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World's best cruise lines

  • World's best cruise lines

    When it comes time to take a vacation, consider a cruise. Cruises take passengers around the world to some of the most beautiful, exotic and exciting locales on the planet. Each cruise line features different amenities like spas, stage shows and high-quality restaurants along the way to the destination.

    Using a poll created by Condé Nast, Stacker created a list of the world’s best cruise lines, including large, medium and small ship lines, as well as river cruises. The poll, from October 2017, and users rated each line on a five-point scale, from excellent to poor. These multiple categories are compiled—so there may be some duplicate lines with different offerings—to create this definitive list of cruise vacations.

    How do large ships compare to river ships? Which line will take you to Egypt? What about Antarctica? Read on to find out. We begin with a cruise line from Scandinavia.

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  • #45. Norwegian Cruise Line (Large ships)

    Score: 80.17

    Norwegian Cruise Line is actually based in Florida, and sails to Hawaii, Asia, Bermuda, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Panama and Alaska. Some of their cruises cost less than $400 for a seven-day trip, and go as high as $1,000.



  • #44. P&O Cruises (Medium ships)

    Score: 80.77

    Based in Southampton, England, P&O Cruises offer trips to the Baltic, South Pacific, Norwegian fjords and Arabian Gulf. Their Belgium cruise starts at $392 for three days. A visit to the Canary Islands costs $1141. One of the medium ships, the Oriana, is adults-only with seven bars and pubs.


  • #43. Celebrity Cruises (Medium ships)

    Score: 80.87

    Celebrity Cruises features trips to the Galapagos Islands, Alaska and Europe. The company also has a flight booking service to help its customers reach the ship stress-free. While trips to the Caribbean are more common on the medium ships, Celebrity now offers a Southeast Asia cruise starting at $1,269 per person.


  • #42. Costa Cruises (Large ships)

    Score: 82.19

    Costa Cruises has trips to the Caribbean, Dubai and the Indian Ocean. These trips start around $500 per person. Some of their cruise lines feature an in-cabin spa.



  • #41. P&O Cruises (Large ships)

    Score: 82.22

    Based in Southampton, England, P&O Cruises have trips to the Baltic, South Pacific, Norwegian fjords and Arabian Gulf. These larger ships are more family-oriented, with luxurious suites complete with private balconies.


  • #40. Star Clippers (Small ships)

    Score: 82.48

    Star Clippers offers trips to Greece, Southeast Asia and Jamaica. The trip to Greece is featured as a “Mamma Mia” influenced trip, starting at $1,730 per person.


  • #39. Royal Caribbean International (Large ships)

    Score: 83.44

    Royal Caribbean International, based in Florida, runs weekend getaways and longer trips to destinations like Bermuda and Cuba. The weekend trips start at $189 per person, with a four-night trip to Havana starting at $329 per person.


  • #38. American Queen Steamboat Co. (River ships)

    Score: 84.1

    American Queen Steamboat Co. features a Mississippi River cruise with themed trips, such as Mark Twain or the Civil War. The river tours include trips on the Columbia and Ohio Rivers, as well.


  • #37. Silversea (Small ships)

    Score: 84.27

    Silversea boasts “ultra-luxury” cruises to Antarctica, Asia, and Central America. The company is based in Monaco. A 16-day trip with Silversea from Tokyo to Hong Kong costs $10,000.


  • #36. Celebrity Cruises (Large ships)

    Score: 84.28

    Celebrity Cruises promotes its destinations more than the actual ships themselves, but the larger ships offer more on-ship experiences—all while cruising through the Caribbean, around Asian countries, or near Alaska.


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