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50 best movies turning 50 in 2018

  • 50 best movies turning 50 in 2018

    The 1960s was a landmark decade for film, with 1968 being a host to some particular classics. Genres like the Western, historical epic, fantasy, and science fiction ruled the cineplexes, and with the “Hays Code” of moral guidelines being replaced by the now-standard MPAA ratings, film content became more experimental and riskier.

    The film industry is a different landscape, thanks to several movies from 1968 which all celebrate their fiftieth anniversary in 2018. Utilizing data from IMDb, Stacker has compiled the fifty highest-rated films from 1968. Only films with more than 1,000 user ratings were eligible for this list. In the event of a tie, the film with the higher number of user votes wins.

    There's no better time to rewatch these classics. Which are your favorites, and which ones do you still need to see? 

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  • #50. The Shakiest Gun in the West

    IMDb rating: 6.4

    Director: Alan Rafkin

    Runtime: 101 min.

    Don Knotts plays an aspiring dentist in 1870 in this comedy-western film. Traveling to the frontier, the dentist's stagecoach is held up by armed bandits, and he's eventually given credit for several heroic acts he did not commit. “The Shakiest Gun in the West” is one of the earliest parody films, pre-dating Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles,” and is in fact a remake of the 1948 Bob Hope film, “The Paleface.”

  • #49. With Six You Get Eggroll

    IMDb rating: 6.4

    Director: Howard Morris

    Runtime: 95 min.

    This lighthearted family-themed romantic comedy stars Doris Day in her final role as a widow with three sons who begins a romance and elopes with a widower (Brian Keith). Released the same year as “Yours, Mine and Ours,” another film with a blended family premise, “With Six You Get Eggroll” was not as successful as its competitor. 

  • #48. Villa Rides

    IMDb rating: 6.5

    Director: Buzz Kulik

    Runtime: 125 min.

    Actor Yul Brynner portrayed the real-life Mexican revolutionary figure Pancho Villa in the Western film “Villa Rides.” Villa is joined by Lee Arnold (Robert Mitchum), a defecting Texas gunrunner, pursued by Rodolfo Fierro (Charles Bronson). The film was considered to be more Western than accurate history.

  • #47. The Detective

    IMDb rating: 6.5

    Director: Gordon Douglas

    Runtime: 114 min.

    Frank Sinatra played detective Joe Leland in this hard-boiled crime film, an adaptation of the 1966 novel. Leland investigates a gruesome murder and sudden suicide, finding them to be connected. The book's sequel, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” was adapted into 1988's “Die Hard.”

  • #46. The Love Bug

    IMDb rating: 6.5

    Director: Robert Stevenson

    Runtime: 108 min.

    Disney introduced sentient, anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle Herbie in “The Love Bug.” Herbie becomes a force to be reckoned with when teamed up with a racing driver (Dean Jones). The third highest-grossing film of the year, “The Love Bug” was followed by four theatrical sequels, the most recent being “Herbie: Fully Loaded” in 2005.

  • #45. Coogan's Bluff

    IMDb rating: 6.5

    Director: Don Siegel

    Runtime: 93 min.

    Clint Eastwood was the quintessential Western star of his time, continuing his streak in “Coogan’s Bluff.” In this film, a deputy sheriff from Arizona travels to New York City on the hunt for a fugitive. Director Don Siegel would team up with Eastwood for future projects, including “Dirty Harry.”

  • #44. Star!

    IMDb rating: 6.6

    Director: Robert Wise

    Runtime: 176 min.

    Director Robert Wise of “West Side Story” and “The Sound of Music” enlisted the talents of Julie Andrews once more in “Star!” Andrews portrayed real-life actress and singer Gertrude Lawrence, following most of her life events. This collaboration was significantly less famous than “The Sound of Music.”

  • #43. Madigan

    IMDb rating: 6.6

    Director: Don Siegel

    Runtime: 101 min.

    Police thriller “Madigan” starred Richard Widmark as detective Daniel Madigan, whose fervent attempts to catch a suspect are impacting his marriage. Henry Fonda portrays the police commissioner with marital troubles of his own. Director Don Siegel, known for making “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” made five films with Clint Eastwood after the success of “Madigan.”

  • #42. 5 Card Stud

    IMDb rating: 6.6

    Director: Henry Hathaway

    Runtime: 103 min.

    Dean Martin plays poker champion Van Morgan who races against a ticking clock when a game ends in disaster. Another player is accused by cheating and is hanged. One by one, other players are killed, with Morgan as the last man standing. Robert Mitchell plays a gun-wielding preacher, nearly getting into an accident on-set.

  • #41. Bandolero!

    IMDb rating: 6.6

    Director: Andrew V. McLaglen

    Runtime: 106 min.

    James Stewart and Dean Martin co-star in this Western film, playing two brothers on the run from the law. Raquel Welch plays a hostage to the brothers, who later falls in love with one of her captors. “Bandolero!” was shot on the same set as 1960's “The Alamo.” 

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