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Best college in every state

  • Best college in every state

    When one thinks of elite universities in the United States, the iconic campuses of New York City, venerable Ivy League institutions, and liberal academic oases of California often spring to mind. And while 24 of the 50 most selective colleges can be found in just four states—California, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania, prospective students will find there are a wide range of options across America that offer rewarding learning environments.

    To help shine a light on exceptional institutions across the nation, Stacker referenced Niche's Best Colleges Ranking, picking out the top-rated university in each state. Niche arrived at their ranking system through a weighted index derived from academic caliber, difficulty of admission, average cost, quality of life, and several other factors, broken down in more detail here. For each state, Stacker has provided the acceptance rate, net price, SAT range, total enrollment, and graduation rate to help understand what makes these learning environments stand out.

    Read on to see if your alma mater beat out the competition in its state.

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  • Alabama: Auburn University

    Location: Auburn, AL

    Acceptance rate: 81%

    Net price: $21,698

    SAT range: 1060–1260

    Number of students: 20,396

    Graduation rate: 75%

  • Alaska: University of Alaska Fairbanks

    Location: Fairbanks, AK

    Acceptance rate: 73%

    Net price: $9,097

    SAT range: 950–1200

    Number of students: 3,189

    Graduation rate: 25%

  • Arizona: Arizona State University

    Location: Tempe, AZ

    Acceptance rate: 83%

    Net price: $13,007

    SAT range: 1020–1280

    Number of students: 38,946

    Graduation rate: 67%

  • Arkansas: University of Arkansas

    Location: Fayetteville, AR

    Acceptance rate: 63%

    Net price: $15,411

    SAT range: 1010–1220

    Number of students: 19,853

    Graduation rate: 64%

  • California: Stanford University

    Location: Stanford, CA

    Acceptance rate: 5%

    Net price: $16,695

    SAT range: 1380–1580

    Number of students: 7,034

    Graduation rate: 94%

  • Colorado: Colorado School of Mines

    Location: Golden, CO

    Acceptance rate: 40%

    Net price: $25,097

    SAT range: 1250–1420

    Number of students: 4,395

    Graduation rate: 77%

  • Connecticut: Yale University

    Location: New Haven, CT

    Acceptance rate: 6%

    Net price: $18,319

    SAT range: 1420–1600

    Number of students: 5,469

    Graduation rate: 98%

  • Delaware: University of Delaware

    Location: Newark, DE

    Acceptance rate: 70%

    Net price: $15,894

    SAT range: 1060–1280

    Number of students: 17,761

    Graduation rate: 81%

  • Florida: University of Florida

    Location: Gainesville, FL

    Acceptance rate: 46%

    Net price: $14,761

    SAT range: 1180–1370

    Number of students: 31,014

    Graduation rate: 87%

  • Georgia: Emory University

    Location: Atlanta, GA

    Acceptance rate: 25%

    Net price: $24,804

    SAT range: 1290–1500

    Number of students: 6,714

    Graduation rate: 91%

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