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50 dogs as incredible as the celebrities who own them

  • 50 dogs as incredible as the celebrities who own them

    Look past the lavish mansions, A-list friends, and Hollywood glamour, and one may see that celebrities really are just like everyone else—in some respects, anyway. Take their pets, for instance. Dogs don’t care whether their owner walks the red carpet at the Academy Awards, dresses in the latest designer fashions, or has millions of Instagram followers; they just want a belly rub and head scratch.

    Of course, dogs with celebrity parents might have a few more creature comforts like organic kibble, custom-built dog houses, and one-of-a-kind toys. Not to mention the dog walkers, top-of-the-line vets, and ritzy spa treatments.

    Curious to see how the other half of dog owners live, Stacker scoured news articles, photo galleries, and Instagram posts to compile this list of 50 celebrities who have at least one canine companion.

    Read on to see how many famous actors, musicians and athletes have a furry friend of their own—and which celeb has nine pooches.

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  • Ariana Grande: Toulouse, Ophelia, Fawkes, Cinnamon, Coco, Lafayette, Sirius, Strauss, and Pignoli

    Pop star Ariana Grande has a big heart when it comes to animals: Her wolfpack includes nine dogs. The pups are all different breeds, from a beagle-Chihuahua mix to a shiba inu to a chocolate lab mix.

  • Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: Billie

    Billie not only belongs to hunky actor Ryan Reynolds, but also to his wife Blake Lively. Billie is also a big sister to the couple’s daughters James and Inez.


  • Kelly Osbourne: Polly

    Kelly Osbourne is particularly close to her Pomeranian dog Polly. The pooch has even accompanied Osbourne on the red carpet before.

  • Zendaya: Noon

    Black miniature schnauzer Noon has some behavior issues. He’s hyperactive, likes to pick fights with other dogs, and occasionally humps legs—or at least he did, before the actress brought in Cesar Millan to train him.

  • Mariah Carey: The Good Revered Pow Jackson, Mutley P. Gore Jackson the Third, Jill E. Beans, Pipitty Jackson, Cha Cha, Jackie Lambchops, J.J., and Squeak E. Beans

    Dog mom and singer Mariah Carey spares no expense when it comes to her fur babies: She reportedly spent more than $25,000 to send her eight dogs to a ritzy hotel called Paw Seasons in 2017.


  • Zac Efron: MACA

    The star of “The Greatest Showman” adopted this sweet girl who was originally named Tilly from Bark n’ Bitches Dog Boutique in Los Angeles. The rescue organization revealed that MACA would have been euthanized if she hadn’t been rescued, fostered, and eventually adopted by Efron.


  • Jane Lynch: Arbuckle

    Actress Jane Lynch and her partner Jennifer Cheyne were inspired to adopt Arbuckle, a cattle dog, after seeing a photo of him on A Purposeful Rescue’s Instagram account. Thanks to plenty of love and care from the couple, Arbuckle has slimmed down from his 116-pound weight and recovered from debilitating skin sores.  

  • Paris Hilton: Many dogs

    It’s fitting that Paris Hilton popularized the trend of carrying a dog around in one's purse as she’s known as dog lover to her fans. She spares no expense for her family of pooches—she even built a two-story “doggy mansion” for them to live in. Fans can follow the dogs’ adventures on Instagram @HiltonPets.


  • Barbra Streisand: Miss Fanny, Miss Violet, and Miss Scarlett

    Barbra Streisand holds a distinction that no one else on this list can claim: She has cloned her dogs. Violet and Scarlett are clones of Streisand’s beloved Coton de Tulear Samantha, while Fanny is a straight-haired Coton de Tulear from the same breeder.


  • Maria Menounos: Benjamin and Maximus

    Actress and TV host Maria Menounos is also a well-documented animal lover. She rescued Maximus the German shepherd while also caring for her senior dog Benjamin, who might be battling a brain tumor.


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