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10 ways nature and animals forecast the weather

The English language is full of proverbs, idioms, and lore about nature predicting the weather, with varying accuracy. Stacker looks into 10 scientifically proven ways nature and animals forecast the weather.

15 ways to stay cool in the summer

Stacker scoured scientific studies, DIY websites, and even American history to come up with 15 ways to stay cool on warm days.

How weather has shaped human history

Stacker takes a look at 30 ways the weather has shaped human history, drawing on historical documents, newspaper articles, first-person accounts, and documented weather events.

Counties with the highest rate of food insecure children

To determine the 50 U.S. counties with the highest rates of food-insecure children, Stacker turned to Feeding America’s 2019 data, ranked here by child food insecurity rate. Ties were broken by the total child population.

States with the most UFO sightings

Using data from the National UFO Reporting Center’s 24/7 hotline, which has been around since 1974, Stacker compiled a ranking of the states with the most reported UFO sightings.

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