oh boy, it's Dinner time. The New England IPA deviates from traditional beers in the area, excelling “at balance and drinkability, something that has been somewhat forgotten” by other brewers, according to Hop Culture. Unfortunately, Dinner only comes around four times per year and sells out in minutes, leaving many beer drinkers hungry for more.


Maryland: Double Duckpin

- Score: 4.26
- Ratings: 599
- Brewing company: Union Craft Brewing Company
- Style: American Imperial IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.5%

As last year's runner-up in the Baltimore Sun's Maryland Beer Battle and rated #1 by BeerAdvocate, the tangerine and grapefruit flavored beer is making a name for itself, as is Union Craft Brewing Company. Making the malt even more interesting is the brewer's latest launch in February with Divine IPA, named after a local and legendary drag queen.


Massachusetts: King Julius

- Score: 4.73
- Ratings: 918
- Brewing company: Tree House Brewing Company
- Style: New England IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.3%

King Julius reigns over the competition in the Bay State for the best brewski. Crowned as the state's best beer for its papaya, pineapple, and mango flavors, it's just one of Tree House Brewings winning ales, suggesting there just must be something special in the soil of the 70-acre brewery that has hiking and biking pathways.

Bernt Rostad // flickr

Michigan: CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)

- Score: 4.65
- Ratings: 6,015
- Brewing company: Founders Brewing Company
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 11.7%

In the annual Founders Brewing Company's “Barrel-Aged Series” is where the best Michigan beer was born. As one of five run beers, reported in 2018 how “the highly anticipated beer was first brewed after Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki stumbled upon bourbon barrels that had previously housed maple syrup.”

Tony Webster // flickr

Minnesota: Abrasive Ale

- Score: 4.5
- Ratings: 4,672
- Brewing company: Surly Brewing Company
- Style: American Imperial IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 9%

There's ale and there's Abrasive Ale. “An unreasonable amount of Citra hops, and their attendant citrus, tropical notes (grapefruit, melon, lime, pineapple, and passion fruit), provide this imperial IPA's foundation,” is how Brewbound details Minnesota's #1 malt. Meanwhile, BeerAdvocate reports how the gold Oatmeal Double IPA's “malted oats greatly enhance the body and the high level of bitterness is balanced by this sweetness.”


Mississippi: Crowd Control

- Score: 4.23
- Ratings: 165
- Brewing company: Southern Prohibition Brewing
- Style: American Imperial IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8%

For many people, the words “crowd control” evoke squashed concert halls and parades—but for Mississippi hopheads, it's all about the imperial India pale. The combination of citrus and pineapple in the dry-hopping draft made this malt, manufactured by Southern Prohibition in 2013, the favorite of the state.


Missouri: Barrel-Aged Abraxas

- Score: 4.74
- Ratings: 1,485
- Brewing company: Perennial Artisan Ales
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 11%

If you start with ancho chilies and cocoa nibs, and then add vanilla and cinnamon, sweet heat is born from this rye whiskey barrel brewed ale. Abraxas was Missouri's #1 malt in 2014 by Business Insider and RateBeer, proving the Show-Me state remains serious about succulent suds.

Shelby L. Bell // flickr

Montana: Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout - Barrel-Aged

- Score: 4.25
- Ratings: 879
- Brewing company: Big Sky Brewing Company
- Style: Russian Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 11.6%

Don't let the malt's moniker deceive, because there is nothing terrible about it. As a matter of fact, let the name be a reminder of the Grand Prince of Moscow in the 1500s. Like the rule of the Russian czar, Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout has been unpredictable, varying its high alcohol volume yearly and constantly keeping its court of followers under its chocolate and molasses malt full-bodied reign.


Nebraska: Melange A Trois - Reserve Series Aged In French Oak Chardonnay Barrels

- Score: 4.14
- Ratings: 405
- Brewing company: Nebraska Brewing Company
- Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 11.3%

As part of Nebraska Brewing's Reserve Series of 10 barrel-aged brews, the Belgian-style blonde ale is aged for six months. In 2015, Men's Journal rated this beer as the state's best by the brewer. And it is not alone. “As of January 2015, each and every beer in this series has a Ratebeer score between 96 through 99 points,” Nebraska Brewing Company reports.


Nevada: Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout

- Score: 4.11
- Ratings: 103
- Brewing company: Joseph James Brewing Inc.
- Style: Russian Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 9.5%

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is not true for Nevada's award-winning beer. Brewed only 20 minutes from the famous Vegas Strip, the world-renowned beer is bottled once a year and served at a slightly chilled 60⁰F.

Shelby L. Bell // flickr

New Hampshire: Hopulization

- Score: 4.38
- Ratings: 229
- Brewing company: Stoneface Brewing Co.
- Style: American Imperial IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.9%

The name of the beer sounds like a new craze, which is what it has started over the chill since named the best brew in the Granite State. Reportedly a “certifiable juice bomb,” of Galaxy and Calypso hops, the lower alcohol volume may not necessarily get one hopped up, but that doesn't mean the medium-bodied beer doesn't digest just right.

James Cridland // flickr

New Jersey: Mexican Brunch

- Score: 4.57
- Ratings: 518
- Brewing company: Kane Brewing Company
- Style: American Imperial Porter
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 9.2%

New Jersey may be the butt of many jokes, but it is deadpan serious about creating an award-winning U.S. Imperial Porter. The name suits the suds that make up the perfect brunch combination of coffee, maple syrup, and cinnamon flavor. Add hints of cacao and chilies, and the beers spicy attitude reflects the Garden State's cocky reputation.


New Mexico: Project Dank

- Score: 4.41
- Ratings: 878
- Brewing company: La Cumbre Brewing Co.
- Style: American IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.5%

There is nothing unpleasantly moist about Project Dank. As a matter of fact, LaCumbre Brewing's #1 craft beer is excitedly hot, gaining accolades from the Albuquerque Journal for the series of experimental beers. Rumor has it, Project Dank may see some hints of Strawberry Gose or Apricot Saison during the spring of 2019.


New York: 4th Anniversary Quadruple Dry Hopped Imperial India Pale Ale

- Score: 4.6
- Ratings: 177
- Brewing company: Other Half Brewing Co.
- Style: New England IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 10%

Happy anniversary to the Brooklyn brewery that landed the best beer in the state for its fourth round of dry hopped Imperial Pale Ale. Just like the city known for its high-priced living, so is a four-pack of the Pilsner malt, oat, and wheat beer, selling online for nearly $150.

Henning Schlottmann // Wikimedia Commons

North Carolina: Citraquench'l

- Score: 4.54
- Ratings: 265
- Brewing company: Heist Brewery
- Style: New England IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.1%

Heist Brewery stole the loot with the state's top-rated beer in Citraquench'l. Add the brewers' new facility in the North End, complete with a tap room, and it just keeps getting better. Top it off with the citra hops and low alcohol by volume being sold at the Pinehurst golf resort's new fair-weather beer garden and, well, it is obvious Heist created a hole-in-one craft.


North Dakota: Iron Horse

- Score: 3.86
- Ratings: 104
- Brewing company: Fargo Brewing Company
- Style: American Pale Ale
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 4.8%

Zymurgy magazine may not have listed the mango flavored beer as the state's best, but it couldn't resist detailing its deliciousness in its 2018 best beer ranking. Fargo Brewing details the exclusive draft as “a huge rush of hop character; combining citrus, floral, and resin notes with smooth, balanced bittering.”


Ohio: Appervation

- Score: 4.52
- Ratings: 237
- Brewing company: Jackie O's Pub & Brewery
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 15%

It sounds like a shortened word phase, but with 15% alcohol by volume punch, there is nothing little about Appervation. The Midwest malt, highly popular among Ohio University students, comes from what Thrillist called Ohio's best brewery, noting that Jackie O's Pub and Brewery “quickly threw down on the barrel-aged innovation game, transitioning from bourbon barrels to rum, tequila, and sherry.”


Oklahoma: Bourbon Paradise

- Score: 4.61
- Ratings: 467
- Brewing company: Prairie Artisan Ales
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 15.9%

At $16 per bottle or can on Prairie Brewpub's website, the Imperial stout—deliciously brewed in bourbon barrels with coconut and vanilla—is almost 16% alcohol by volume. Milwaukee Magazine rated it as #9 in the Top 10 Non-Milwaukee Beers of 2017.


Oregon: Nectarine Premiere

- Score: 4.64
- Ratings: 330
- Brewing company: de Garde Brewing
- Style: Belgian Saison
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.1%

Though the Northwest beer's name sounds like it is from Florida, it is all Oregonian. The oak-barrel aged farmhouse is fruity like a nectarine, without the smooth coating and fruit juice squirting out after a bite. The rotating brew comes out of the Oregon coast brewery with a funky cool letter G graphic on the container.

Paul Sableman // flickr

Pennsylvania: Grande Negro Voodoo Papi - Bourbon Barrel-Aged

- Score: 4.62
- Ratings: 364
- Brewing company: Voodoo Brewery
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 12.5%

Voodoo Brewery was voted as one of the Best Breweries in 2016 by Paste Magazine. One of those beers is how the Pennsylvania brewery took the maple syrup-infused Grande Negro Voodoo Papi out of rotation for three years between 2013-16, only to bring it back from brewing in Buffalo Trace barrels to Apply Brandy casks.


Rhode Island: The Chosen One

- Score: 4.5
- Ratings: 117
- Brewing company: Tilted Barn Brewery
- Style: New England IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.5%

The prophetically titled beer out of Tilted Barn Brewery has a less impressive sibling called “The Other One.” Both are brewed on the owner's family farm in Exeter, making it Rhode Island's only farm brewery, where visitors can walk in daisy fields and drink up the state's best beer in a historic barn.


South Carolina: Mexican Coffee Cake

- Score: 4.44
- Ratings: 306
- Brewing company: Westbrook Brewing Co.
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 10.5%

It may be the only coffee cake going for $200 a serving. A bottle of the 2015 Pappy Van Winkle barrel-aged Mexican Coffee Cake craft beer—created with cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, and habanero—was listed by Forbes as a 2018 holiday gift recommendation.


South Dakota: Pile O' Dirt Porter

- Score: 3.75
- Ratings: 174
- Brewing company: Crow Peak Brewing
- Style: American Porter
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6%

Mild hop bitterness and roasted malt flavors make up a Pile O' Dirt. The low-alcohol content porter can be served up with a piece of homemade pie at the Mount Rushmore State woodhouse brewery and tap room. A Beer Lovers Guide to the Black Hills of South Dakota reports how the brewery brings together delicious drafts and dessert, saying “craft beer and pies are fantastic together to the point that you'll wonder why no one else is doing this.”

Ty Nigh // flickr

Tennessee: Astronaut Status

- Score: 4.4
- Ratings: 155
- Brewing company: Wiseacre Brewing
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 12.2%

Houston, we have no problems with this Astronaut Status: on the contrary, it is the best beer in the Volunteer State. The select beer is a limited edition of the brewer's Off in Space Imperial Stout series, with added vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. The idea to add some spice to the batch by the brewery landed it a 2018 accolade from Food & Wine as one of Tennessee's best breweries.

Travis Swicegood // flickr

Texas: Atrial Rubicite

- Score: 4.59
- Ratings: 1,883
- Brewing company: Jester King Brewery
- Style: American Wild Ale
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.8%

A low alcohol content ale coming out of the Lone Star State just doesn't seem right, but it manages to be just that in a bottle of Atrial Rubicite. Rather than being a strong beer with a rough-and-tumble Texas resemblance, the softer sour beer, refermented with raspberries, is “routinely recognized as among the best in the world by both critics and fans.”

Peter Anderson // flickr

Utah: Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist

- Score: 4.42
- Ratings: 403
- Brewing company: Epic Brewing Company
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 11.2%

Beer critic Jim Vorel's review of the Big Bad Baptist, a malt motivated by true Mexican coffee, is not what he thought it would be. Confessing his pre-taste prejudice to the American Imperial Stout, Vorel confessed he “was entirely ready to write something about the comical excesses of pastry stouts.” He ended up finding himself “more than a little impressed.”

Wreck and Salvage // flickr

Vermont: Heady Topper

- Score: 4.71
- Ratings: 14,462
- Brewing company: The Alchemist
- Style: New England IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8%

Move aside maple syrup, because a Vermont brewer could change the state's foremost food product to beer. Though The Alchemist founder Jon Kimmich made this award-winning New England IPA, recently featured at the 2019 CNY Beer Fest, Vinepair details how he also opened the gates to gluten-free beer with Celia Saison.


Virginia: Double Orange Starfish

- Score: 4.49
- Ratings: 333
- Brewing company: Aslin Beer Company
- Style: New England IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.3%

A Double Orange Starfish may sound like a character in “Spongebob Squarepants,” but it's a beer. The “double dry-hopped Neutrino IPA poured a turbid orange juice color and sported a small white head with good lacing,” with its first run in 2015 in the hills of Virginia.

Bernt Rostad // flickr

Washington: Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb

- Score: 4.57
- Ratings: 967
- Brewing company: Fremont Brewing Company
- Style: Winter Warmer
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 13%

Locals call this high-alcohol content brewski a B-Bomb. The winter ale, which includes warm flavors like chocolate, bourbon and vanilla, sports a yeti on the label screaming as he is ready to throw a barrel.


West Virginia: Mothman Black IPA

- Score: 3.87
- Ratings: 118
- Brewing company: Greenbrier Valley Brewing Co
- Style: American Black Ale
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.7%

It's a bird, it's a plane, but it's not Superman. Mothman American Black Ale may not be a new Marvel character, but it is making a name for itself in West Virginia with it's roasted toffee and chocolate malt makeup.


Wisconsin: Black Gold

- Score: 4.56
- Ratings: 743
- Brewing company: Central Waters Brewing Co.
- Style: American Imperial Stout
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 11%

This beer changes the color of gold for hopheads. No longer shiny orange, Black Gold—unlike Anheuser-Busch's Pure Gold—is much higher in alcohol. Central Waters Brewing won gold in the 2012 Great American Beer Festival's Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Stout division with their 1414 beer. Black Gold was born after being aged in the same 25-year-old oak bourbon barrels for 35 months.


Wyoming: 2x4 DIPA

- Score: 4.3
- Ratings: 801
- Brewing company: Melvin Brewing / Thai Me Up
- Style: American Imperial IPA
- Alcohol by volume (ABV): 9.9%

Slug Magazine selected this bottle of suds as the September 2016 Beer of the Month. With numerous flavors including peach, papaya, mango, grapefruit, dank pine resin, and tangerine, this beer is “an impressive force of nature in a beer world that's dominated more and more by resiny hop bombs.”

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