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50 most popular country music videos from 2018

  • 50 most popular country music videos from 2018
    1/ Pixabay

    50 most popular country music videos from 2018

    Huge hits from Sam Hunt Florida Georgia Line and Chris Stapleton made 2017 a great year for country music but 2018 is looking even better for country fans. Kacey Musgraves Jason Aldean and Keith Urban have already released new albums this year and Dierks Bentley and Dan + Shay have records coming out this month. Summer country music festivals are a fantastic way to catch country’s biggest stars but the easiest way to get up close and personal with the biggest names in country music is to cruise over to YouTube and watch their videos on repeat.

    YouTube view counts have replaced radio airplay and album sales as the easiest way to quantify country music popularity. To determine the 50 most popular country music videos from 2018 Stacker has tallied up the YouTube views for videos released after Jan. 1 and set the countdown from #50 to #1. Click through to find out which ‘90s pop star secured a spot in the ‘40s and just how many times mega-star newcomer Luke Combs appears on the list.

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  • #50. I Hate Love Songs — Kelsea Ballerini
    2/ Black River Entertainment

    #50. I Hate Love Songs — Kelsea Ballerini

    Published: June 9, 2018
    Views: 119,869
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    In a beautiful ballad dedicated to all things romantic, Kelsea Ballerini sings to an unnamed lover about how much she just hates all of those things. But even though she hates loves songs, she's still able to sing the words "I love you." This is the country-pop singer's second single off the album "Unapologetically."

  • #49. Don't Let Me Forget — Catherine McGrath ft. Hunter Hayes
    3/ Warner Music Group

    #49. Don't Let Me Forget — Catherine McGrath ft. Hunter Hayes

    Published: June 1, 2018
    Views: 153,862
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    Ahead of her major-label debut album coming later this summer, Don’t Let Me Forget is a solid mid-tempo ballad made special by the vocal harmonies between McGrath and Hunter Hayes, who’s featured on this track. Though the video mostly features generic shots of a dusty house, the smiles on their faces light up the frame.

  • #48. Denim On Denim — Tebey
    4/ Warner Music Group

    #48. Denim On Denim — Tebey

    Published: February 9, 2018
    Views: 163,075
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    Canadian country star Tebey goes for the classic road trip video with “Denim on Denim.” The love song sings the praises of going to “blue jean heaven” when a guy puts his hands in the back pocket of his lady’s jeans. The title of the song is less about a Canadian tuxedo and more about jeans rubbing together as people dance with the ones they love.

  • #47. A Little Pain — Margo Price
    5/ Audiam

    #47. A Little Pain — Margo Price

    Published: February 20, 2018
    Views: 164,019
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    Margo Price is living the working girl life in the video for “A Little Pain” where she works as a put-upon waitress at a diner and does her laundry in a laundromat while dreaming of stardom. “A little pain never hurt someone” is the message of the song and Price who’s already played “Saturday Night Live” and the Glastonbury Festival is learning that hard work definitely pays off.

  • #46. You Chose Me — The Scott Brothers
    6/ SB Publications LLC

    #46. You Chose Me — The Scott Brothers

    Published: June 3, 2018
    Views: 206,883
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    The Scott Brothers have found more fame as “The Property Brothers” on their hit HGTV show but their foray into country music is all for the sake of love. “You Chose Me” is a typical love song that Drew Scott wrote for his wife Linda Phan and the video features footage from their actual wedding day as well as photos and clips from the couple’s lives together.

  • #45. Guilty — The Shires
    7/ ASCAP

    #45. Guilty — The Shires

    Published: March 15, 2018
    Views: 214,622
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    Laundromats diners and cop cars serve as the setting for The Shires’ “Guilty” video. The song talks about the freeing effects of having a few drinks and doing things one is not supposed to like texting an ex and having a little too much fun on the dance floor. As the British country stars sing “If it's a crime to have a good time then I'm guilty.”

  • #44. Mother — Kacey Musgraves
    8/ Universal Music Group

    #44. Mother — Kacey Musgraves

    Published: May 13, 2018
    Views: 243,512
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    Kacey Musgraves hit #1 on the Billboard Top Country Album chart with “Golden Hour” in April and this video for “Mother” passed 240000 views less than a month after its Mother’s Day debut on YouTube. The short video lasts only 76 seconds but serves as a tribute to mothers everywhere including Musgrave’s own mother Karen who appears at the end of the video.

  • #43. Keeper of the Flame — Miranda Lambert
    9/ Warner Music Group

    #43. Keeper of the Flame — Miranda Lambert

    Published: May 30, 2018
    Views: 251,185
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    Miranda Lambert joins Little Big Town this summer for the Bandwagon Tour and she’ll surely be singing this tribute song to those who have served as trailblazers for her career. The video is an ode to Lambert’s fans who cheer her on at venues all over the world. This song serves as the fourth single from Lambert’s ultra-popular “The Weight of These Wings” album. 

  • #42. Heaven — Kane Brown (Home Free Cover)
    10/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #42. Heaven — Kane Brown (Home Free Cover)

    Published: May 11, 2018
    Views: 271,208
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    A capella group Home Free scored a major hit with their cover of Kane Brown’s “Heaven” single. The instrument-less group hit the big time in 2013 when they won the fourth season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” and their video for the Brown cover is completely stripped down with just the five members of the group singing together in an empty room. For as popular as the cover has become the original Kane Brown video has surpassed 115 million views on YouTube in just over eight months.

  • #41. Rocket Man — Little Big Town
    11/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #41. Rocket Man — Little Big Town

    Published: May 29, 2018
    Views: 288,407
    Watch the video

    “Rocket Man” is Little Big Town’s a capella-like cover of the Elton John classic on the “Restoration” album that reimagines the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The video portrays the power of imagination as a little kid in a bedroom dreams of going to space and then rides a bike through a city leading adults to a giant video cube.

  • #40. Greatest Love Story — LANCO
    12/ Lanco Music

    #40. Greatest Love Story — LANCO

    Published: January 6, 2018
    Views: 292,846
    Watch the video

    “Greatest Love Story” is actually Lanco’s very first hit song and the tune tells the story of lead singer Brandon Lancaster’s love life. It’s about a troublemaker who falls in love with an all-American girl and the video tells the story of the two star-crossed lovers from the days of elementary school all the way past college.

  • #39. Straight To Hell — Darius Rucker ft. Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Charles Kelley
    13/ Universal Music Group

    #39. Straight To Hell — Darius Rucker ft. Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Charles Kelley

    Published: June 8, 2018
    Views: 364,649
    Watch the video

    Former Hootie and the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker teams up with country music royaltyJason Aldean Luke Bryan and Charles Kelleyin this 1930s Prohibition-era video that’s well on its way to becoming one of the biggest hits of the summer. The song is a cover of Drivin’ N’ Cryin’s 1989 song from their “Mystery Road” album.

  • #38. Drunk Me — Mitchell Tenpenny
    14/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #38. Drunk Me — Mitchell Tenpenny

    Published: May 18, 2018
    Views: 405,876
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    In “Drunk Me” Mitchell Tenpenny sings about the need to be sober to find real love. The video features him sitting on a bed in the bedroom he used to share with the love of his life. There’s actually an audio-only video of the song as well that’s already racked up over a million views making this song even more popular when both view counts are combined.

  • #37. Leave Right Now (Martin Jensen Mix) — Thomas Rhett
    15/ Universal Music Group

    #37. Leave Right Now (Martin Jensen Mix) — Thomas Rhett

    Published: May 22, 2018
    Views: 448,626
    Watch the video

    Country music meets electronic dance music in this remix of Thomas Rhett’s hit “Leave Right Now” by DJ Martin Jensen. Rhett was the #3 country artist of 2017 and his popularity is continuing well into 2018 with this video featuring the country star fighting through the crowd in a busy Nashville hotel.

  • #36. A Long Way — Luke Combs
    16/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #36. A Long Way — Luke Combs

    Published: June 1, 2018
    Views: 484,622
    Watch the video

    Luke Combs’ first appearance on this list is “A Long Way” with close to a half a million views less than two weeks after its release. It’s a classic behind-the-scenes of a concert video with fans wearing Luke Combs merchandise and loving the burly singer’s soulful slow jam. The song is about growing up and trying new things like cigarettes and girls that make their head spin like a Tilt-a-Whirl.

  • #35. Outlaw In 'Em — Waylon
    17/ Warner Music Group

    #35. Outlaw In 'Em — Waylon

    Published: March 8, 2018
    Views: 525,808
    Watch the video

    Dutch artist Waylon debuted this song in the Eurovision 2018 competition and it earned him an 18th place finish in the contest. The track appeals to the outlaw hiding in everyone be it through a new tattoo that won’t stay hidden or a few visible scars on someone’s knuckles.The official video has Waylon wandering through desert towns in an old Western-styled getup.

  • #34. I Was Jack (You Were Diane) — Jake Owen
    18/ Universal Music Group

    #34. I Was Jack (You Were Diane) — Jake Owen

    Published: April 20, 2018
    Views: 585,770
    Watch the video

    In a nod to John Mellencamp’s legendary little ditty about “Jack & Diane” Jake Owen released this short film/music video about a young couple graduating high school in 1982. The song samples Mellencamp’s classic and treads heavily on nostalgia of the way things used to be. At close to 10 minutes long “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)” is one of the longest videos to make this list.

  • #33. Worth It (Extended Intro) — Danielle Bradbery
    19/ Universal Music Group

    #33. Worth It (Extended Intro) — Danielle Bradbery

    Published: May 18, 2018
    Views: 593,149
    Watch the video

    While the original video for the song has more views—over 1.6 millionit was released back in October 2017 and ineligible for the list. The more recent version with the extended intro has already garnered over half a million views just three weeks after its release and the intro is a monologue from Danielle Bradbery about self-confidence and worth. Bradbery won season four of “The Voice” and this bluesy ballad shows that she wasn’t just a flash in the pan.

  • #32. Get To You — Michael Ray
    20/ Warner Music Group

    #32. Get To You — Michael Ray

    Published: April 27, 2018
    Views: 687,775
    Watch the video

    Michael Ray isn’t afraid to hit one of country music’s most well-worn tropes in his video for “Get To You.” Heartbreak is the recurring theme of the song and the video tells a love story people have heard a million times before: boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy wants girl back. The song is the first single from his most recent album “Amos” which dropped on June 1.

  • #31. Life is a Highway — Rascal Flatts (Home Free Cover)
    21/ Green Shoe Creative

    #31. Life is a Highway — Rascal Flatts (Home Free Cover)

    Published: January 5, 2018
    Views: 734,514
    Watch the video

    This video is essentially the “Inception” of 2018 country music videos. It’s a cover of a cover. Tom Cochrane released “Life is a Highway” in 1991 Rascal Flatts covered it in 2000 and 18 years later vocal group Home Free released their version. The video shows the a cappella group hitting the highway on tour and performing for an adoring audience.

  • #30. Blue Tacoma — Russell Dickerson
    22/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #30. Blue Tacoma — Russell Dickerson

    Published: May 11, 2018
    Views: 761,127
    Watch the video

    In what may be the most musical car commercial of the year Russell Dickerson shouts out the Toyota Tacoma for three minutes and 39 seconds. The video isn’t actually a commercial but Dickerson’s sun-soaked California dreams come true on the beach with his blue Tacoma and a bottle of Sunkist orange soda in the song about driving around near the ocean. In a recent interview Dickerson revealed that it’s a song about road-tripping along the Pacific Coast Highway with his wife.

  • #29. Her World Or Mine — Michael Ray

    #29. Her World Or Mine — Michael Ray

    Published: May 7, 2018
    Views: 928,227
    Watch the video

    It’s the second appearance on this list for Michael Ray who released this video just over a week after his other hit “Get To You”#33 on the list. The song is another heartbreak special—is Michael okay?—and the video is incredibly simple with the singer standing solo in a sun-lit room crooning about the pain of break-ups and how “one of us sleeps good” and “one of us hates to face the night.”

  • #28. Drunk Girl — Chris Janson
    24/ Warner Music Group

    #28. Drunk Girl — Chris Janson

    Published: May 22, 2018
    Views: 1,214,542
    Watch the video

    The video for “Drunk Girl” starts off with a warning that the content may be upsetting to some audiences. The story Chris Janson tells is of a girl who falls victim to sexual assault throughout her life but winds up with a man who takes her home respectfully after she gets drunk. In today’s #MeToo era it’s a valuable lesson in consent.

  • #27. Coming Home — Keith Urban ft. Julia Michaels
    25/ Hit Red Records

    #27. Coming Home — Keith Urban ft. Julia Michaels

    Published: May 31, 2018
    Views: 1,276,613
    Watch the video

    Australian country superstar Keith Urban teamed up with singer-songwriter Julia Michaels for this trippy music video where things are not what they appear to be. He climbs out a window and winds up underground doors pop up in fields and there’s even an alternate version of Urban going full honky tonk. It’s weird and wonderful for Urban fans who like to expand their consciousness through his music.

  • #26. Woman, Amen — Dierks Bentley
    26/ Universal Music Group

    #26. Woman, Amen — Dierks Bentley

    Published: April 10, 2018
    Views: 1,298,637
    Watch the video

    The video for Dierks Bentley’s “Woman Amen” starts with a mother telling the story of her philanthropic daughter who was bullied but used the situation to motivate her to help other people. Then Bentley and his band starts playing their song in the middle of a mountain clearing interspersed with footage from the girl’s life. Bentley wrote the song for his wife and wanted to pay homage to love that overwhelms despite the problems of the world.

  • #25. Houston, We Got a Problem — Luke Combs
    27/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #25. Houston, We Got a Problem — Luke Combs

    Published: June 1, 2018
    Views: 1,458,188
    Watch the video

    Last year Luke Combs burst onto the country scene and found himself at #5 on Billboard’s list of top country artists. One of his latest tracks “Houston We Got a Problem” was just released at the beginning of June and it’s already climbing up the charts. The video begins with a private performance for fans and then jumps all over Texas as Combs professes his love for the Lone Star State in the lyrics.

  • #24. Butterflies — Kacey Musgraves
    28/ Universal Music Group

    #24. Butterflies — Kacey Musgraves

    Published: May 4, 2018
    Views: 1,501,083
    Watch the video

    The second Kacey Musgraves song to make the list “Butterflies” takes an upbeat melody and mixes it with dark moody visuals of Musgraves walking through an empty bar and then out on the street with a mysterious lover. The video was shot in Mexico City and ends on a hopeful note with Musgraves getting her man.

  • #23. Space Cowboy — Kacey Musgraves
    29/ Universal Music Group

    #23. Space Cowboy — Kacey Musgraves

    Published: April 30, 2018
    Views: 1,549,282
    Watch the video

    Just a week before the release of “Butterflies” Musgraves sent “Space Cowboy” out into the world. Also shot in Mexico City by director Courtney Phillips the subject on this one is breaking up and the associated heartache. “You can have your space cowboy…” sings Musgraves as she sits alone wondering where it all went wrong. Twelve days after the video went live Musgraves performed on “Saturday Night Live” for the first time and this summer she’ll be touring with ex-One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles.

  • #22. Other Side — Hudson Moore
    30/ Live Nation Video Network

    #22. Other Side — Hudson Moore

    Published: May 3, 2018
    Views: 1,789,882
    Watch the video

    Hudson Moore started getting attention from major players back in 2016 and now he’s racking up the YouTube views with his video for “Other Side.” The song feels a little more soft rock than country but the sentiment is pure country: sorrow over not loving a woman enough and wanting her back after a break-up.

  • #21. You Make It Easy, Episode 3 — Jason Aldean
    31/ Warner Music Group

    #21. You Make It Easy, Episode 3 — Jason Aldean

    Published: February 12, 2018
    Views: 1,891,343
    Watch the video

    “You Make It Easy” didn’t get just one video it got a series of three. This is the third episode of the series and may be one of the first music videos in history to feature a “Previously…” section that fills the audience in on what happened in the first two videos. The story follows a couple who struggle to deal with a terrible accident that leaves a man paralyzed.

  • #20. Get Along — Kenny Chesney
    32/ Warner Music Group

    #20. Get Along — Kenny Chesney

    Published: May 24, 2018
    Views: 1,951,385
    Watch the video

    At this point Kenny Chesney is one of the elder statesmen of country music with 23 #1 Hot Country hits spanning three decades. “Get Along” encourages everyone including the fans that make up his “No Shoes Nation” contingent to do a little good in the world and get along with each other. The video features fans painting messages of hope on a wall and Chesney playing his guitar while sitting on a beer cooler.

  • #19. Must've Never Met You — Luke Combs
    33/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #19. Must've Never Met You — Luke Combs

    Published: June 1, 2018
    Views: 2,042,295
    Watch the video

    Luke Combs is all about the re-release these days. With his “This One’s For You Too” album coming out on June 1 the rookie superstar took all the tracks from his debut album and added five new songs for his super fans. “Must’ve Never Met You” came out the same day as “Houston We Got a Problem” and has proven even more popular. The video shows Combs in the studio working out the song about getting over a break-up.

  • #18. Diane — Cam
    34/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #18. Diane — Cam

    Published: February 9, 2018
    Views: 2,111,452
    Watch the video

    A song of infidelity Cam’s video for “Diane” paints the artist as a homewrecker coming clean. It shows the pain of being the other woman and the equivalent pain of finding out there was another woman. The song itself is an analog to the Dolly Parton classic “Jolene” about a woman confronting her man’s mistress.

  • #17. Somebody's Been Drinkin' — Cole Swindell
    35/ Warner Music Group

    #17. Somebody's Been Drinkin' — Cole Swindell

    Published: April 24, 2018
    Views: 2,568,487
    Watch the video

    Cole Swindell tries to capture the magic tonic of alcohol and text messaging in “Somebody’s Been Drinkin’” a slow ballad that gives hope to anyone who’s ever wanted to rekindle an old flame with the help of liquid courage and technology. This is the second video off of Swindell’s forthcoming album but ranks slightly below the first video “Break Up In The End.”

  • #16. Most People Are Good — Luke Bryan
    36/ Universal Music Group

    #16. Most People Are Good — Luke Bryan

    Published: March 14, 2018
    Views: 2,997,299
    Watch the video

    Score one for optimism with Luke Bryan’s upbeat ditty about keeping kids young making all mothers saints and believing that people are inherently good. Still on the charts after half of a year “Most People Are Good” remains one of the big hits of 2018and 2017the video is an impassioned plea to cherish the good things in life.

  • #15. Speechless — Dan + Shay
    37/ Warner Music Group

    #15. Speechless — Dan + Shay

    Published: May 18, 2018
    Views: 4,883,787
    Watch the video

    Less than a month after its release and Dan + Shay’s “Speechless” video already crossed the 5 million view mark. Not a surprise for one of country music’s most successful duos. The “Wedding Video” version of the song features a number of different couples seeing each other for the first time on their wedding days. It’s romantic and sweet and bound to be played at weddings all summer long.

  • #14. Rich — Maren Morris
    38/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #14. Rich — Maren Morris

    Published: April 9, 2018
    Views: 4,917,852
    Watch the video

    Things get a little “Westworld” in Maren Morris’ “Rich” video where the singer walks through an Old West town like a boss and captures her own husband Ryan Hurd. The lyrics talk about hanging out with Diddy and wearing head-to-toe Prada but the video itself is pure 1800s fantasizing. The song is the fourth single off Morris’s debut album from 2016.

  • #13. Hangin' On — Chris Young
    39/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #13. Hangin' On — Chris Young

    Published: February 26, 2018
    Views: 5,018,119
    Watch the video

    The video plays a bit like a tourism ad for Clearwater Fla. and that’s because it was a promotional partnership with the Visit St. Pete Clearwater Beach organization and the Wyndham Grand Hotel both of which get prominent billing in the video. Despite the less-than-authentic corporate aspect of the video Chris Young’s song pairs perfectly with beach vibes and “Hangin’ On” tells the story of a couple falling in love at one of his concerts.

  • #12. Keep It Lit — Tegan Marie
    40/ Warner Music Group

    #12. Keep It Lit — Tegan Marie

    Published: January 19, 2018
    Views: 5,161,471
    Watch the video

    File this one under “millennial country music” as 14-year-old Tegan Marie sings about young love coming together and how “one small spark can turn into a flame.” The video features a vintage bus with the hashtag “#KeepItLit” and a road trip through some gorgeous mountains. She may be young but her voice is mighty and her YouTube view count is even mightier.

  • #11. Cry Pretty — Carrie Underwood
    41/ Universal Music Group

    #11. Cry Pretty — Carrie Underwood

    Published: May 7, 2018
    Views: 5,678,397
    Watch the video

    The country princess has scored another hit with “Cry Pretty” a song about being honest with oneself and not being able to hide the pain when crying. The video opens with Underwood crying in the shower and pushing past the tears to perform onstagewhere she has glitter tears on her face to make it look like she’s been crying. It’s all based on an accident that Underwood got into in November where she required 40 stitches.

  • #10. Break Up In The End — Cole Swindell
    42/ Warner Music Group

    #10. Break Up In The End — Cole Swindell

    Published: March 30, 2018
    Views: 6,134,869
    Watch the video

    The first video from Cole Swindell’s new album was “Break Up In The End” the reverse love story of a couple who was aiming for love but fell short. It’s the ninth single of Swindell’s career and a great start for his album “All of It” which comes out in August.

  • #9. Dancing — Kylie Minogue
    43/ [Merlin] Liberation Music

    #9. Dancing — Kylie Minogue

    Published: February 1, 2018
    Views: 8,936,675
    Watch the video

    Kylie Minogue has been a lot of things over her long career so it shouldn’t come as a major shock to add “country star” to that list. While the song still falls squarely in the dance music genre the country elements included help make it a crossover hit. The lyrics of the chorus “When I go out/I want to go out dancing” are actually much more macabre than they appear as they reference dying and not simply a night out. The video has plenty of sparkles and synchronized dancing as one would expect from a Kylie Minogue song.

  • #8. The Ones That Like Me — Brantley Gilbert
    44/ Universal Music Group

    #8. The Ones That Like Me — Brantley Gilbert

    Published: February 1, 2018
    Views: 9,060,203
    Watch the video

    “The Ones That Like Me” is a song about trusting the people in one’s life that know them best and the video features motorcycle rides around town and goofing around in diners with buddies. It also shows very touching moments of spending time with family and specifically of Brantley Gilbert kissing his real-life pregnant wife.

  • #7. Beautiful Crazy — Luke Combs
    45/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #7. Beautiful Crazy — Luke Combs

    Published: May 4, 2018
    Views: 11,945,793
    Watch the video

    Luke Combs strikes again this time with “Beautiful Crazy” another bonus track on his newly released “This One’s For You Too” album. The video chronicles the recording process at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. The new album is actually a re-issue of his chart-topping debut “This One’s For You” from a year ago but there are five new songs and “Beautiful Crazy” is one of them.

  • #6. Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin’?) (Piano Version) — Lady Gaga
    46/ Universal Music Group

    #6. Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin’?) (Piano Version) — Lady Gaga

    Published: January 26, 2018
    Views: 12,039,071
    Watch the video

    Lady Gaga went country with her album “Joanne” a tribute to her aunt who lost her life at 19 from lupus. This piano-only video version of the title track is an emotional soliloquy from Gaga to the aunt she never knew. Mixing color and black-and-white Gaga reflects on the loss in a series of locations where she sings all by herself.

  • #5. One Number Away — Luke Combs
    47/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #5. One Number Away — Luke Combs

    Published: January 29, 2018
    Views: 16,160,872
    Watch the video

    Luke Combs doing it once more with “One Number Away” the fifth video to crack Stacker’s top 50 and the highest-charting Combs video on this list. The number in the song’s title is the last digit of a phone number that Combs is considering dialing to get back with the woman he just left behind. The video shows a handsome young couple acting out the lyrics with a heart-wrenching ending.

  • #4. I Lived It — Blake Shelton
    48/ Warner Music Group

    #4. I Lived It — Blake Shelton

    Published: March 2, 2018
    Views: 16,439,373
    Watch the video

    Blake Shelton slips deep into nostalgia on this track from his “Texoma Shore” album as he goes over all the hardships he experienced as a kid and how thankful he is that they turned him into the man he is today. The video is a literal walk down memory lane as Shelton visits the figurative house he grew up and sees old photos of himself kicking up in the dirt.

  • #3. Tequila — Dan + Shay
    49/ Warner Music Group

    #3. Tequila — Dan + Shay

    Published: March 1, 2018
    Views: 22,002,326
    Watch the video

    A top 10 track on the Hot Country Song charts for weeks “Tequila” is just the latest Dan + Shay song to tear up the charts and the first single off their upcoming self-titled album. The video tells the love story of a deaf hiker and a skier learning to communicate in Colorado.

  • #2. Mercy — Brett Young
    50/ Universal Music Group

    #2. Mercy — Brett Young

    Published: March 10, 2018
    Views: 29,996,703
    Watch the video

    A lone piano in the middle of a desert. A lady in red walking away through the sand. Brett Young agonizing over songwriting. The video for “Mercy” has everything needed to show what heartbreak really looks like. “Mercy” has been on the Billboard Hot Country charts for almost half a year now and recently crossed over into the Hot 100 meaning this video is likely about to get even more popular.

  • #1. Say Something — Justin Timberlake ft. Chris Stapleton
    51/ Sony Music Entertainment

    #1. Say Something — Justin Timberlake ft. Chris Stapleton

    Published: January 25, 2018
    Views: 215,805,303
    Watch the video

    The most successful country music video of 2018 is actually a crossover collaboration with country giant Chris Stapleton and one globally known star: Justin Timberlake. The duo first teamed up in 2015 at the Country Music Association awards and they’ve continued that partnership onto Timberlake’s forthcoming “Man of the Woods” album. The video has Timberlake and Stapleton performing in an empty building and miraculously it was all shot in one take by director Arturo Perez Jr.

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