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Biggest blowout wins in golf major history

Winning a major championship in golf is an enormous milestone for any professional golfer. But winning in historic fashion puts those golfers on an even higher pedestal that places them on the rarest of lists.

Most famous actor born the same year as you

Stacker explores the most famous actor born the same year as you.

Most lethal NBA duos of all time

Magic and Kareem, Lebron and D-Wade, Jordan and Pippen—tag teams have ruled the NBA since the league’s beginning. But putting their collective numbers through an advanced statistical lens, how will these dynamic duos measure up against the best NBA teammates of all time?

30 famous sports goofs

Professional athletes can do amazing things on the field of play. They jump higher, run faster, and hit harder than anyone else on the planet. That’s why the moments they screw up bring fans so much joy, because for a brief moment in time, the players look mortal.

Most popular chain restaurants in America

Certain restaurants seem to appear over and over on city blocks around the United States. There’s a reason: They’re insanely popular. Here is a list of the 50 most popular dining brands in America.

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