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Best dive bars in Orlando

  • Best dive bars in Orlando

    Dive bars can be polarizing: Either you love their particular brand of cheap, grimy fun or hate it. While the flickering neon signs, $2 shots, and off-key karaoke strike some patrons as endearing, the allure is totally lost on others.

    If grizzled patrons, faded pool tables, and tallboys of beer are your thing, you’re going to want to check out this list. Stacker used data from Foursquare to rank the 15 top dive bars in Orlando, Fla. Foursquare’s algorithm takes check-ins, rating signals, category matches, tips, and photo trends into account to come up with the best hole-in-the-wall pubs. Click through the list to see the best dives Orlando has to offer—and find out whether your favorite gin mill made the list.

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  • #15. Orena Sports Bar

    Address: 6159 Westwood Blvd.

    Foursquare rating: 7.2

    See more on Orena Sports Bar

  • #14. George's Bar and Grill

    Address: 5507 Edgewater Drive

    Foursquare rating: 6.1

    See more on George's Bar and Grill

  • #13. The Matador

    Address: 724 Virginia Drive

    Foursquare rating: 8.3

    See more on The Matador

  • #12. The Hideaway

    Address: 516 Virginia Drive

    Foursquare rating: 7.6

    See more on The Hideaway

  • #11. Stagger Inn

    Address: 50 E. Central Blvd.

    Foursquare rating: 5.5

    See more on Stagger Inn

  • #10. The Caboose

    Address: 1821 N. Orange Ave.

    Foursquare rating: 6.8

    See more on The Caboose

  • #9. Cleo's Lounge

    Address: 11 S. Court Ave.

    Foursquare rating: 7.7

    See more on Cleo's Lounge

  • #8. Nice & Easy Bar & Grill

    Address: 5470 Hoffner Ave.

    Foursquare rating: 6.4

    See more on Nice & Easy Bar & Grill

  • #7. Wally's Mills Avenue Liquors

    Address: 1001 N. Mills Ave.

    Foursquare rating: 6.4

    See more on Wally's Mills Avenue Liquors

  • #6. Lou's Lounge

    Address: 101 N. Bumby Ave.

    Foursquare rating: 6.6

    See more on Lou's Lounge

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