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30 foods that are poisonous to dogs

This Stacker gallery showcases 30 foods that can potentially be poisonous to dogs. The gallery includes things like nutmeg, garlic, cherries, peaches, onions, and other everyday foods.

50 Black writers whose impact went beyond the page

This Stacker slideshow showcases some of the most prominent African American writers in history who’ve had impacts that reached far beyond the page.

World's happiest countries

Using the United Nations-produced “World Happiness Report,” Stacker counts down the happiest countries in the world.

Iconic one-hit wonders over the past 50 years

In this list of the most famous one-hit wonders, Stacker has rounded up iconic single-hit musicians over the past 50 years including Carl Douglas, Devo, Right Said Fred, Aqua, and others.

102 iconic photos that capture 102 years of world history

Stacker looks at 102 iconic photos that capture 102 years of world history.

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