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America's 100 most popular magazines

  • America's 100 most popular magazines

    Since the 17th century, magazines have played a key role in the spread of information and selling of goods. Long before readers were introduced to marketing efforts like perfume sample pages and advertorials, there was a 1660s German circulatory called “Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen.” And before Vogue was even a twinkle in Conde Nast’s eye, there was “Harper’s Magazine,” the oldest general interest monthly magazine in the United States.

    In 2018, print has lost much of its influence to the digital landscape. There are still plenty of magazines in wide circulation, however, catering to a diverse readership. There’s a publication out there for gamers, gourmets, important business people, and even Oprah-worshippers—you need only look to find features, human interest stories, recipes, hacks, and anything else that might grab your attention.

    Each of those magazines, along with many more you may not have heard of, has a place on this list of America’s 100 most popular magazines. To create this ranking, Stacker pulled data from Alliance for Audited Media’s Snapshot Report. This data represents the average paid, verified circulation for a six-month period ending on June 30, 2018.

    So put down your copy of Food & Wine or Car and Driver, and read on to find out which magazines the rest of the country loves flipping through.

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  • #100. Outdoor Life

    Total paid circulation: 600,817

  • #99. Bloomberg Businessweek

    Total paid circulation: 614,270

  • #98. Kiplinger's Personal Finance

    Total paid circulation: 625,685

  • #97. Ducks Unlimited

    Total paid circulation: 631,810

  • #96. American Legion Auxiliary

    Total paid circulation: 650,261

  • #95. Coastal Living

    Total paid circulation: 656,684

  • #94. Runners World

    Total paid circulation: 663,764

  • #93. Arthritis Today

    Total paid circulation: 666,752

  • #92. Reminisce

    Total paid circulation: 674,430

  • #91. Experience Life

    Total paid circulation: 677,197

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