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50 best small and mid-sized companies to work for in America

  • 50 best small and mid-sized companies to work for in America

    Some employees enjoy benefits and perks at their workplaces beyond most people’s wildest dreams. Google is famous for throwing some of the best benefits at their employees. Aside from significant paid time off, and a generous maternity leave and 401(k) policies, Google engineers are also reportedly treated to free snacks in the office, a gym, and more. Other large companies like Amazon, Twitter, and Goldman Sachs offer free improv classes, travel stipends, egg freezing, or even global soccer tournaments.

    However, behind all these perks are often office cultures that put work before everything else. Though they’ve been slowly improving, for example, Amazon’s known for an intense, grueling work culture that’s particularly difficult for low-level employees who don’t get nice benefits and perks. Other large companies, especially in tech, have been hit with gender discrimination lawsuits.

    Large companies can be great places to work, but employees may be more likely to feel overlooked. Employees at smaller companies also report a more open and relaxed work environment. Both of these are key to a happy work life. A recent survey by Mental Health America found that staff recognition and praise, as well as a relaxed work environment contributed far more to employee mental health and job satisfaction than financial benefits. Of course, that doesn’t mean employees can’t have the best of both worlds. There are plenty of small and mid-sized companies focusing on comfort, convenience, and a respectable work-life balance.

    For those looking to live the good life while furthering their career and making a great salary, Stacker tallied the 50 best small and mid-sized companies to work for in America, based on Glassdoor ratings written by current and former employees. To be considered for this list, a company must have fewer than 1,000 employees and they must have above average benefits. Start sending out resumes and meanwhile, decide where in the world you’ll vacation with unlimited paid time off.

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  • #50. GoGo squeeZ

    Glassdoor rating: 4.7

    What could be happier than packaging up blended, healthy fruit and vegetable mixes to fortify little kids? Not much, if you work at GoGo squeeZ, headquartered in New York City. In addition to distributing valuable information about good nutrition, the company hosts frequent paid community service outings and family-friendly promotional events.

  • #49. SeatGeek

    Glassdoor rating: 4.7

    SeatGeek employees can get free tickets to their favorite events. Their staff consists of “diehard sports fans, passionate concert-goers, sophisticated theater enthusiasts and comedy junkies.” Thanks to this and other benefits, the company was recently named on Crain's New York’s “Best Places to Work” in 2017.  

  • #48. Strive Consulting

    Glassdoor rating: 4.7

    In addition to perks like unlimited paid time off and regular team outings, this Chicago-based business consulting firm ranked #5 by Glassdoor for the quality of its CEOs. Its headquarters pulls an impressive 4.7 stars out of 5, but its Atlanta and Dallas offices score an even 5. The company was awarded Glassdoor’s “Employees’ Choice Award” in 2018.

  • #47. Hawke Media

    Glassdoor rating: 4.7

    Heralded as “life-changing” in a Glassdoor employee review, Hawke Media is the fastest-growing digital media agency in Los Angeles, specializing in outsourced chief marketing officers, marketing, and e-commerce growth. With an impressive roster of clients that include Red Bull, Verizon, and Evite, it’s notable that Hawke Media is just five years old. Nevertheless, every year the whole company travels together on a fun trip, like a cruise to Mexico.

  • #46. Formlabs

    Glassdoor rating: 4.7

    Some companies may cover 100% of their employees’ health benefits, but it’s uncommon to find a business that will provide catered lunches, unless it’s a massive corporation. Formlabs, which develops desktop 3D printing technology for a variety of fields, does both. Based out of Boston and Berlin, Formlabs is praised by its employees for encouraging autonomy—no time-wasting micromanaging here. One member of the people operations team said the company’s goal is to “keep Formlabs weird,” a motto likely to help attract millennial talent.   

  • #45. P2S Inc.

    Glassdoor rating: 4.7

    It’s rare to find a company that scores a 4.7 score on Glassdoor, and rarer still to find one whose CEO approval rating is 100%. This consulting engineering, commissioning, and construction management firm operates out of a LEED Gold Certified facility in Long Beach, California—a great start off the bat. With a long history of charitable initiatives, the company makes it easy and fun for employees to give back to their communities. In preparation for back-to-school, P2S Inc. helped fill the student food pantries at California State University, Long Beach. Energy efficiency never looked so satisfying.

  • #44. Seek Capital

    Glassdoor rating: 4.7

    Seek Capital provides business consulting services specifically to startup companies, including advising them on raising capital, specializing in prime or near-prime business owners. Unlike other startup consultants, Seek Capital doesn’t factor in a business or business owner’s personal credit when finding ways to finance their companies, looking instead to the health and potential of the venture’s future. The Los Angeles-based office has its own arcade and unlimited free coffee to fuel gaming binges, as well as a softball team. It was also named on the list of “Best Places To Work” in the 2017 Los Angeles Business Journal.

  • #43. Peabody Properties

    Glassdoor rating: 4.7

    Peabody Properties is a full-service property and real estate management company based in Braintree, Massachusetts whose roots trace back to the 1890s. They’ve won a massive number of awards from state and national business associations for their work, and cultivate a “Distinguished Employee Awards Program” of their own. Peabody Properties believes that employees who have fun perform better, so there’s no shortage of company outings, ice cream parties, and wellness-based team activities. The Boston Globe named the company one of the best to work at in 2017.

  • #42. Zuora

    Glassdoor rating: 4.7

    Based in San Mateo, California, Zuora is a major player in the online subscription business—their cloud-based software platform allows companies to implement e-commerce into their business models, from order to billing and receipts. The company values diversity in the workplace and established an initiative to promote women in the industry called Z-Women. The organization recently held a discussion in Chennai, India during India’s 72nd Independence Day celebrations. The goal was for Zuora employees to inspire local women-owned businesses to branch out and be creative with their branding.

  • #41. Bluecore

    Glassdoor rating: 4.7

    Data analysis company Bluecore, headquartered in New York City, represents more than 250 consumer brands, crunching terabytes of data and transforming them into valuable predictive analytics companies can use to attract customers more accurately and improve their bottom lines. The company culture steers away from corporate attitudes, focusing on employee wellness initiatives like catered lunches, gym reimbursement, and unlimited paid time off. Their design-forward 6,000-square-foot office in Manhattan’s trendy Lower East Side doesn’t hurt, either.

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