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States with the most Confederate memorials

  • States with the most Confederate memorials
    1/ Public Domain

    States with the most Confederate memorials

    Confederate memorials have been receiving more media attention since the incidents surrounding the Unite the Right rally of August 2017, which was organized by white nationalists protesting the proposed relocation of a Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee memorial. The riots in Charlottesville, Va. left three dead, many injured, and countless more floating the question of whether Confederate memorials deserve to be protected for their innate historic value, or if they should be removed because of the ideologies some claim they represent.

    Interested in which states house the most of the nation’s 1,728 remembrance sites erected in honor of the Confederacy, Stacker referenced the Southern Poverty Law Center’s report “Whose Heritage?” to rank the states with the most memorials. The report classifies memorials not just as statues, but includes the likes of parks, schools, streets, highways, or practically any structure which, in one way or another, honors a confederate figure or the whole coalition of seceded states. The 29 states with at least one memorial, as well as the District of Columbia, are ranked from fewest to most and at least one example is provided with each state.

    Read on to see if your state is home to Confederate memorials, and if so, how many.

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  • #30. Iowa
    2/ Don Graham // Wikimedia Commons

    #30. Iowa

    Number of memorials: 1

    Example memorial(s):
    Iowa's Confederate General (Bentonsport, dedicated 2007)

  • #29. Indiana
    3/ Confederate marker in Lexington—Public Domain

    #29. Indiana

    Number of memorials: 1

    Example memorial(s):
    Confederate Memorial (Corydon, dedicated unknown)

  • #28. Nevada
    4/ Qlf247 // Wikicommons

    #28. Nevada

    Number of memorials: 1

    Example memorial(s):
    Jeff Davis Peak (Snake Range Mountains, dedicated 1869)

  • #27. South Dakota
    5/ John Menard // Flickr

    #27. South Dakota

    Number of memorials: 1

    Example memorial(s):
    Gettysburg police uniforms (Gettysburg, dedicated 2009)

  • #26. Idaho
    6/ Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce // Flickr

    #26. Idaho

    Number of memorials: 2

    Example memorial(s):
    Robert E. Lee Creek (Boise National Forest, dedicated unknown)
    City of Leesburg (Leesburg, dedicated 1866)

  • #25. Maryland
    7/ Public Domain

    #25. Maryland

    Number of memorials: 2

    Example memorial(s):
    Talbot Boys Monument (Easton, dedicated 1916)
    Jubal Early Court (Potomac, dedicated unknown)

  • #24. Washington
    8/ IIP Photo Archive // Flickr

    #24. Washington

    Number of memorials: 2

    Example memorial(s):
    Pickett Road (Bellingham, dedicated unknown)
    Robert E. Lee Elementary School (East Wenatchee, dedicated 1955)

  • #23. District of Columbia
    9/ AgnosticPreachersKid // Wikicommons

    #23. District of Columbia

    Number of memorials: 3

    Example memorial(s):
    Brigadier General Albert Pike Statue (Washington, dedicated 1901)
    Fighting Joe Wheeler Statue (Washington, dedicated 1925)
    Jefferson Davis Senate Desk reserved for Senior Senator of Mississippi (Washington, dedicated unknown)

  • #22. Montana
    10/ Roger Peterson // Wikimedia Commons

    #22. Montana

    Number of memorials: 3

    Example memorial(s):
    Confederate Dam (Dillon, dedicated unknown)
    Jeff Davis Creek (Dillon, dedicated unknown)
    Confederate Memorial Fountain (Helena, dedicated 1916)

  • #21. New York
    11/ Andrés Nieto Porras // Flickr

    #21. New York

    Number of memorials: 3

    Example memorial(s):
    General Lee Avenue (Brooklyn, dedicated unknown)
    Stonewall Jackson Drive (Brooklyn, dedicated unknown)
    Robert E. Lee Barracks at West Point (West Point, dedicated 1962)

  • #20. Pennsylvania
    12/ Nicholas // Wikimedia Commons

    #20. Pennsylvania

    Number of memorials: 3

    Example memorial(s):
    Confederate Lane (McConnellsburg, dedicated unknown)
    Confederate Soldiers (McConnellsburg, dedicated 1929)
    Last Confederate Bivouac Monument (McConnellsburg, dedicated 1930)

  • #19. New Mexico
    13/ Atsme // Wikimedia Commons

    #19. New Mexico

    Number of memorials: 4

    Example memorial(s):
    Jefferson Davis Highway Marker (Deming, dedicated 1955)
    Confederate Monument (Fort Craig, dedicated 1936)
    Jefferson Davis Highway Marker (Las Cruces, dedicated 1955)
    Jefferson Davis Highway Marker (Lordsburg, dedicated 1960)

  • #18. Arizona
    14/ LASZLO ILYES // Flickr

    #18. Arizona

    Number of memorials: 5

    Example memorial(s):
    East Robert E. Lee Street (Phoenix, dedicated 1961)
    Jefferson Davis Highway Marker (Gold Canyon, dedicated 1943)
    Confederate Troops Memorial (Phoenix, dedicated 1961)
    Confederate Memorial (Picacho Pass, dedicated Unknown)
    Picacho Peak Confederate Monument (Picacho Peak, dedicated 1984)

  • #17. Ohio
    15/ Chris Gent // Wikimedia Commons

    #17. Ohio

    Number of memorials: 5

    Example memorial(s):
    Robert E Lee Drive (Fairfield, dedicated unknown)
    Stonewall Lane (Fairfield, dedicated unknown)
    Beauregard Court (Milford, dedicated unknown)
    Jeb Stuart Drive (Milford, dedicated unknown)
    Stonewall Jackson Drive (Milford, dedicated unknown)

  • #16. California
    16/ City of Fort Bragg—Robert Campbell // Wikicommons

    #16. California

    Number of memorials: 7

    Example memorial(s):
    Jefferson Davis Father of National Highways Monument (Bakersfield, dedicated 1942)
    Jeff Davis Peak (Alpine County, dedicated unknown)
    City of Fort Bragg (Fort Bragg, dedicated 1889)
    Jefferson Davis Highway Marker (Hornbrook, dedicated 1944)
    Major Robert Seldon Garnett Monument (Monterey, dedicated 1937)

  • #15. Oklahoma
    17/ Robert E. Lee school, Durant, OK—25or6to4 // Wikicommons

    #15. Oklahoma

    Number of memorials: 13

    Example memorial(s):
    Robert E. Lee Elementary School (Durant, dedicated 1937)
    Confederate Army Monument (Purcell, dedicated 1906)
    Lee Elementary School (Pauls Valley, dedicated unknown)
    Stand Watie Monument (Tahlequah, dedicated 1971)
    Confederate Monument (Tahlequah, dedicated 1913)

  • #14. Missouri
    18/ Joseph Sparks // Flickr

    #14. Missouri

    Number of memorials: 20

    Example memorial(s):
    Confederate Monument (Cape Girardeau, dedicated 1931)
    Jefferson Davis Drive (Hillsboro, dedicated unknown)
    Loyal Woman of the South Monument (Kansas City, dedicated 1934)
    General Joseph O. Shelby statue (Waverly, dedicated 2009)
    Frenchman's Spring (Dexter, dedicated 1996)

  • #13. West Virginia
    19/ Carol M. Highsmith // Wikicommons

    #13. West Virginia

    Number of memorials: 21

    Example memorial(s):
    Stonewall Jackson Middle School (Charleston, dedicated 1940)
    Confederate Soldier Monument (Hinton, dedicated 1914)
    Monroe County Confederate Soldier (Union, dedicated 1901)
    Beauregard Street (Charleston, dedicated unknown)
    Hayward Shepherd Monument (Harpers Ferry, dedicated 1931)

  • #12. Kentucky
    20/ OPMaster // Wikimedia Commons

    #12. Kentucky

    Number of memorials: 38

    Example memorial(s):
    Confederate Monument (Cadiz, dedicated 1913)
    Jefferson Davis Monument (Fairview, dedicated 1929)
    Robert E Lee Day (Frankfort, dedicated unknown)
    Confederate Memorial Fountain (Hopkinsville, dedicated 1911)
    Confederate Monument (Murray, dedicated 1917)

  • #11. Arkansas
    21/ Confederate soldiers monument in Little Rock—DaFoos // Wikicommons

    #11. Arkansas

    Number of memorials: 64

    Example memorial(s):
    Confederate Soldiers Monument (Conway, dedicated 1925)
    Jefferson Davis Monument (Fort Smith, dedicated 1903)
    Jackson County Confederate Memorial (Jacksonport, dedicated 1914)
    Confederate Soldiers Memorial (Little Rock, dedicated 1905)
    Robert E. Lee Elementary School (Springdale, dedicated 1951)

  • #10. Florida
    22/ CityofStPete // Flickr

    #10. Florida

    Number of memorials: 65

    Example memorial(s):
    Confederate Soldier (Brooksville, dedicated 1916)
    Confederate Veterans (Daytona Beach, dedicated 1979)
    Robert E. Lee Monument (Fort Myers, dedicated 1966)
    Stonewall Jackson Monument (Ft. Meade, dedicated 1983)
    Stonewall Jackson Middle School, active (Orlando, dedicated 1965)

  • #9. Louisiana
    23/ Jefferson Davis memorial removed in 2017—Bart Everson // Wikicommons

    #9. Louisiana

    Number of memorials: 83

    Example memorial(s):
    Confederate Advance Monument (Baton Rouge, dedicated 1931)
    Jeff Davis Street (Baton Rouge, dedicated unknown)
    Sons of Confederate Veterans Commemorative License Plate (Baton Rouge, dedicated unknown)
    Robert E. Lee Boulevard (Bossier City, dedicated unknown)
    Jefferson Davis Parish (Jennings, dedicated 1912)

  • #8. Tennessee
    24/ Kaldari // Wikimedia Commons

    #8. Tennessee

    Number of memorials: 99

    Example memorial(s):
    Alexander P. Stewart Monument (Chattanooga, dedicated 1919)
    Our Confederate Soldiers (Franklin, dedicated 1899)
    Macon County Confederate Monument (Lafayette, dedicated 2001)
    Confederate Private Monument (Nashville, dedicated 1909)
    Confederate Monument (Savannah, dedicated 1995)

  • #7. Alabama
    25/ Confederate statue in Tuskegee—Adam Jones // Wikicommons

    #7. Alabama

    Number of memorials: 121

    Example memorial(s):
    Confederate Heroes Monument (Alexander City, dedicated 1923)
    Jefferson Davis Community College (Brewton, dedicated 1965)
    Confederate Park (Demopolis, dedicated 1923)
    Confederate Veterans Bicentennial Memorial (Hamilton, dedicated 1977)
    Robert E. Lee Statue (Montgomery, dedicated 1908)

  • #6. Mississippi
    26/ Confederate monument in Oxford—Dudemanfellabra // Wikicommons

    #6. Mississippi

    Number of memorials: 147

    Example memorial(s):
    Armory's Tribute to the Heroes of 1861–1865 (Armory, dedicated 1924)
    Jefferson Davis Highway Marker (Biloxi, dedicated 1913)
    Confederate Monument (Charleston, dedicated 1913)
    Lee Elementary School (Jackson, dedicated 1903)
    Confederate Monument (Lexington, dedicated 1908)

  • #5. North Carolina
    27/ Confederate statue, Raleigh, NC—Ron Cogswell // Flickr

    #5. North Carolina

    Number of memorials: 170

    Example memorial(s):
    Monument to 60th Regiment North Carolina Volunteers (Asheville, dedicated 1905)
    Silent Sam Confederate Soldiers Monument (Chapel Hill, dedicated 1913)
    Jefferson Davis Plaque (Charlotte, dedicated unknown)
    Army of Tennessee Monument (Greensboro, dedicated 1985)
    Robert E. Lee Dixie Highway Marker (Hendersonville, dedicated 1926)

  • #4. South Carolina
    28/ Daughters of the Confederacy monument in Charlston, SC—Billy Hathorn // Wikicommons

    #4. South Carolina

    Number of memorials: 194

    Example memorial(s):
    Lee County (Bishopville, dedicated 1902)
    Confederate War Memorial (Camden, dedicated 1883)
    Monument to the South Carolina Women of the Confederacy (Columbia, dedicated 1912)
    Monument to the Confederate Dead (Darlington, dedicated 1880)
    To the Dead and Living Confederate Veterans (Marion, dedicated 1903)

  • #3. Georgia
    29/ Confederate memorial in Savannah—Daniel Mayer // Wikicommons

    #3. Georgia

    Number of memorials: 199

    Example memorial(s):
    Joseph E. Brown Hall at the University of Georgia (Athens, dedicated 1932)
    Eternal Flame of the Confederacy (Atlanta, dedicated 1939)
    Joseph E. Brown Middle School (Atlanta, dedicated 1924)
    Broadway Confederate Monument (Columbus, dedicated 1879)
    General Lee Road (Macon, dedicated unknown)

  • #2. Texas
    30/ Jeff Davis County Courthouse—Nicolas Henderson // Flickr

    #2. Texas

    Number of memorials: 209

    Example memorial(s):
    Confederate Soldiers Monument (Austin, dedicated 1903)
    Robert E. Lee Elementary School (Eagle Pass, dedicated unknown)
    Jeff Davis County (Fort Davis, dedicated 1887)
    Spirit of The Confederacy (Houston, dedicated 1908)
    Robert Lee Elementary School (Robert Lee, dedicated 1927)

  • #1. Virginia
    31/ Jefferson Davis memorial in Richmond—Public Domain

    #1. Virginia

    Number of memorials: 242

    Example memorial(s):
    Amherst County Confederate Monument (Amherst, dedicated 1922)
    Lee Oak (Tree) (Charlottesville, dedicated 1970)
    Lee Hill Elementary School (Fredericksburg, dedicated 1977)
    To Our Soldiers of the Confederacy (King William, dedicated 1912)
    Confederate Monument (Lynchburg, dedicated 1899)

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