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100 best 'SNL' episodes

Stacker compiled the top 100 “Saturday Night Live” episodes as rated by IMDb users. Only episodes with 50 or more votes were counted, and in the case of ties, the episode with the most votes was ranked higher.

Snacks and other food items banned in the U.S.

Stacker explores snacks and other food items banned in the U.S. From tasty cheeses to the famed Scottish dish haggis, these 30 foods aren’t welcome in most of the United States.

Ranking the 63 smartest dog breeds

Stacker counts down the most intelligent pups.

Friendliest cities in the world

Stacker explores some of the friendliest cities across the globe. These locales are waiting for visitors to bask in the sun, take in historic sites, and to shop and dine.

50 tiniest dog breeds

Stacker looks at the 50 tiniest dog breeds.

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