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Best place to live in every state

Visitors love to flock to New York or the beaches of Miami, but do you want to live year-round with subway delays and sunburn? There are diverse, intricate nooks throughout the United States that offer a variety of good schools, culture, and jobs.

Ranking the best and worst years in music history

Stacker compiled comprehensive chart data from Best Ever Albums on every year in music ranging from 1940-2019 to rank the best years in music history.

As 'Redskins' drop moniker, here's the story behind every NFL team name

There are Lions, and Bengals, and Bears, oh my! But how did teams in Detroit, Cincinnati, and Chicago become known as such? Stacker tells the stories behind every NFL team name.

Can you answer these real 'Jeopardy!' clues about American history?

Grab your buzzers! Stacker has prepared the ultimate “Jeopardy!” quiz about American history, based upon clues from the hit game show.

Can you answer these real 'Jeopardy!' questions about animals?

Whether you’re a fiend for furry felines or more of a canine connoisseur, Stacker has the quiz for you, based on real “Jeopardy!” clues.

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