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Baby names with the fastest-growing popularity

  • Baby names with the fastest-growing popularity

    Naming a new baby is not a task to be taken lightly. Whether trendy or traditional, a name is more than just a reflection of parental tastes. It’s a signifier that follows a child into adulthood, and can significantly impact social and emotional development. A unique name or inventive spelling might seem like a good idea at the time, but be forewarned: it may not age well. Then again, it could become an instant classic.

    Using information from the Social Security Administration, Stacker examined the fastest-growing baby names from 2016 to 2017. The top 50 male and female name are included in the slideshow, ranked according to increase in usage. For a name to be included on the list, it must have made the top 1,000 for at least one of the two years.  

    Scroll through the list and find out if your name—or your little bundle of joy’s—made the cut.

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  • #50. Axton (boys)

    Rank in 2017: #626 (up 92 spots from 2016)

    Axton, derived from the old English words for "sword" and "stone," evokes images of the legendary King Arthur. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is the proud grandfather of little Axton Halen, born to daughter, Mia and Dan Halen in 2017.

  • #50. Calliope (girls)

    Rank in 2017: #813 (up 124 spots from 2016)

    Calliope was one of the nine muses in Greek mythology. The name means "beautiful voice," reflective of Calliope's patronage of epic poetry. In 2017, actress Felicia Day named her little bundle of joy Calliope Maeve.

  • #49. Mike (boys)

    Rank in 2017: #949 (up 93 spots from 2016)

    Traditionally a nickname for Michael, Mike, like Jake and Max, has come into its own as a given first name. One of the archangels mentioned in the Bible, Michael is the patron saint of warriors.  

  • #49. Belle (girls)

    Rank in 2017: #808 (up 125 spots from 2016)

    Belle, from the French word for "beauty," was a favorite name in the U.S. from the 1880s through 1934, and is currently enjoying a revival. The Disney's classic "Beauty and the Beast," which recently underwent a live-action makeover, features a princess named Belle.

  • #48. Callum (boys)

    Rank in 2017: #611 (up 93 spots from 2016)

    Perennially popular in the U.K., Callum is a variant of Calum, the Gaelic translation of the Latin name Columba, which means "dove.Saint Columba was the sixth-century missionary believed to have converted Scotland to Christianity.  

  • #48. Reign (girls)

    Rank in 2017: #704 (up 126 spots from 2016)

    Reign, derived from the French word meaning "to rule," belongs to a burgeoning group of baby names with royal connotations. In 2014, rap artist Lil' Kim named her little princess Royal Reign.

  • #47. Coleman (boys)

    Rank in 2017: #873 (up 95 spots from 2016)

    A cousin the Scottish name Callum, Colman is Irish in origin and means "little dove.Coleman Young was the first African-American mayor of Detroit.  

  • #47. Avah (girls)

    Rank in 2017: #581 (up 126 spots from 2016)

    Avah appears to be an inventive spelling of Ava, which is Latin for "little bird." In some instances, Avah may have derived from the Hebrew name Chava, meaning "life.“"

  • #46. Alaric (boys)

    Rank in 2017: #994 (up 96 spots from 2016)

    Alaric was the commander of the Visigoths, the Barbarian tribe that sacked Rome in 410 A.D., bringing the empire to an abrupt end. The name is Germanic in origin, and means "all-powerful ruler." A character in the popular show "The Vampire Diaries," carries the name Alaric (Matthew Davis). 

  • #46. Aminah (girls)

    Rank in 2017: #887 (up 127 spots from 2016)

    Aminah, sometimes spelled Amina, is an Arabic name meaning "truthful." Amina bint Wahab was the mother of the prophet Muhammad.

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