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Companies Trump has slammed or praised on Twitter

  • Companies Trump has slammed or praised on Twitter

    President Donald Trump is known for speaking out on Twitter, where he has 53 million followers. His feed is most active early in the morning—which makes sense since he claims he only sleeps around four hours a night.

    Many of Trump's criticisms are aimed at members of the press, a group he's openly referred to as an “enemy of the people” and “dangerous and sick”. Trump doesn’t just go after the press, however. He has also blasted companies like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Amazon. Sometimes he sends out positive feedback, too—including praise for L.L. Bean, a Holiday Inn Express, and NASCAR. He's also had plenty of kind words to say about his own properties (though many aren’t thriving post-election).

    Using data from The New York Times and other news sources, along with an archive of the president’s Twitter feed, Stacker compiled a list of 30 businesses that have received positive or negative attention from the president on social media. Click through to see which companies make it into Trump’s tweets.

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  • Amazon

    Tweet: I have stated my concerns with Amazon long before the Election. Unlike others, they pay little or no taxes to state & local governments, use our Postal System as their Delivery Boy (causing tremendous loss to the U.S.), and are putting many thousands of retailers out of business!
    Date: March 29, 2018

    Trump has repeatedly tweeted about the shipping giant. One recent complaint accuses the company of hurting the United States Post Office and not paying enough in taxes. The president has also taken aim at Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, saying Bezos does not pay his employees enough and that the paper is used to lobby for Amazon.

  • L.L. Bean

    Tweet: Thank you to Linda Bean of L.L.Bean for your great support and courage. People will support you even more now. Buy L.L.Bean. @LBPerfectMaine
    Date: Jan. 12, 2017

    Trump tweeted out a thank-you in 2017 to L.L. Bean heiress Linda Bean, whose grandfather founded the clothing company. He encouraged his followers to “Buy L.L. Bean.” Before the election, Bean contributed $30,000 to Make America Great Again LLC, a pro-Trump PAC.

  • Nike

    Tweet: Just like the NFL, whose ratings have gone WAY DOWN, Nike is getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts. I wonder if they had any idea that it would be this way? As far as the NFL is concerned, I just find it hard to watch, and always will, until they stand for the FLAG!

    Date: Sept. 5, 2018

    Nike ran a controversial but successful ad in September featuring Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who protested racial injustice by taking a knee during the national anthem before an NFL game. Despite the president’s tweet, the athletic apparel company’s sales and shares did fine after the ad ran.

  • NFL

    Tweet: .....Be happy, be cool! A football game, that fans are paying soooo much money to watch and enjoy, is no place to protest. Most of that money goes to the players anyway. Find another way to protest. Stand proudly for your National Anthem or be Suspended Without Pay!

    Date: Aug.10, 2018

    Trump is not a fan of NFL players who practice their First Amendment right to protest by refusing to stand during the national anthem. In addition to saying players should be suspended, Trump also tweeted that players "wanted to show their 'outrage' at something that most of them are unable to define."

  • Google

    Tweet: Google search results for “Trump News” shows only the viewing/reporting of Fake News Media. In other words, they have it RIGGED, for me & others, so that almost all stories & news is BAD. Fake CNN is prominent. Republican/Conservative & Fair Media is shut out. Illegal? 96% of... results on “Trump News” are from National Left-Wing Media, very dangerous. Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. They are controlling what we can & cannot see. This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!
    Date: Aug. 28, 2018

    In two successive tweets, Trump claimed the search engine displayed more negative than positive stories about him and other Republicans, and threatened to look into whether Google should be regulated. The president also falsely accused Google of not linking to the State of the Union address.

  • Twitter

    Tweet: Twitter “SHADOW BANNING” prominent Republicans. Not good. We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! Many complaints.
    Date: July 26, 2018

    President Trump accused Twitter of limiting the visibility of certain Republican accounts. Twitter’s stock fell 1% after the president’s tweet. The social media company denied the claim but nevertheless adjusted its platform after the accusation.

  • Carrier

    Tweet: Big day on Thursday for Indiana and the great workers of that wonderful state.We will keep our companies and jobs in the U.S. Thanks Carrier
    Date: Nov. 29, 2016

    In 2016, Trump praised Carrier, an Indianapolis-based company that makes air conditioners and other equipment, for keeping jobs in the U.S. United Steelworkers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones questioned the president’s claim to have saved 1,100 jobs at the plant. Trump responded to Jones by tweet, claiming Jones "has done a terrible job representing workers. No wonder companies flee country!”

  • Chrysler

    Tweet: Chrysler is moving a massive plant from Mexico to Michigan, reversing a years long opposite trend. Thank you Chrysler, a very wise decision. The voters in Michigan are very happy they voted for Trump/Pence. Plenty of more to follow!
    Date: Jan. 11, 2018

    Trump sent a series of tweets in 2012 predicting Chrysler would send all Jeep manufacturing to China if Obama was elected. He thanked the company in 2018 for bringing jobs back to Michigan, and in a separate tweet claimed Chrysler was indicative of a larger trend of American businesses bringing jobs back to the United States.

  • Boeing

    Tweet: Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!
    Date: Dec. 6, 2016

    Boeing's stock fell 1% following President Trump's 2016 tweet claiming the replacement cost of Air Force One was too high. Despite saying he would cancel the order, the Pentagon confirmed a $3.9 billion order with the aerospace company for two new jets that will serve the president.

  • Apple

    Tweet: Boycott all Apple products  until such time as Apple gives cellphone info to authorities regarding radical Islamic terrorist couple from Cal
    Date: Feb. 19, 2016

    The president started tweeting about Apple long before he was president. It was 2013 when he lamented the loss of Steve Jobs and his disapproval of the small size of iPhone screens. He later tweeted about selling his Apple stock. In 2018, he encouraged the company to make their products in the U.S. to avoid tariffs.

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