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Largest school districts in the United States

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Largest school districts in the United States

For many students, enrolling in elementary school begins a 12-year journey with the same group of people. Elementary schools feed into a few middle schools, and those middle schools feed into a couple of high schools. The sizes of different school districts vary enormously across the country, with several that are particularly populous.

While larger districts may have bigger budgets and more resources, they also face a number of challenges potentially relating to larger student-teacher ratios, or a less-personal student experience. In some cases, however, these large districts can be impressive and successful.

Stacker took a look at data from Niche in which school districts are ranked by the number of students in each district. Also included on each slide are each district’s number of schools, number of students and overall Niche grade.

Read on to see which school districts around the country are the biggest.

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LUSportsFan // Wikimedia Commons

#50. Katy Independent School District

Location: Katy, TX

Number of schools: 69

Number of students: 72,952

Overall Niche grade: A+

Djmaschek // Wikimedia Commons

#49. Fort Bend Independent School District

Location: Sugar Land, TX

Number of schools: 79

Number of students: 73,115

Overall Niche grade: A

Rhpotter // Wikimedia Commons

#48. Guilford County Schools

Location: Greensboro, NC

Number of schools: 126

Number of students: 73,133

Overall Niche grade: B+

BrianRiley // Wikicommons

#47. Fresno Unified School District

Location: Fresno, CA

Number of schools: 110

Number of students: 73,460

Overall Niche grade: C+

Freekee // Wikicommons

#46. Milwaukee School District

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Number of schools: 160

Number of students: 75,749

Overall Niche grade: C

Jack Bendekovic IV // Wikimedia Commons

#45. Loudoun County Public Schools

Location: Ashburn, VA

Number of schools: 93

Number of students: 76,202

Overall Niche grade: A+

Bill Fitzpatrick // Wikimedia Commons

#44. Greenville County School District

Location: Greenville, SC

Number of schools: 96

Number of students: 76,315

Overall Niche grade: A-

An Errant Knight // Wikimedia Commons

#43. Alpine School District

Location: American Fork, UT

Number of schools: 86

Number of students: 76,938

Overall Niche grade: B+

Laurie Avocado // Wikimedia Commons

#42. Long Beach Unified School District

Location: Long Beach, CA

Number of schools: 88

Number of students: 77,812

Overall Niche grade: B

Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs // Wikimedia Commons

#41. Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Location: Annapolis, MD

Number of schools: 124

Number of students: 80,387

Overall Niche grade: B

Whispertome // Wikimedia Commons

#40. Austin Independent School District

Location: Austin, TX

Number of schools: 132

Number of students: 83,648

Overall Niche grade: A

Groupuscule // Wikimedia Commons

#39. Baltimore City Public Schools

Location: Baltimore, MD

Number of schools: 186

Number of students: 83,666

Overall Niche grade: C-

Andrew Jameson // Wikimedia Commons

#38. Metro Nashville Public Schools

Location: Nashville, TN

Number of schools: 167

Number of students: 85,598

Overall Niche grade: B

Mfrisk // Wikimedia Commons

#37. Jefferson County School District No. R-1

Location: Golden, CO

Number of schools: 165

Number of students: 86,731

Overall Niche grade: B

Michael Barera // Wikicommons

#36. Fort Worth Independent School District

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Number of schools: 149

Number of students: 87,080

Overall Niche grade: B

Keith D. Reeves // Wikimedia Commons

#35. Prince William County Public Schools

Location: Manassas, VA

Number of schools: 92

Number of students: 87,793

Overall Niche grade: A

Jeffrey Beall // Wikimedia Commons

#34. Denver Public Schools

Location: Denver, CO

Number of schools: 191

Number of students: 90,235

Overall Niche grade: B-

Atomic City505 // Wikimedia Commons

#33. Albuquerque Public Schools

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Number of schools: 163

Number of students: 90,566

Overall Niche grade: C+

Josh Lee // Wikimedia Commons

#32. Lee County Public Schools

Location: Fort Myers, FL

Number of schools: 125

Number of students: 91,309

Overall Niche grade: B

Thomson200 // Wikimedia Commons

#31. Fulton County Schools

Location: Atlanta, GA

Number of schools: 106

Number of students: 95,641

Overall Niche grade: B+

W. Marsh // Wikimedia Commons

#30. Jefferson County Public Schools

Location: Louisville, KY

Number of schools: 176

Number of students: 100,627

Overall Niche grade: B

Thomson200 // Wikimedia Commons

#29. Dekalb County Schools

Location: Stone Mountain, GA

Number of schools: 135

Number of students: 101,389

Overall Niche grade: C

Ebyabe // Wikimedia Commons

#28. Polk County Public Schools

Location: Bartow, FL

Number of schools: 164

Number of students: 101,635

Overall Niche grade: B-

JGHowes // Wikimedia Commons

#27. Pinellas County Schools

Location: Largo, FL

Number of schools: 175

Number of students: 103,495

Overall Niche grade: B+

Billy Hathorn // Wikimedia Commons

#26. Northside Independent School District (San Antonio)

Location: San Antonio, TX

Number of schools: 123

Number of students: 105,110

Overall Niche grade: A

JGHowes // Wikimedia Commons

#25. Baltimore County Public Schools

Location: Towson, MD

Number of schools: 174

Number of students: 111,138

Overall Niche grade: B

Thomson200 // Wikimedia Commons

#24. Cobb County Schools

Location: Marietta, GA

Number of schools: 111

Number of students: 112,708

Overall Niche grade: A-

David Ramirez // Wikimedia Commons

#23. Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District

Location: Houston, TX

Number of schools: 87

Number of students: 113,936

Overall Niche grade: A

Civilengtiger // Wikimedia Commons

#22. Shelby County Schools

Location: Memphis, TN

Number of schools: 234

Number of students: 114,487

Overall Niche grade: B-

Zaequan Prailow // Wikimedia Commons

#21. Prince George's County Public Schools

Location: Upper Marlboro, MD

Number of schools: 214

Number of students: 128,936

Overall Niche grade: C

Michael Rivera // Wikimedia Commons

#20. Duval County Public Schools

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Number of schools: 218

Number of students: 129,192

Overall Niche grade: C+

HxChris // Wikimedia Commons

#19. San Diego Unified School District

Location: San Diego, CA

Number of schools: 229

Number of students: 129,380

Overall Niche grade: B+

It's Our City // Wikimedia Commons

#18. Philadelphia City School District

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Number of schools: 218

Number of students: 134,044

Overall Niche grade: C+

Bill McChesney // Wikimedia Commons

#17. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Location: Charlotte, NC

Number of schools: 170

Number of students: 146,211

Overall Niche grade: B

Joliv // Wikimedia Commons

#16. Montgomery County Public Schools

Location: Rockville, MD

Number of schools: 207

Number of students: 156,380

Overall Niche grade: A

Mr. Granger // Wikimedia Commons

#15. Wake County Schools

Location: Cary, NC

Number of schools: 181

Number of students: 157,761

Overall Niche grade: A-

Hsalazar // Wikimedia Commons

#14. Dallas Independent School District

Location: Dallas, TX

Number of schools: 244

Number of students: 158,604

Overall Niche grade: B+

Thomson200 // Wikimedia Commons

#13. Gwinnett County Public Schools

Location: Lawrenceville, GA

Number of schools: 136

Number of students: 176,052

Overall Niche grade: B+

Joel Bradshaw // Wikimedia Commons

#12. Hawaii Department of Education

Location: Honolulu, HI

Number of schools: 292

Number of students: 181,589

Overall Niche grade: C+

Patrickneil // Wikimedia Commons

#11. Fairfax County Public Schools

Location: Falls Church, VA

Number of schools: 222

Number of students: 185,828

Overall Niche grade: A+

Nick22aku // Wikimedia Commons

#10. Palm Beach County School District

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Number of schools: 282

Number of students: 189,322

Overall Niche grade: B

Michael Rivera // Wikimedia Commons

#9. Orange County Public Schools

Location: Orlando, FL

Number of schools: 264

Number of students: 196,951

Overall Niche grade: B

TampAGS // Wikimedia Commons

#8. Hillsborough County Public Schools

Location: Tampa, FL

Number of schools: 315

Number of students: 211,923

Overall Niche grade: B

David Ramirez Molina // Wikimedia Commons

#7. Houston Independent School District

Location: Houston, TX

Number of schools: 287

Number of students: 215,627

Overall Niche grade: B

DTobias // Wikimedia Commons

#6. Broward County Public Schools

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Number of schools: 368

Number of students: 269,098

Overall Niche grade: B-

MarkTraceur // Wikimedia Commons

#5. Clark County School District

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Number of schools: 376

Number of students: 325,331

Overall Niche grade: B-

Dr Zak // Wikimedia Commons

#4. Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Location: Miami, FL

Number of schools: 535

Number of students: 357,579

Overall Niche grade: B-

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region // Wikimedia Commons

#3. Puerto Rico Department of Education

Location: Hato Rey, PR

Number of schools: 1,463

Number of students: 366,746

Overall Niche grade: NG

Marylandstater // Wikimedia Commons

#2. Chicago Public Schools

Location: Chicago, IL

Number of schools: 595

Number of students: 387,311

Overall Niche grade: B-

John Burroughs Middle School // Wikimedia Commons

#1. Los Angeles Unified School District

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Number of schools: 1,021

Number of students: 639,337

Overall Niche grade: C

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