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Tips for holiday toy safety

This holiday slideshow highlights 15 safety tips for those buying toys for children. Readers will heighten their awareness about selecting toys, making sure they are age-appropriate, reading directions, and knowing the dangers of things like batteries, magnets, ribbons, and strings.

10 dog breeds that love the winter

Stacker's slideshow showcases 10 of the most popular dog breeds that adore winter weather. It also gives insight into each dog breed and why each breed is suited to cold weather.

25 fun facts about Halloween

The story reveals 25 fun facts about Halloween. Readers will learn fascinating historical facts about the spooky holiday, trivia, trends, and how much money Americans spend to celebrate Halloween.

Baby names for every color of the rainbow

Stacker's story looks at baby names for every color of the rainbow. Along with identifying the color associated with the name, readers can discover the name's rank and meaning, and learn of notable people who bear the name.

Most popular Halloween candy to please trick-or-treaters

This story looks at popular Halloween candy in America. Along with naming the top 50 candies, the article features history and trivia about the treats.

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