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Most anticipated new and returning TV shows for 2018

  • Most anticipated new and returning TV shows for 2018

    On the heels of a golden age, viewers and providers alike now find themselves in the midst of “peak TV.” And what does “peak TV” represent, exactly? It signifies the overwhelming number of television shows that continue to pop up on cable channels and streaming platforms. Such an abundance of content might arguably represent a general drop in quality, yet there is still plenty of great entertainment to be found. In other words, just because shows like “Breaking Bad,” “The Wire,” and “The Sopranos” are no longer on the air, that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on the medium altogether. Accordingly, people are watching as much TV as ever before, especially when streaming platforms are taken into account.

    For the millions upon millions of TV fans out there, there’s no season more exciting than fall, in which old shows churn out new seasons and new shows debut. Naturally, some TV shows are more hotly anticipated than others. But what are the most anticipated new and returning TV shows for 2018? To find out, Stacker used views data from Wikipedia Pageviews, and ranked each show in accordance with its view data over the last three months. Counting down from 50, here are the most anticipated new and returning TV shows for 2018.  

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  • #50. S.W.A.T.

    Expected air date: Fall 2018

    Three-month Wikipedia pageviews: 315,777

    Lt. Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) leads an elite S.W.A.T. team in this high-octane CBS series, which takes place in Los Angeles and enters its second season in the fall. The show is based on a short-lived cop drama of the same name from 1975. The previous “S.W.A.T.” series only lasted two seasons—let’s hope the new version fares better.


  • #49. Will & Grace

    Expected air date: Fall 2018

    Three-month Wikipedia pageviews: 319,278

    Don’t call it a comeback for NBC’s “Will & Grace.” The hit series—about the misadventures of a woman (Debra Messing) and her gay roommate (Eric McCormack) in New York City—first aired in 1998, and ran for eight seasons before calling it quits. For most TV shows, the story would end there, but not so for this iconic comedy. Specifically, the series was rebooted by NBC in 2017 to mostly rave reviews. Not only is season two right around the corner, but the show has already been renewed for season three.


  • #48. Empire

    Expected air date: Sept. 26, 2018

    Three-month Wikipedia pageviews: 335,555

    Depicting the battle for control over a prestigious music company, Fox’s “Empire” was a veritable sensation when it first aired in 2015. While viewership numbers have waned in the time since, the Lyon family saga still provides solid music and epic drama to millions of fans. Starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, the series will debut its fifth season in the fall.


  • #47. Dancing with the Stars

    Expected air date: Fall 2018

    Three-month Wikipedia pageviews: 340,970

    This hit ABC reality show pairs public figures with talented dance partners, and then pits each team against one another in a dance-off. Celebrities to appear have included Zendaya, Donny Osmond, and Kim Kardashian, among numerous others. Despite a fairly abysmal IMDb rating and declining viewership numbers, the show remains popular enough to warrant a 27th season.


  • #46. The Gifted

    Expected air date: Sept. 25, 2018

    Three-month Wikipedia pageviews: 348,389

    As any comic book or TV fan is likely to know, the Marvel Universe is no longer confined to the big screen. Among the bounty of shows to capitalize on the popularity of superheroes is this one from Fox, which follows two young mutants as they struggle to co-exist with humanity. The show heads into its second season with a healthy amount of praise behind it, from both audiences and critics alike.


  • #45. Blue Bloods

    Expected air date: TBA

    Three-month Wikipedia pageviews: 350,547

    This taut CBS procedural, which centers on a multi-generational family of New York City police officers, enters its ninth season this fall. At the top of the chain is Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, played with a perennial straight face by actor Tom Selleck. Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg also star. From season nine, expect more drama, more action, and more Sunday night dinners with the entire Reagan family.


  • #44. Black-ish

    Expected air date: TBA

    Three-month Wikipedia pageviews: 363,315

    Infusing uproarious comedy with ample amounts of relevant drama, ABC’s “Black-ish” finds an African-American family grappling with racial identity issues while living in a largely white, upper-class suburb. Created by Kenya Barris, and starring Anthony Anderson as the Johnson family patriarch and Tracee Ellis Ross as the matriarch, the show consistently puts race-related subject matters in its crosshairs, hitting the bullseye one episode at a time. The show, which enters its fifth season in the fall, also launched a spin-off, “Grown-ish”.


  • #43. SEAL Team

    Expected air date: Fall 2018

    Three-month Wikipedia pageviews: 377,428

    A companion of sorts to “S.W.A.T.,” this CBS series chronicles the lives of SEAL Team members as they train for and execute the country’s most important missions. It was the network’s #1 drama in 2017, with an average of over 10 million viewers per episode. Hoping to keep that momentum alive, the show will begin its second season in the fall.


  • #42. Survivor

    Expected air date: Fall 2018

    Three-month Wikipedia pageviews: 384,348

    “Survivor,” arguably the most influential reality show ever created, is still going strong in 2018. It debuted on CBS in 2000, and will kick off its 37th season in the fall. Hosted by Jeff Probst, the show strands a group of normal people on a deserted island, and then engages them in a series of physical challenges. Meanwhile, each participant must also form alliances with others if they don't want to get voted off the island. The last one standing wins a million dollars.


  • #41. Hawaii Five-0

    Expected air date: September 2018

    Three-month Wikipedia pageviews: 406,254

    Updating a classic TV show for the modern era, “Hawaii Five-O” follows the members of an elite task force as they investigate major crimes in the Aloha State. The hit CBS procedural stars Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin as the unit’s two lead detectives. With the ninth season right around the corner, rumors persist that O’Loughlin might be finally turning in his badge. Will he make a harrowing exit the way a good TV cop should? Watch to find out.


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