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Highest performing stocks since Trump took office

  • #30. Intuit Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 92.3%

    Intuit makes and sells accounting, tax, and financial software. Much of the company's huge, two-year stock rally can be traced to the Republican tax overhaul, which President Trump signed in 2017. The overhaul included significant and complicated changes to the tax code, which Intuit used to promote its TurboTax software as a solution for both businesses and regular taxpayers.

  • #29. TransDigm Group Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 92.8%

    TransDigm Group Inc. manufactures, develops and sells aerospace and military components. On the day of President Trump's inauguration, shares of the company dropped 13%, which amounted to a loss of $1.4 billion, and made the stock the worst performer on the entire S&P that day. That's because the incoming president vowed to lower the cost of military airplane components—but the scare proved unfounded. The stock quickly bounced back and went on a two-year tear that capped off growth of 150% over five years and a full 800% over a decade.

  • #28. Progressive Corp.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 95.2%

    Progressive is one of the largest auto insurance providers in the world—you know the company from Flo on those television commercials. By the time Progressive hit a new all-time high in 2017, the stock had been on a steady climb since 2009, but that new high would soon be broken. Progressive continued to gobble up new customers throughout Trump's first two years, while also boosting per-share profits by 59% compared to an industry decline of 8%.

  • #27. HollyFrontier Corp.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 96.2%

    HollyFrontier Corp is an oil refiner and producer of gasoline and other petroleum products. In November 2017 alone, the company's shares rose by 20%, representing growth that dramatically outpaced most of its competitors. Not only did the company beat earnings expectations as Trump was settling into the Oval Office, but the company put large sums of money into improving its Rocky Mountain refining operations as well as its Petro-Canada Lubricant division.

  • #26. Xilinx Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 97.8%

    Xilinx is the semiconductor company famous for inventing the FPGA, hardware programmable SoCs, and the ACAP. In September 2017, President Trump blocked a Chinese equity firm from taking over an American semiconductor company called Lattice—one of Xilinx's chief competitors. There's no direct link between the president's move to muscle out the Chinese buyer and the fact that Xilinx's returns nearly doubled during Trump's time in office. What is clear, however, is that Xilinx crushed Wall Street estimates, soared to the top of the foundering semiconductor industry, and moved to stake a large claim in the enormous artificial intelligence market.

  • #25. Mastercard Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 98%

    Just like Visa, financial services giant Mastercard Inc. likely benefited from President Trump's signing of a bill that relaxed Obama-era regulations on the banking and credit industries. Also like Visa, however, Mastercard's superior growth can largely be credited to a major shift in global consumerism. First, more consumers are making more purchases around the world, and second, more and more of these purchases are made not with cash, but through financial services tools like the kind Mastercard provides.

  • #24. Lamb Weston Holdings Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 98.3%

    Lamb Weston Holdings Inc. is one of the world's largest producers of potato products. By October 2018, the company was consistently beating the market. Higher demand for French fries drove some of the growth, which included 12% revenue increases to the tune of $915 million. It's also likely that reduced tax rates after Trump's tax overhaul have helped, too. Either way, the company has enjoyed eight straight quarters of beating both top- and bottom-line Wall Street estimates since spinning off from Conagra in 2016.

  • #23. Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 102%

    Although it's often referred to as an online retailer, Amazon has its hands in a vast array of industries, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and tech hardware. Trump's contentious relationship with the Seattle-based company, as well as its high-profile billionaire CEO Jeff Bezos has followed a familiar pattern since the president took office. Trump tweets an accusatory, threatening, or otherwise hostile message about Amazon or Bezos, Amazon stock momentarily dips and then recovers just as quickly. Trump aside, Amazon is one of Wall Street's greatest success stories, and some analysts think the stock could reach $3,000—$1.5 trillion—by 2020.

  • #22. Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 103.1%

    Video game holding company Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. owns two major brands: Rockstar Games and 2K. In 2018, in the wake of the Parkland massacre, Trump met with top Take-Two brass along with other video game executives to discuss violence in video games—government officials have long tried to link video games to school shootings, most recently under the Obama administration in the wake of the Newtown massacre. Perceived links to real-work violence aside, Take-Two experienced stunning growth of nearly 123% in 2017, thanks mostly to the highly anticipated release of "Grand Theft Auto V."

  • #21. Twitter Inc.

    Total return since Jan. 20, 2017: 104.6%

    Donald Trump revolutionized the way presidents communicate with the people, and no platform is more closely associated with the unfiltered president than Twitter. In 2018, the social media giant's stock soared 50%, which nearly matched the gains it earned the year before—either one of the stock's back-to-back career years could have represented its biggest annual gains since going public. The company's stock has crushed Facebook, Snapchat, and the rest of its social media peers during Trump's time in office so far.

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