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Iconic one-hit wonders over the past 50 years

In this list of the most famous one-hit wonders, Stacker has rounded up iconic single-hit musicians over the past 50 years including Carl Douglas, Devo, Right Said Fred, Aqua, and others.

102 iconic photos that capture 102 years of world history

Stacker looks at 102 iconic photos that capture 102 years of world history.

Record-breaking musicians from the last decade (and the records they broke)

This gallery features a list of record-breaking musicians from the past decade who’ve boasted chart-topping songs, breakout singles, and stand-out album sales. Artists in the roundup include stars like Ed Sheeran, Cardi B, Drake, Taylor Swift, and others. 

The pioneering life of Bill Nye—from science celeb to space innovator

Bill Nye has led an intriguing life, from his time as a mechanical engineer for Boeing (where he invented a hydraulic resonance suppressor tube) to his current run as a climate change activist.

A timeline of Halloween history

This Stacker slideshow offers a chronological timeline of the history of Halloween. It begins with the Celts celebrating Samhain 2,000 years ago and ends in 2018 when Americans spent $9 billion on Halloween candy.

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