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Coffee capitals in America

  • Coffee capitals of America

    Americans love coffee, there’s no doubt about it. Around 64% of people 18 and older are drinking a daily cup—a six-year high. Science shows that’s not a bad thing: an analysis of more than 200 studies found that coffee drinkers were 17% less likely than non-caffeinated counterparts to die early from any cause, 19% less likely to die of heart disease, and 18% less likely to develop cancer.

    The benefits of coffee have been debated for decades, but recent studies favor drinking it daily. People who drank three cups a day had lower rates of liver disease and type 2 diabetes, and suffered less from neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Starbucks, founded in Seattle, became famous for bringing coffee-to-go to the masses. This accessibility gave rise to modern third-wave coffee shops that focus on artisanal craft blends. Stacker consulted WalletHub to find the the top cities to get an excellent cup of coffee. WalletHub compared 14 key indicators across the 100 largest cities, including average price per pack of coffee, number of affordable coffee shops, and the presence of coffee-centric events. Click through to see where you should stop for a caffeine buzz.  

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  • #50. Omaha, NE

    Score: 32.41

    Scooter’s Coffee, founded by Don and Linda Pickles, celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Omaha recently became home to Felius, the town’s first cat cafe. Customers can get a cappuccino or daily brew from local Muglife Coffee.

  • #49. Tulsa, OK

    Score: 32.75

    DoubleShot Coffee Company owner Ben Franklin selects most of the shop’s freshly roasted beans from farms in Central America. Cirque Coffee Roasters also roasts their own beans. “It’s a different approach to coffee with an emphasis on quality and preserving the fruitiness and sweetness and acidity that you get from the roast,” co-owner Austin Fogt told Tulsa World.

  • #48. Durham, NC

    Score: 33.15

    Durham is home to Duke University, with a wealth of college students to caffeinate. Locals flock to Cocoa Cinnamon, a micro-roastery that also serves freshly fried churros. For those who like jazz, Beyu Caffe is the place to go. The shop is expanding to the Duke University campus.

  • #47. Boise, ID

    Score: 33.6

    Tammy Jenkins and her daughter Lyndsey Hopkins, owners of Coffee Studio, recently collaborated with Crooked Fence Brewing to open the Caffeina Roasting Company. The small-batch roaster has the feel of a coffee shop, and the look of a brewery.

  • #46. Buffalo, NY

    Score: 33.96

    Buffalo, which had the fifth-lowest average price for a cappuccino, is home to local coffee roasters Public Espresso + Coffee and the 23-year-old Caffe Aroma. The Buffalo Bisons, however, announced a partnership with Dunkin Donuts, making the national chain the official coffee of its football team.

  • #45. Cincinnati, OH

    Score: 35.25

    For those who want to break free of chain coffee shops, Cincinnati has some local favorites to choose from. For an eco- and vegan-friendly spot, try Lydia’s on Ludlow. Rohs Street Cafe, a short walk from the University of Cincinnati, has been a neighborhood staple for 15 years.

  • #44. St. Louis, MO

    Score: 35.84

    Good News Brewing Co., a local beer bar, is opening a coffee shop called Alpha and Omega Roasting. The new spot will also offer coffee-infused beer. For those visiting the Art Foundry in St. Louis, stop into Picasso’s.

  • #43. Santa Ana, CA

    Score: 35.88

    Try the made-from-scratch pastries at Hidden House Coffee. The shop also roasts its own beans. Stop into Coffee Muse for a pour-over or cold brew.

  • #42. Reno, NV

    The Biggest Little City in the World might not be famous for its coffee, but visitors can check out Global Coffee in the Basement Marketplace, a collaborative hall where retail and food come together.


  • #41. Dallas, TX

    Score: 36.03

    Texas may be famous for its barbecue, but the paleo or gluten-free Texan should stop by BIRD Bakery for a snack with their coffee. Other local favorites include Houndstooth, Royal Blue Grocery, and Mudsmith.

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