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Highest performing stocks since Trump took office

  • #20. Centene Corp.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 106.9%

    Managed care enterprise Centene Corp acts as an intermediary for both private and government-sponsored health care programs. One of the biggest drivers of Centene's impressive growth over the last two years was not the result of something President Trump did, but a response to the Democrat's success in the midterm elections. With the House now in the hands of the opposition party, Obamacare is likely to endure, which means Centene's bread and butter of Medicare expansion is likely safe.

  • #19. Anthem Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 107.3%

    On March 14, 2017, MarketWatch reported that Anthem's CEO met with President Trump and "praised the House Republicans' health-care bill for addressing 'the challenges immediately facing the individual market.'" There's no way to say if that meeting helped send the health insurance giant's stock soaring by more than 107% during Trump's time in office. But one thing is certain: The company's move to slash $4 billion in costs by creating its own pharmacy benefit management company played a major role in boosting investor confidence.

  • #18. Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 107.5%

    Cloud software giant Salesforce grew its revenue by 27% in a single quarter in 2018, and the company's CEO placed the credit squarely on the president and his policies, according to Yahoo Finance. Salesforce's chief executive, Marc Benioff, said the Republican-pushed tax cuts allowed his and other tech companies to dump vast sums of money into digital transformation. Benioff also praised the climate of deregulation.

  • #17. Keysight Technologies Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 108.8%

    Electronic measurement company Keysight Technologies Inc. announced a bid to buy a company called Ixia for $1.6 billion, just 10 days after President Trump took office. The acquisition of the software and equipment provider was meant to help Keysight improve its ability to test and monitor its enterprise customers' networks. Those networks are under ever-increasing pressure to smoothly handle the growing mountains of data flowing through cloud computing platforms, social media networks, and smartphones.

  • #16. VeriSign Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 115.3%

    Network infrastructure giant VeriSign Inc. got a major boost from the Trump administration in 2018. The National Telecommunications & Information Administration agreed to roll back Obama-era regulations that fixed the price of '.com' domain names, a move that put VeriSign in a position to hike prices on the most prized web addresses. The company holds multi-year contracts to manage both '.com' and '.net' Internet registries.

  • #15. MSCI Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 116.3%

    MSCI Inc. maintains equity indexes that gauge global stock market activity. MSCI in 2017 was incredibly important to China, as the index compiler was poised to add so-called A-Share Chinese stocks to its closely followed Emerging Markets index. By November 2018, MSCI had opened the gates to Chinese stocks.

  • #14. PayPal Holdings Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 119.7%

    Peter Thiel, a co-founder of online payment and money transfer provider PayPal, is a vocal supporter of President Trump, but that's not why PayPal has earned a total return of nearly 120% during the president's administration. The company gained 86% in 2017 alone, a lot of which can be credited to a big spike in mobile payments. Investors received even more enticement when the company announced it would likely add 30 million customers in fiscal year 2017, instead of the previously forecast 25 million.

  • #13. Adobe Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 130%

    Almost exactly a year after President Trump took office, multimedia and creativity software giant Adobe joined Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft as only the fourth company in history to achieve a stock market value in excess of $100 billion. The Financial Times reported that the milestone, the crown on a stellar five-year run, can be credited to Trump's tax overhaul. Although Adobe will join other companies in paying a one-off foreign earnings tax charge, it will unlock its overseas cash holdings, much of which the company will be expected to invest back home.

  • #12. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 130.8%

    In April 2017, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. was in the news because President Trump nominated to head the FDA Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who had received large sums of money from the drug industry including more than $150,000 in consulting fees from Vertex. By the summer of 2018, Gottlieb had been confirmed and Vertex was one of the hottest stocks in the industry, although the two events were not related. Vertex reported year-over-year revenue increases of 46% and adjusted earnings growth nearing 150% that year. The heart of the Vertex arsenal was its existing cystic fibrosis drugs and pipeline candidates.

  • #11. Intuitive Surgical Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 138.0%

    The medical technology industry has so much potential that giants like Alphabet and Johnson & Johnson are making moves toward it, but surgical robotics company Intuitive Surgical Inc. still reigns supreme. The heart of the company's offerings—and its $3.3 billion in annual sales—are its da Vinci robotic surgeons. The Trump years are just the latest in a long run of incredible success for Intuitive Surgical. The company went from a market cap of $1.3 billion in 2005 to about $52 billion today.

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