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How climate change has affected each state

The recent United Nations IPCC report on climate change shows how global warming is altering landscapes around the world, from increased flooding and droughts to wildfires and toxic algal blooms.

15 ways climate change has impacted winter sports

Climate change is affecting every facet of daily life, including winter recreation. Stacker leveraged a 2018 report from Protect Our Winters, to explore ways climate change has impacted winter sports.

Coral reefs: How they work, why they're in danger, and why it matters

Coral reefs are among the world's most biodiverse ecosystems, but pollution, tourism, and the impacts of climate change all put their future at risk.

30 citizen science projects looking for volunteers to help protect our environment

Citizen scientists are laypeople who get involved in scientific research by doing activities such as monitoring species, tracking storms, and measuring water and air pollution, just to name a few.

States with the most homes at risk of coastal flooding

Using data from a joint report put out by Climate Central and Zillow, Stacker has compiled a list of the 24 coastal states, plus Washington D.C., which will have the most homes in a 10-year flood zone by 2050.

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