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100 best dramas of all time

You can’t watch and come away unscathed. Dramas move you. Stacker weighed data on the top 5,000 drama films and narrowed it down to the top 100.

Top 50 women-directed movies of the last 10 years

Women directed about 4% of the films produced in the last decade. That’s a dismal statistic, but here are 50 women-directed films known for greatness. 


Mistakes from the 100 worst movies of all time

Bad movies make audiences painfully aware they’re watching a movie instead of losing themselves in a story and a world.

Movies with the most 2020 Oscar nominations

“Joker” dominated the Oscar nominations ahead of the 92nd Academy Awards on Feb. 9, 2020. What films got the most nods and for what?

Most Oscar-nominated movies of all time

Since the first Academy Award ceremony in 1929, only 29 films have received 12 nominations or more—it’s not an easy feat. An additional 23 films have received 11 nominations.

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