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Iconic jerseys of the NFL then and now

Stacker digs through 100 years of NFL jerseys, dissecting how each team evolved in their fashion sense, using primary news sources and team history.

Highest-paying states for doctors

Using news sources and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Stacker looks at the highest-paying states for doctors, and how they handle COVID-19 cases.

Former jobs of every MLB owner

Many young Americans dream of owning their own baseball team one day. Using primary news sources, Stacker reveals how a cadre of businessmen achieved that goal.

Iconic jerseys of the NBA then and now

Basketball jerseys have made fashion statements for 70 years. Using team websites and primary news sources, Stacker examines iconic jerseys from NBA history and their modern updates.

Largest NFL contracts in history

Using Spotrac’s database of pro sports contracts, Stacker counts down the richest deals in NFL history.

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